Saturday, 20 May 2017

More "the 100"

My last post was to advertise my new short story on Literotica;

Warning: this contains spoiler alerts about the show.

At the time that I wrote the story, season four was in mid season. Clarke's love interest was Niylah and Raven was going insane and plotting her own death. The likelihood of a Clarke/Raven relationship or hook-up looked pretty dim. This past week's episode has made things interesting however. Niylah is in the bunker with the Octavia lead coalition. She is under Octavia's personal protection (could be interesting). Raven has since abandon her suicidal thoughts and chose life. Just as the death wave is coming, Clarke, Bellamy, Monty, Harper, Murphy, Emori, and Echo arrive at the island to join Raven with plans for the eight of them to rocket back to the Ark. If they do, the dream of a Raven/Clarke ship is alive and well. I'm sure that Bellamy will be a cog in that and Echo is a complete wild card. Monty and Harper are already a couple as are Murphy and Emori. Keep your fingers crossed.

Meanwhile, here is some of my Claraven fan art that goes with the story...

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