Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Comic Con 2013 post event post.

This was inevitable, if you remember my post from last year... http://marymargretcallahan.blogspot.ca/2012/06/comiccon.html

Comic Con came back to Niagara Falls even bigger and better than last year's inaugural event. I know a lot of you don't get it or you think that its just for "geeks". I guess that makes me a huge geek then.

Wearing costumes to disguise our true nature is the theme of fantasy and the super hero genre, something that I think we all can relate to. I grew up with comic books, superheros and the 1960's hit show Batman, with Adam West as the lead. I love Comic Con and am very glad that it calls Niagara Falls one of its homes.
I will spare you the rest of my tirade, as I said it all last year. Instead, enjoy the many reasons why I love Comic Con.....
Harley Quinn

Lady Death

Lesbian Thor

Green Lantern

Queen of Darkness

Bat villains

The man, Adam West

Awesome, now, only 362 days until NF ComicCon 3


Monday, 3 June 2013

Comic Con 2013

While diligently working at her desk, Mary-Margret Callahan receives an urgent call on the hot line.
Yes Commissioner?

"Yes Commissioner, right away!"
Putting aside her never ending work of editing erotic stories, Mary-Margret leaps from her desk and hurries up the fire escape to the isolated rooftop.
Up to the rooftop

Carefully making sure that the coast is clear, Mary-Margret prepares herself and utters the magic word that summons the thunder from a clear sky and a bolt of lightning comes crashing down. "SHAZAM!"

In an instant, our mild manner, book wise writer is transformed into the heroic super heroine, Mary Marvel.

With the powers of the benefactor goddesses; the grace of Selena, the strength of Hippolyta, the skills of Artemis, the fleetness of Zephyrus, the beauty of Aphrodite, and the wisdom of Minerva, Mary Marvel is off to thwart crime......or maybe just to attend Comic Con.

Mary Marvel

Thank you for endulging.