Thursday, 12 December 2013

New Bitch Slap

    I can't seem to go more than 3-4 months without a new Bitch Slap post.  My last animation post was a hit. I have been working on some new renders. I was focusing on improving the settings mainly, especially the desert. In that respect, I am very happy with the new desert back drop. I also tried to improve the quality of the characters to look more like they do in the film. I gave Trixie a pretty big makeover. One of the biggest challenges was the K-14 rail gun. I have to use stock images of existing guns and have used an M4 to date but the new gun is a hybrid Barret .50/ M203. I also gave Kinky a newer, more deadly looking yo-yo.

Danger! May be explosive.

"Let's find what we came for and get out of here."

Camero's charm

Hel on wheels
Trixie anxiously waits for dept. Fuchs to leave.
Dig it Camero's b side

Hel power pose
Dig Trixie
Hel's trunk
"I'm Trixie; Your litle slice of heaven."
"So why don't you kiss me?"

"I'm out there sweating my ass off and you two are in here bashing gash."


"Gitti-up, you are my horse, move faster."
"I need help getting off."

voice: "stick your finger in her ass Camero."
"I can get you out too, but you have to give me something to work with."

"Somebody has a problem. Here I come."
"Be careful, there will be dangerous shit down here."
"It's beautiful. Can I keep it?"
"You want me. Come and get me."

"So long bitches."
"Ram this into your clambake, bitchcakes!"
"Give us the formula Dieter."
"The bitch is back baby."
Circus Nudius
Foxy69 at the Glory Hole
Glory Hole: Elvis or Camero?
Glory Hole: Pinky revealed.
"What can I say, we're all just bitches in the end."
"It was all for this. Made in the 15th century by master craftsman Udani Naguchi. This nagata has seen battles won and empires fall for over 600 years."
Spit take...just for laughs.
The ends....for now.

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Operation Stiletto

So I finally made good on my reboot of Trooper Blondie, under the title "Operation Stiletto".

It is available at in the ebook section

If you like action, adventure and hot tranny sex, give it a read.

small excerpt: 

    I felt strangely odd standing on the range with my three team mates. They all looked normal on the pistol range in their camouflage uniforms. I was in uniform too but it did not fit like it used to. My body was changing and I honestly looked like a girl trying to dress like a man. Even worse, my hair was so long that I could not hide it all in a ponytail or up under a hat as I was trying to do. Even without makeup, my face was smoother and softer than it used to be and my Adams apple had practically disappeared. My shooting skills seemed to have declined from before. Lack of practice was a problem. Being undercover in London left few opportunities for range time. Dave arranged for a trip back to Hereford once every two weeks or so. We would spend a day then head back to the city. While we were here, I would keep a low profile and avoid contact with the others. We would still have to be ready to deploy to Afghanistan at any time. The other blokes in the Troop were restless waiting for the chance to go over.
    We had heard about some of the successes of the other Troops already in northern Afghanistan. They had managed to forge an alliance between the northern tribes and were supplying them with arms and training. Since they began, the Northern Alliance had solidified its positions and in some cases taken back ground they had previously lost to the Taliban. The Taliban was having its share of bad luck due to some fine work by our Mountain Troop boys reporting their every move to the Northern Alliance as well as creating some “accidents” behind the lines.
    It was good news but it only made us feel more useless for our lack of progress. I was genuinely worried that Operation Stiletto would be scrubbed completely. It would be a shame if it did because I was having the time of my life so far. “You’re not fucking focusing Blondie,” Dave cursed at me. It was true, I was more worried about breaking another fingernail than on grouping my shots. I had already cut my chin shaving earlier and it was turning into a bad day for me. As I tried to shake the comment off, I felt a tear in my eye and had to suppress a cry. I couldn’t understand why I was so emotional. It was not like me. Maggie had said that the hormone pills might have that effect on me.  I concentrated harder and tightened up my grouping on the paper target.

Another excerpt:

    “Here missy, let me give you a hand with that,” Maggie said as she slid up behind me. Her body was close to mine and her perfume smelled sweet; much better than mine. Her hands gently did up the clasp. I was watching her in the mirror. She smiled coyly at me. We looked like two beautiful women in the reflection. Her hand caressed the hair away from my ear. “You’re a very pretty girl Shannon,” she whispered as her soft lips kissed my earlobe. Her tongue glided along its edge to my neck. She kissed the nape of my neck gently. I allowed her to kiss me more aggressively as I watched her. Maggie’s hands roamed my body, touching me, squeezing my false boobs. Her body pressed tighter to mine. Her nipples were so hard I could feel them through our clothes and into my back. I was getting hot from her attention and from watching us in the mirror. It was like watching lesbian porn. Maggie slid my jacket off of my shoulders and threw it across the room. She then did the same with her blazer. Her top was unbuttoned low enough to see her frilly pink bra. My cock was beginning to strain against the knickers that I was wearing. Being tucked up, it felt like a swelling. It had no where to go so I just squeezed my thighs together.
    Maggie resumed kissing my neck and her hands went to my legs. She slid my skirt up my thighs. I could feel the air on my bare upper thighs and the goose bumps rose. She hoisted my skirt up over my hips and then began feeling up my panties and stocking covered legs. I was breathing heavy and began wondering if I would split my new designer underwear. I just let Maggie do as she wished. It was far too erotic to change anything. She slowly unbuttoned my blouse and peeled it off of me. I was still wearing my white corset and looked feminine. She kissed lower down my back, licking me with her wet tongue. It sent a shiver down my spine. Maggie sensed it and giggled.

One more:
    “Not other blokes, you silly bint! I’m talking about us. Just look at you now,” Eddie clarified. I caught my reflection in the window. The way I was laying, clearly displayed my blossoming cleavage and my skirt was riding up high enough to show the cheeks of my bum. My outfit made me look like a slut. I was always so chummy with my mates that I never considered the possibility that my appearance was having an effect on them. Eddie also commented, “that’s why we didn’t want to watch porno with you. Just too much bleeding torture.”
    “Ya, my wrists are already both sore from wanking so much,” Mike threw in for good measure. I had to laugh at that one. I burst out in hysterics.
    “Go ahead, keep laughing bint. Keep it up and you’ll earn a right good spanking,” Eddie barked as he too began laughing. Soon Mike joined in and we all were in tears. For good measure, I hitched my skirt up even higher and stuck my bum way out and gave it a light smack. I smiled with a devilish grin at Eddie as I did it, daring him to do something about it.
    The big black man called me on it and rushed over to me and grabbed me by the arm. I feigned resistance and screamed, “No you don’t you fecking bastard!” in a girlish pitch. I struggled enough to make it almost real. Eddie overpowered me but he called on Mike for assistance. Mike came over and grabbed my wrists. The two of them rolled me onto my front. Eddie was sitting down on the edge of the bed and pulled me over his lap. I struggled with my legs but Eddie grabbed one leg and with his other hand he pulled my skirt up over my hips. I felt his hand come down with a smack on my soft flesh. I screamed. It really did sting. He slapped my bum over and over, making it sore and red.
    “Maybe it would be better with the panties off?,” Mike suggested. I stopped moving and took a deep breath. Eddie had begun to pull them down but stopped part way. His hands were trembling. You could hear a pin drop.
    I blew the hair out of my face and looked at both of them. “Well, don’t start something unless you intend to finish it,” I said. “You better be ready to go all the way.” Having them start something and not finish would have been an even bigger disaster than the one we already were in.