Sunday, 19 June 2016

Superheroines 3

I'm not sure if this is my third post on super heroines or not. When I posted about the previous tournaments, I made up character sheets for each of the ladies. Since I had to narrow down the field to just 32 contenders, I left out a lot of great super heroines.  I decided against doing a new tournament but I still wanted to post those character sheets for all of the other wonderful super ladies that I draw. I have been influenced by TV and movies as of late so I posted a lot of characters from hit TV shows like Supergirl, Arrow, Flash, Gotham, Legends of tomorrow, Marvel's Agent's of S.H.I.E.L.D., Agent Carter, and Jessica Jones. Recent films like Guardians of the Galaxy, Ant-Man, Civil War, Suicide Squad, X-Men Apocalypse were also influential. I also added a bunch of other notable ladies from other sources other than Marvel and DC plus some of my own Original characters.

Starting with Marvel: My re-envisioned Black Widow:

Jubilee from the X-Men:

From Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. : Quake (aka Daisy Johnson):

 From Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Mockingbird:

From Agent Carter, Peggy Carter:

 From Guardians of the Galaxy, Gamora:

From Ant-Man, Wasp:

From the TV show Jessica Jones, Jessica Jones:

Also from Jessica Jones, Hellcat:

and Spider -Gwen just because:

From DC Comics we met a lot of new heroes and villains on TV recently. Gotham gave us a good batch of villains.

From Gotham, Fish Mooney:

also from Gotham, Tigress (Tabitha):

also from Gotham, Firefly:

I couldn't resist a Classic makeover of Catwoman too in her original outfit:

a favourite of mine from the TV cartoon Batman Beyond were the Dee Dee twins:

from the new movie Suicide Squad, Harley Quinn revamped:

also from Suicide Squad, Enchantress:

also from Suicide Squad, Katana (who also appeared in Arrow and was on Birds of Prey):

speaking of the TV show Arrow, let's see Overwatch (aka Felicity Smoak):

also from Arrow, Speedy:

also from Arrow, a guest appearance by Vixen:

From the TV series the Flash, we meet Killer Frost:

from DC's Legend's of Tomorrow, White Canary:

from the TV show Supergirl, this new look Supergirl:

from the movie, the Dark Knight Rises, Talia al-Ghul:

from the old 70's TV show, Mighty Isis:

We hopefully see this character in the upcoming Wonder Woman movie, Giganta:

from other sources we have some more great characters, The movie Kick Ass gave us Hit-Girl (my grown up version):

the movie Kick Ass 2 introduced her nemesis, Mother Russia:

another cartoon favourite I could not resist is Molotov Cocktease:

A cartoon character close to my heart is Cyber 6, mainly because her secret identity is her in male drag pretending to be a man. Cyber Six:

another drag super heroine on cartoon network is SheZow, a boy who becomes a female hero. My adult SheZow:

Then there are my original characters. While we are on drag characters, I made my own crossdressing superheroine, Fabu-Lass:

another LGBT character I came up with is Dumb Bunny, not the DC Dumb Bunny, but an ex-Marine engineer who defends her community after her girlfriend is sexually assaulted. See a bio on her in a previous blog entry.

For my Canadian content, I created a feuding pair, the villain Ice Queen and the hero True North.
Ice Queen:

True North:

and finally, my newest hero, the Rocketeer. A girl with a rocket backpack and a multi purpose ray gun.

If you are wondering where your favourite super ladies are like Power Girl, Batgirl, Wonder Women, etc. just look back at my previous blog entry called The Contenders.