Thursday, 10 December 2015


Before anyone goes looking this term, let me tell you that it is just a movie title.
I wrote about this film before. It is a film about three people with a genetic condition where they have an extra chromosome called a Z chromosome. This extra chromosome allows their bodies to change gender every time they orgasm. Much like frogs and seahorses (there are a number of frog references in the film), which can change their gender to even the numbers out, the story extends the ability to humans. I would love to have that ability.

Zerophilia IBDM

The main character is Luke, a bit of a pretty boy, but is all masculine (he likes hockey, trucks, girls, etc). He is a bit of a late bloomer and is a virgin in college still. After a sexual encounter he notices some changes with his body like hot flashes, loss of body hair, sensitive nipples, and shrinking penis size. His friends check it out and find a doctor Sydney who is a an expert.

Luke's troubles continue after he meets Max and Michelle. Max is a hunky mechanic but is also a pretty boy. Michelle is his apparent sister. The two of them are never in the same place at the same time mysteriously. Luke finds his symptoms getting more extreme when he is around them. He develops full breasts and his testicles shrink right up.

Doctor Sydney is a hot woman and tries to seduce Luke but he isn't into her. He only admits to having a thing for Michelle. Sydney tells him that he is a Zerophiliac. She tells him that he has to go all the way to transform into a woman. After that he/she can change genders at will with every orgasm.

Movie clip

After doing so, Luke, now Luca, has a problem accepting herself as a female. She also discovers her affections for Max. When Luca finally becomes male again he has trouble relating to Max and even picks a fight with him.

Luke asks Sydney for help. He wants to stay male and not go back. She tells him that if he hooks up with another Zerophiliac then his gender will stay the same permanently. Lucky for him, Sydney is a Zero too and has been in female form for a long time. Reluctantly, he has sex with Sydney. When it's over, Luke is Luca again and Sydney is male. Sydney had tricked Luke. It worked the opposite way as Sydney wanted to be a man permanently, a gay man at that.

Stuck as Luca, she discovers her feminine side. She also gives Max a try and admits to having feelings for him. When Michelle finally outs Luca as a Zero, Luca struggles with which person she wants to be. She feels as though she has to choose one or the other, like Sydney. Max and Michelle finally admit to being the same person and tell Luca/Luke that he/she doesn't have to choose. Being both is okay. Why not?

Luckily, Max/Michelle is able help Luca/Luke to be able change again at will.

After watching the film for the third time, I finally got the true underlying theme of the film. What it is really about is acceptance of Bisexuality. The Zerophilia represents bisexuality. Sydney was a case of someone who tried one preference for a while then changed her mind and went back to her first. Max/Michelle is a person who is very comfortable as bi. Luke/Luca is a person struggling to accept that he may like boys as well as girls. In the end, he discovers that it is the person that matters not their gender.

This is a movie about bisexual acceptance disguised as a gender transition film. Either way, this film is fun to watch, cute as hell, funny and deep when necessary.

Friday, 20 November 2015

Writing again

I had a decent year of writing over the past twelve months. I posted three short stories to Literotica and published a novel (Here Come the Space Marines) in that time. I took a breather but I am ready to get back into it. I have a few things that I am starting or all ready working on. The first is another short story for Literotica. That should take about a week or so. I am also working on an old project that I began years ago which is a Diary of my youth (fictional or more like a what if basis) which I won't publish. It would be just for me. I also want to make a comic for my new Dumb Bunny character. I think she has a great origins story which I want to tell. Dumb Bunny 

For the most part those projects are fairly small. The Diary would be the exception but I already have it started. The other big announcement is the start of a second Trooper Blondie book. Operation StilettoOperation Stiletto ,  has been very successful by my expectations. I have sold about two hundred copies on Amazon/Kindle so far. Some of the feedback that I received has been asking me for a sequel. I had left the end of the story open with a few loose threads for the reader to imagine what would happen next. I do that in almost all my writings. However, I have been wondering myself just how the story might continue. The more I think about it, the more I want to see what happens to Shannon/Blondie after she retires from the Army.

Time to hit the keyboard, lots of work to do.  #amwriting


Thursday, 24 September 2015

Game of Thrones Conspiracy Theories

Its been a long wait since last season of Game of Thrones ended and an equally long wait until next season. When is the next book, "The Winds of Winter" ever coming out?

I am a Game of Thrones junkie. I have read all the books, seen every episode of the show and read GRRM's A World of Ice and Fire which lends a lot of insight into the GoT world and all of its history. There are several clues in that book too which fan the flames of the popular conspiracy theories.

One theory that I am 100% behind is that Jon Snow is the son of Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen. Let me explain. We all know that Ned Stark is the most honourable man in Westeros. The idea that he would cheat on his new bride and had a bastard boy from the occasion just doesn't sound like Ned Stark. When Ned brought home baby Jon Snow after the Rebellion, he refused to answer any questions about his birth or his mother. He insisted on raising the child as his own and as a companion to Robb Stark, Ned's true born son. In all the years after, Ned never discusses Jon's mother with anyone; not his wife, nor Jon. Yet when King Robert asks about him, Ned casually mentions the barmaid , Willa. Why tell the King but not Jon or his own wife Catelyn?

Ned Stark is a terrible liar. His is honourable to fault. That is why he keeps the subject quiet. He can't give away the truth. King Robert actively went after the Targaryens after the rebellion with the goal of seeing them all wiped out so no one could challenge his claim to the throne. If he knew that Jon was the son of Rhaegar, he would have had him put to death. That would have caused a new war between Ned and Robert most likely. It's not until Jon is heading off to the Wall to join the Night's Watch that Ned says to him, "The next time I see you, I'll tell you all about your mother." Why doesn't he tell him right then? Why does he have to wait until Jon is in the Night's Watch? Because only after Jon is in the Watch is he truly safe from Robert. Just like Measter Aemon (a Tergaryen), a brother in the Watch is there for life and sworn to hold no lands or titles or father any children. It protects Jon from any possible ambitions of his own, if he knew who his real father was.

It seems that the best explanation was that Lyanna Stark and Rhaeagar were deeply in love. Rhaegar was handsome by all accounts, a lover, a poet, a singer as well as a fine warrior. His marriage to Ellie Martell was arranged by his father, the mad King. They had two very young children together but that may have been him doing his duty. He may never have really loved her. Lyanna was likewise arranged to be married to Robert Baratheon. He was a notorious drunk and womanizer who bragged about his bastards which he had several of even then. Even though Robert loved Lyanna, it was not likely mutual. When Rhaegar won the tournament at Harrenhal and presented the winter roses to Lyanna instead of his own wife who was present and in front of Robert and his father, the mad King, he set off the fued that started the rebellion.

According to Robert Baratheon (the winners write the history), Rhaegar kidnapped Lyanna and likely killed her too. Rhaegar was a lover and by all indications of his nature, he never would have killed the woman he loved. Its seems clear that they ran away together. Lyanna got pregnant. Rickard and Brandon Stark would confront the King to intervene causing the King to burn both of them alive. Ned Stark became Lord of the North and joined Robert's side in the rebellion. In order to bring the Riverlands onto their side, Ned married Catelyn Tully who was betrothed to Brandon Stark before his death. When Ned had his army assembled (presumably after several months) he left Catelyn pregnant with his first boy Robb. At the battle of the Trident, Robert killed Rhaegar. The rebels went on to King's Landing to take it along with some Lannister help.

Somewhere in there, Ned Stark meets with his sister, Lyanna. He does mention making her a promise to her on her death bed. But how did she die? Nowhere in the Song of Ice and Fire is there any mention of how she died. She was a young woman. The best explanation is that she died giving birth. Birth to who? Jon Snow. She makes Ned promise to protect her baby. Ned does the most honourable thing he could do, tell everyone that the baby is his own bastard. He brings home the boy to Winterfell along with the bones of his dead father, brother and sister which get buried in the Stark crypts.

That part seems straight forward. Death in childbirth is common throughout the story. Daenerys Targaryen's mother dies giving her birth as does Tyrian Lannister's mother giving him birth. Along with Jon Snow, the three are the principle characters in the story and might share that common bond. (I also support the theory that Tyrian Lannister is actually the son of the Mad King, Aeres II and Joanna Lannister and have good supporting evidence, making the three principles all half brothers and sisters, but more on that later).

I want to explore a new idea that came to me. It's a bit of a stretch but bare with me. I questioned Lyanna Stark's death. She was after all, young and healthy. Is it possible that Lyanna did not die? If so, where is she? Let's suppose that she was in love with Rhaegar and ran off with him. When Ned meets up with her, he is going to tell her that Robert killed Rhaegar at the Trident. If Lyanna truly dislikes Robert and wants to avoid marrying him and to protect her baby, Jon Snow, she has to go into hiding. This is where she makes the pact with her brother Ned Stark. She gets Ned to promise to protect her child which he does. She then makes him return home with the bones of a random dead woman (there was a war on, there would be plenty) and declare her dead. Like I said, there are no details of her death any where in the stories. This stops Robert from looking for her.

Where would Lyanna go to hide though? She can't go back to Winterfell, she would be recognized anywhere in the North. She couldn't go to King's Landing either, Robert is there? She would be recognized almost anywhere in Westeros. Perhaps she joins a Sept as a Septa? Still risky. Most likely, she would leave Westeros and go east. When would it be safe to go back? After Robert dies. So what happens to her in those sixteen years over seas? Where does she end up? What does she do? Where is the most remote place on the planet from Westeros? Asshai by the shadow at the far end of the Jade sea. Asshai is a mysterious place where knowledge, religion, and magic all flourish.

Let me jump ahead now. In book two, "A Clash of Kings" we are introduced to Millisandre, the red prietess. She shows up at Dragonstone with Stannis Baratheon's wife, Selyce after Robert's death. Selyce was in the free cites where she met up with and fell under Millisandre's convictions. Millisandre goes with Selyce to Dragonstone and converts Stannis as well by convincing him that he is the second coming of Azor Ahai. Millisandre manipulates the entire Baratheon family and has them wrapped around her finger. She convinces Stannis to buy everything she tells him. She helps him to kill his own brother Renly. It all eventually leads to the destruction of Stannis and his family. While she was with Stannis, it appeared that Millisandre's intentions were true. In retrospect however, it seems as though she could have been plotting the destruction of the Baratheon's house all along.

Millisandre is indeed a Priestess of R'hllor, the fire god. That much is certain. She claims to have been a slave named Melony once. She claims to be from Asshai. The problem I have is her appearance. People from the Jade sea are supposedly much like our Oriental people in appearance. They are generally short, black hair, slanted eyes, skin tone, etc that we usually associate with east Asian people. Millisandre however, is described as fair skinned, tall, round eyes, with bright red hair. It does say that her hair is "impossibly red" which means that she likely dyes it. Millisandre's age also about the same as Stannis, mid, late thirties which would also make her about the same age as Lyanna Stark if she were alive.

Millisandre was the one who convinces Stannis to go to the Wall. When Millisandre first lays eyes on Jon Snow, she sees something in him. Anyone else notice that stare on the TV show? She continually tries to get closer to Jon Snow. When Stannis goes off to Winterfell and his final demise, Millisandre goes back to the Wall and to Jon. She tries to warn him of the danger coming his way. Why does she abandon Stannis and why is she trying to help Jon? Some say that she realizes that Stannis is not the true Azor Ahai but thinks that Jon is. That does make sense. However, there could be another explanation.

What if Lyanna Stark is Millisandre? Lyanna runs away after the rebellion to Asshai. She ends up in the faith of R'hllor and learns all the tricks. She dyes her hair bright red. She heads to the free cities and where she meets up with Selyce Baratheon. She easily manipulates her. When she hears about Robert's death, and her brother Ned Stark's death, she heads to Dragonstone to manipulate Robert's brother and heir, Stannis. She plots the complete destruction of the Baratheons. She convinces him to go to the wall where she finally meets her son for the first time in about eighteen years, Jon Snow. There would be no one alive who would recognize her. Her age and her disguise help as well. She definitely has a major interest in Jon Snow which is what makes me believe it.

Think about it.

One more thing while I'm on a rant about Game of Thrones.
Be ready for this to happen in season six of the show and in book six,

Remember that you heard it here first.

Monday, 21 September 2015

Trooper Blondie

I have in the past, posted updates on my writings. My first novel, "Operation Stiletto" has been out for a few years now. It has only been recently however; that its success has really taken off for me. When I posted it to along side my new book, "Here Come the Space Marines", "Operation Stiletto" really began selling. From the sales reports, it has been most popular in the UK where the story takes place. Now, to a best selling author, my numbers would look like a slow week of sales but for an amateur like myself, I am very pleased to have sold over one hundred copies.

Operation Stiletto is an action packed, military espionage story that features Trooper Blondie as the main character. Blondie is an effeminate male who grows up on the mean streets of Belfast and despite looking girly, he grows up tough. His signature long blond hair is his strength as much as it is his burden. When he grows up, he joins the Army and soon sees action. He is natural and climbs the ladder into special forces.

It's in the SAS where things get interesting. The intelligence people uncover a nest of terrorists and want to infiltrate their structure. When it's discovered that a key money man has a soft spot for transsexuals, Trooper Blondie is recruited to be the bait. Ryan really gets into his role and becomes Shannon. As Shannon, Trooper Blondie discovers a whole new world and is treated much differently from his/her comrades. Blondie gets in deep and risks everything to uncover the plot of the century.

Does Trooper Blondie become the hero/heroine or an avenging angel?

These are the character sheets that I made to help me write the story. They portray Trooper Blondie in the various stages of the book.

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Characters from Here Come the Space Marines

A lot of my posts in the past year have been in reference to my new book "Here Come the Space Marines".

Before I even wrote one word of the novel, I was experimenting with characters, scenarios and ideas through my digital art drawings. The previous posts were filled with them. Some depict scenes from the book, while others are purely concept pieces.

I spent a lot of time with the characters, developing their individual looks and styles. Much like my last post about my Literotica characters, I made character strips for most of the characters in the story. If you have read the book, you may have already formed a picture in your mind of what the characters looked like in each stage of the story which takes place over a seven year span. If you have yet to read the book, these character strips as well as the concept pieces from the previous mentioned posts might entice you. You can find the book here,

The characters: 1. Marty Stevenson, from Hamilton, Ontario,  the main character depicted here (in Canadian uniform, in Afghanistan, at his retirement party, as a teacher, Captain of the space ship, and as a Titan Union General)

   2. Scarlett Callahan, from the the moon, Callaigh, the person Marty takes over and lives through after his demise (as an officer in the Titan Union, garrison Army uniform, as a Marine officer, CO of the Marine Regt, formal uniform, her lingerie for her date with the Princess)

  3. Krista Sullivan, from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Marty's confidante, lover and best friend who becomes Scarlett's confidante, lover and best friend after Marty takes her over. (as a Canadian soldier, in mess kit, her casual look, her nude look, as Security O on the space ship and in Army garrison uniform of Titan Union, combat uniform of same, her informal tank top, Marine garrison uniform, Marine combat uniform)

   4. Tracy Powers, from St. John's, Newfoundland,  always Marty's loyal second in command and protegee, (Canadian uniform, mess kit, as 2ic on the space ship, Titan Union Army garrison General uniform, combats as General of the Army)

   5. Becky Finch, from Sudbury, Ontario, granddaughter of the space ship's visionary, dreamer, hippy, star gazer and navigator. (hippy mode, as yoga instructor, at grandpa's funeral, as Ensign on space ship)

    6. Alyson Clark, from Smith Falls, Ontario, nurse, recruited for her medical skills (wearing her dress in Haiti, getting her punishment from Helen and as nurse on the space ship)
    7.  Bonnie Hamilton, from Halifax, Nova Scotia, a welder who becomes ambassador of Earth in the Titan Union assembly. (In welding clothes, uniform on the space ship, and in ambassador robes)

    8.  Nathan Johnson, from Toronto, Ontario, ex-con who was working at the mine as a handyman, important figure on the space ship and eventually a respected stud in the Titan system (in work clothes, space ship uniform, in toga on Lucia, naked for sex scenes)

    9.  Characters from the second chapter, the Canadian soldiers (Captain Mary Stevenson, Sergeant Nancy Gamble, Captain Tracy Powers, Sergeant Krista Sullivan)

    10. Characters from the third chapter, the visionary years, (Professor Marty Stevenson, Professor Dr. Dana Rawana, Professor Lydia Zengo, Simon Finch, Becky Finch)

    11. Some of the Ops team aboard the space ship in chapters four, five and six (Marty the Captain, Tracy the Exec, Krista the Sec O, Mai Tran the navigator, Lydia the helm, Becky assistant navigator)

    12.  Some of the Tech team on the space ship (Dana the Tech leader, Olaf Gustoffson the engineer, Nancy Gamble the electrician, Farrah Yarvin the programer, Bonnie the welder, Nathan the handyman)

   13.  Some of the Bio crew on the space ship (Dr. Helen Sainte-Martin the doctor, Alyson the nurse, Matt Henry the gardener, Natalie Ravenblood, the cook)

    14.  The first contacts from the Titan world in chapter six Yuki, the Yulan pilot and Rai the Lucian pilot

     15. The seven Queens of the Titan system, (Supreme Queen Rossilyn the Lucian Queen. Queen Ayako the Yulan Queen, Queen Roopini the Indu Queen, Queen Colleen the Callaighly Queen, Queen Jammila the Nombuian Queen, Queen Elsina the Thorian Queen, Queen Morrag of the independent moon of Cronag)

    16. Princess Pricilla, a Lucian, the Queen's third daughter, Fleet pilot who rescues Scarlett then becomes a Marine and eventually Scarlett's lover. (In pilot uniform, Fleet uniform, Marine combat wear, Marine garrison uniform, in lingerie for her date with Scarlett)

   17. The HQ of the Marine Regiment, CO Col Scarlett Callahan (Callaighly), PA Sgt Krista Sullivan (Terran), EA Lt Sandra Gordon (Callaighly), RSM Jaime Presslau (Thorian).

    18. The Majors of the Marine Regiment at the beginning, DCO Maj Gabriella Sanchez (Indu), A Sqn Maj Morgan Croncar (Cronag), B Sqn Maj Heidi Skarsden (Thorian),C Sqn Maj Irina Casagrande (Indu), D Sqn Maj Molly Sheridan Callaighly)
       and the addition of Maj Agra Vorg (Cronag) who replaces Maj Casagrande as C Sqn OC

   19. The staff officers of the Marine Regiment, Flt Cont Maj Kira Lazure (Lucian), Ops O Capt Sun Yoon (Yulan), Int O Capt Kiko Yaguri (Yulan), Sig O Capt Padma Deol (Indu), QM SSM Hanna Weiss (Thorian)

    20. Capt Vatha Loran (Lucian) the drop ship pilot and Trooper Hazza Krilk (Cronag) a line Marine

Saturday, 11 July 2015

Literotica and DeviantArt

For many years I have been posting my erotic short stories online at Literotica. I have posted on other sites but Literotica has stood the test of time. For anyone who loves to read erotica, there is a huge variety of genres and subject matter from thousands of armature authors like me, for free. It was from all the positive feedback on Literotica that I felt motivated to write longer, novel length stories. As you know, I have two published novels out now. Published

Literotica inspires me too when I get a case of writer's block. There are so many stories to read for motivation.

My other go-to site that I spend way too much time on is DeviantArt. Deviant art is an armature artist site that allows edgy material but not x rated art. I post on there too. I started with just photographs but progressed to digital art. I am no expert in digital art. I tried working in Poser before and was over whelmed. I make most of my art using IMVU chat program. It's basically like a 3D doll dress up program. I try to make art that reflects my stories.

I came up with this project where I marry these too sites together. I drew profile shots on IMVU of my idea of what my characters would look like from my stories. It was a lot of fun. For the past couple of weeks I have been posting them up on Deviant Art,  with links to the stories on Literotica My Literotica index  . This blog gives me the chance to put them all together in one place.

So in order from oldest story to newest, here are the pictures that I made:




Tom Haddon/Audrey Kline

Natalie, Janey and Mai






Mike and Sam
Laura Thomas

Candi Graham







I have more stories than these but I felt like these had the most colourful characters. Of course, I love to hear feedback on any of these sites. Next up might be doing this for the characters in my novels. Maybe.