Friday, 8 January 2016

New Book

I am almost finished my new book which will be titled, "The Budapest Files: The Adventures of Agent Blondie" which is a sequel to my first book, "Operation Stiletto: The Adventures of Trooper Blondie"

In this new story, Blondie is an MI6 agent and it takes place two years after Operation Stiletto. Blondie (Shannon Sullivan) is in a relationship with her co-agent Maggie Brown. Blondie takes down an enemy spy in Budapest (in her own special way) and retrieve his very valuable files. All seems well after the operation and life goes back to normal (normal for spies). Maggie then breaks some important news to Blondie which makes things interesting.

The late Dave Smith's daughter Darlene appears again and is good friends with Shannon. Blondie goes on a field operation in Ireland alone to uncover a gun smuggling ring where she gets in deep with the married couple running the show. After a crazy three-way and successful mission, Blondie returns home only to face tragedy. Her world is turned upside down suddenly and she has to find a killer whose only purpose seems to be making Blondie's life hell.

As Shannon tries to find out who the mystery killer is, she has to protect her friend Darlene. Darlene has a new best friend who ends up a suspect. Shannon knows that there is a mole in MI6 and doesn't know who to trust so she calls in some old friends from the SAS (Eddie and Mike) to help. They help her in more ways than one.

Blondie eventually figures out who the mole is but not before her enemy kidnaps a friend as a hostage. Blondie and her friends track her nemesis across Europe and have a show down atop a mountain in the Alps. Afterwards there is a lot of mutual appreciation between Blondie and her new friends.

After returning home, Blondie finds out that it may not be over yet as her nemesis has hired a hit man as insurance.  The hit man chooses the the most important day to strike at Blondie. It takes a big team effort to find a way to win the day.

As always there are a lot of hot sex scenes in the story with Blondie as the centerpiece. If you like action, adventure and lots of sex with a transsexual main character, or if you enjoyed the first book, you'll love this new one.
It should be published later this month or in early February. I will pass on the details when it's out.

In the meantime, here are some concept pictures I made based on the story:

Blondie the bait

Blondie getting the job done

The Budapest Files
Maggie Brown
Who has an eye on Blondie?
Blondie and Darlene have a chat
Blondie in Donegal
The prize?
Blondie's life a mess
Back to London
Victoria, friend or foe?
Blondie Darlene Victoria
Thorn Mike Eddie Rose
Blondie the Interrogator
Blondie in the Alps
The shot
Not today!
Don't mess with Blondie