Friday, 30 March 2012

The Great Debate

Yes, the debate is alive and well. Which one will it be? The masses are polerized on the subject, choosing one side or the other. The debate has been raging for years and yet at any time only one can prevail.

What am I talking about? Politics? Religion? Hockey?  No. None of the above.
I am of course talking about the great debate between being a blonde or a redhead.
You see, I was born a blonde child. It is my natural colour and yet both my parents were red. There have been blondes in my family, grandparents, etc. My own natural hair began failing me younger than most and left me with mostly just skin but when I decided to take on a female character I was split over which look to don. I am facinated with the allure of the redheaded female and yet the blonde has an incredible energy that cannot be ignored. I think that each one provides its own personality.

Redheads are known to be firey, tempered, leaders, dominent and confident. I think that comes out in me when I wear the red hair.
Blondes have a stereotype associated with them but that aside, they are looked apon with magnetic energy, enthusiasm and the there is truth in the old slogan that "Blondes have more fun." Its a devil may care attitude that is appealing.
Since I find both personalities appealing, I have kept both hairstyles to fit my mood of the day or to go with whatever wardrobe items I may have picked that day.
Tell me your thoughts. Which do you prefer?

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

My newest place on the web

   I chose the title "The pen, the sword, and the stiletto" without a lot of thought. The three items all have an important role in my identity.
1.  The pen represents the writer. I have been writing stories my entire teen and adult life. I have many works of fiction from erotic letters to Penthouse up to a full length novel. This blog should help me put down more thoughts on a more regular basis.
2.  The sword is a part of who I am too. I no longer serve in the active military but I feel that even though I retired, the soldier is still inside of me. Almost everything I do, I do in a manner that reflects the training I did and the life I had for twenty years. I still research, study and teach military history. I hunt, skydive, and teach leadership, skills learned in my military career.
3.   The stiletto represents the feminine side of me. I have always been aware of the conflict within me but have only allowed this voice inside me to speak in the past fifteen years. I have been bold and adventurous in this exploration as I revealed my female persona to the world first as a writer, then in photographic expression.