Friday, 20 November 2015

Writing again

I had a decent year of writing over the past twelve months. I posted three short stories to Literotica and published a novel (Here Come the Space Marines) in that time. I took a breather but I am ready to get back into it. I have a few things that I am starting or all ready working on. The first is another short story for Literotica. That should take about a week or so. I am also working on an old project that I began years ago which is a Diary of my youth (fictional or more like a what if basis) which I won't publish. It would be just for me. I also want to make a comic for my new Dumb Bunny character. I think she has a great origins story which I want to tell. Dumb Bunny 

For the most part those projects are fairly small. The Diary would be the exception but I already have it started. The other big announcement is the start of a second Trooper Blondie book. Operation StilettoOperation Stiletto ,  has been very successful by my expectations. I have sold about two hundred copies on Amazon/Kindle so far. Some of the feedback that I received has been asking me for a sequel. I had left the end of the story open with a few loose threads for the reader to imagine what would happen next. I do that in almost all my writings. However, I have been wondering myself just how the story might continue. The more I think about it, the more I want to see what happens to Shannon/Blondie after she retires from the Army.

Time to hit the keyboard, lots of work to do.  #amwriting