Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Budapest Files excerpts

Excerpts from the new book, "The Budapest Files: The Adventures of Agent Blondie."
Just a few pieces from the book to tease you:

1. (In Budapest, with the enemy):
Boris lead me to the back of the cafĂ©. Walking behind him, I reached in my purse to put the map away. While I did that, I thumbed the safety on my Beretta to the off position. I wasn’t going to pull it right away. I needed to see if I could find the evidence first. We walked down a short hallway to a door where Boris stopped and pulled out his keys. He unlocked two locks and opened the door.

    I stepped into the windowless room as Boris flicked on the lights. It was a shabby room with a futon, a desk with a computer on it, some garbage, magazines, wires and such on the floor and not much else. I was focusing on the computer when Boris grabbed my elbow and spun me around to face him. He had hold of my purse arm so I couldn’t draw on him. I mistook his intentions though because he had no hostility in his eyes, only passion and lust. He leaned into me and put his full lips on mine.

    Boris kissed me hard. My mouth yielded to his. His lips were wet and powerful. My mouth opened and allowed his tongue to enter. I found myself moaning and my body melted into his. I couldn’t help it. It was a great kiss. I passionately began sucking on his tongue as I felt his hands roaming over my body. He squeezed my bum and reached up to my tits to give them a good feel. My temperature was rising and I could sense the swelling beginning between my legs. That was my reality reminder.

    I stopped the kiss and gently pushed Boris away from me. His one hand was on my bare thigh and getting close to my crotch. I held his wrist firm. It was time to play him. He was breathing heavy and seemed upset that I stopped him. He tried to kiss me again but I turned my head to the side. I waited until he got the hint.

    “Wait!” I pleaded. He eased up. “Don’t get the wrong idea Boris. I really like you but there is something that you should know about me first before we go any further,” I told him.

2. (At home with Maggie):
I curled up close to my lover. Maggie removed her glasses and took a good mouthful of scotch. When she wasn’t trying to look plain and mousy, she was actually very pretty. “Are you going to be alright love? I’m sorry if I worried you,” I said tenderly as I leaned in to kiss her neck. She was tense but receptive. She allowed me to gently kiss her neck and her cheek.
    “I suppose that I can forgive you. You are who you are after all. I fell in love with Trooper Blondie and deep down that is who you still are. I could see it in your eyes. You love the danger and the adventure. I just hadn’t seen that look in a while. Last time I saw that look in your eyes you were almost killed,” Maggie confessed. She was almost tearful.
    I kissed her softly on the mouth. Maggie pulled my head closer to her and we kissed lovingly. She pulled the band from my hair, golden locks falling free. Our skirts rode up on both of our laps past our stocking tops. Maggie climbed up onto my lap and we continued to make out. Maggie was almost ten years senior to me but she was hotter than any forty year old I knew. She had been my teacher and instructed me in the art of sex. I put those lessons to use as I stripped Maggie of her blouse and bra. I kissed and suckled on her stiffening nipples as I massaged her small but swollen breasts. I then unbuttoned her skirt.
    Maggie stood up in front of me and dropped her skirt to the floor. She peeled off her own knickers. She had a small landing strip of pubic hair above her vagina. I was usually the one who groomed it.  Leaving her stockings on, she got back up onto the couch and presented her perky little arse to me. “Lick it!“ she simply demanded. It was a show of domination but she already knew how much I loved eating her ass. I pried her cheeks apart and dove face first into her crack. I stiffened my tongue and jammed it straight up her tight, pink arse hole. She pushed back against my face as I ate her rear entrance with vigor. My tongue rotated in circles deep up inside her making her squirm. I touched her warm pussy lips with my fingers and massaged her feminine mound.  Her pussy was getting wet and hot which made me rim her harder.

3. (With a married couple at a pub):
Cassidy stepped up to the two of us still engaged in a lip lock. She began caressing my body. Her face moved to my neck. I flipped my long blonde hair out of the way and let her kiss my neck. Her hands drifted up to my breasts and gave them a firm squeeze. I turned my head from Conner to Cassidy and my mouth connected to hers. We exchanged a long, deep soul kiss as Conner licked my ears and my neck.
    The three of us made out passionately as our hands explored each other. Both of them were sexy and tasted of Guinness. I wrapped a leg around Conner and I felt his hard on against my leg. I reached down to Cassidy’s crotch and felt her wetness through her jeans. She was hot and steamy. Our kissing continued for a long time. The difference between a man’s firm, strong kiss and the soft, sweet pleasure of a woman’s lips contented me as I enjoyed them both. I took a few minutes with one and then the other and then back again. The other would content themselves on my neck.
    I was getting light headed and finally suggested, “ I believe you two owe me a debt. If you don’t mind Conner, I believe it should be ladies first.” Conner disengaged and pulled up a seat. I propped my arse up onto the billiard table and beckoned Cassidy to me. She eagerly embraced me and we snogged for three or four minutes. Her lips were full and wet. She was uninhibited with her kisses.
    “Take off your clothes,” I demanded.

4. (With former Troop mate while on a job):
I then checked in with George back at headquarters. He had set up alerts with security and followed through with our plan.  Everything seemed in place. We then had to just sit and wait. As soldiers we were used to that. Eddie brewed up some tea. The past three days had been crazy. I should have been exhausted but instead I was restless. I paced around the room sipping my tea. I checked the monitors watching Darlene three times in two minutes.
    “Damn Blondie, stop that, your wearing me out,” Eddie criticized. I realized that he was right. I needed to relax.
    “I just can’t relax. I’m too wired up,” I responded.
    Eddie sniggered with a devilish smile, “I remember one way that used to wear you out pretty good.” His big grin turned into a deep Caribbean laugh when I licked my finger and flipped him the bird. That made me laugh too. We definitely had some good romps in that room. That eased the tension a little. He was right though and I needed a distraction.
    I sighed and walked over to him. I stood in front of him with my hands on my hips, posing. I flipped my mane of long blonde hair. He still had the eye for me. He licked his lip. I bit my lip before saying, “You know what Eddie. I think you’re right. I am wound up too tight. I could use some loosening up. Besides, I really owe you for this one.” I leaned forward and took Eddie’s big brown bottom lip between mine and give it a good suck. I placed my arms loosely around his neck. His mouth opened and he stuck his massive tongue into my mouth. I greedily sucked on it like it was a juicy cock. His strong arms made me feel safe. I needed that.
    Eddie pulled back for a second and said to me, “Listen Blondie, don’t fuck me because you think you owe me. Only fuck me because you want to. Okay?”
    I blushed a bit. “Oh Eddie. You know I’ve had the hots for you since Ibiza. Remember that kiss on the beach?” I teased. Biting my lip again, I said, “Besides, I’ve never met anyone with a bigger cock in my life.” I grabbed his crotch through his kakis and could feel his big meat swelling. I traced its outline with my fingers. I could feel the heat coming through the material. It was already seven inches long and I knew from experience that it was still at its smallest state.

5 (In a shoot out in the Alps):
“Shit, I missed,” Thorn said in panic. Instinctively, he chambered another round. The other four men all stopped and turned to see what happened. When they saw the dead man laying in the red snow ripped in two by the heavy round, they all pulled out guns from their jackets. They appeared to be sub-machine guns.
    “Shoot the right one Thorn,” I yelled at the sniper. The other Troopers had already taken aim and started to open fire on the other men.
    Thorn was breathing too heavy. “I don’t know if I can hit him without hitting the hostage,” he worried. I dove down onto the ground next to him.
    “Roll off!” I shouted. I moved quickly into the Barrett as Thorn rolled off to the right. I pulled up the sight and put Victoria and her captor in the frame. She was still in front of the man. He had a pistol out but was struggling to keep a grip on her. As bullets slammed into the snow around them, Victoria managed to fall down. That exposed the man for a second. As he reached down to try to pull up Victoria, I squeezed off a round. The Barrett boomed like a cannon. The recoil was massive despite the muzzle brake. Through the sight I saw the top half of the man separate from the bottom leaving him in two bloody pieces. I chambered another round.

6. (Accidentally walking in on her mother, boss and neighbour):
Brigit and Stan were also attractive people. It was the entire scene of three of them that was a turn on. I slid to the edge of the door frame to cover myself somewhat. I watched for a few minutes as they really got into it. It was hot and passionate and it was turning me on. The two women ground their bodies on Stan, using him for their sexual pleasure. I had to pull myself away. I walked quietly down the hall and just waited for them to finish. I sat on an empty bed in the next room and listened as the moans and grunts and giggles continued for several more minutes. I could still picture their position in my head. My cock was aching. I felt guilty for being so excited by it all.
    After they all seemed to shift, I could hear Stan’s voice coaching them into positions. I couldn’t make out what they were doing and my curiosity got to me. I went back and peeked in again. Colleen was on her elbows and knees with Stan behind her. He had his hands on her hips and was fucking her from behind. Brigit was laying down in front of her with her legs spread wide. Ma had her face down in Brigit’s red bush, lapping away at her folds. Brigit had her back arched and had her hands on my mother’s head, encouraging her to lick her snatch. Again, my cock swelled under my leather skirt. I couldn’t deny the attraction of the scene. The three of them started going at it pretty hard and I could tell that they were all close to reaching orgasms.
    Again, I forced myself to peel away from the scene and retire to the next room.

7. (A sniper attack at the funeral):
I nodded at him. “An Enfield most likely,” I replied. “I’m pretty sure he’s aiming for me,” I added. I ripped my skirt up to my hip so I could move better. I took off my shoes too. I finally got around to pulling my Beretta out of my purse, not that it would be much good against a target half a kilometer up the road.
    Mike Ferguson was looking up the street with field glasses. He was exposed but said, “Three story brown brick building on the left hand side. Shooter’s on the roof, over the second window on the left. Looks like he’s in a nest.” That meant that he likely was laying prone and had bricks up to cover his position. Eddie meanwhile was working on the unconscious policeman. He had torn his shirt open to discover that he was wearing a Kevlar vest. The bullet penetrated but was sticking out of the man’s skin. There was a big bruise already forming around the wound. He was probably going to be alright. The vest saved his life.
    Others spotted the shooter as well. Some of the soldiers took random shots at the position but ducked back into cover when the third shot hit the pavement only one foot beside me. I sprang to my feet and sprinted across the street to the cover of a stair well of a house. Another shot rang out and slammed into the brick wall just after I dove for cover.
    The Colonel screamed, “Are you crazy? What are you doing?” at me from the other side of the street. I panted and caught my breath after the near miss.
    I shouted back, “He wants me. I’m drawing the fire away from everybody else. Get them back into the cemetery behind stones. I extracted a makeup mirror from my bag and lifted it up like a periscope. In the reflection, I was able to see the shooter’s nest on the top of the building. He was well covered.

If any of this got your wheels turning or your heat rising or your interest peaked, the book is on Amazon/Kindle: