Tuesday, 26 November 2013

The Book SNAFU

Where do I begin here?
     As you all know, I have had a novel length story for a long time (2006). I have previously attempted to have it published but had it rejected by a number of agents. It wasn't until the ebook revolution took over that I revived my ambition. Ebooks are easy to self publish and produce for the internet. All you have to do is take your manuscript and an original artwork cover and make it into an ebook. Sights like Amazon, Kobo and Kindle will take anything for a 15% share of the profits.

   I decided to do my book up right and take my time to make it slick. I worked on covers and I sent my story away for professional editing. I began advertising on Twitter. It all seemed to be going according to plan. Then....

  The publishing process seemed so easy. Fill in the blanks, yada yada, post the cover, write a blurb/summery and upload the manuscript. Easy right?

   As you all know, I have a lot of short stories that I have wrote over the years. I post many of them on Literotica.com. As I was scrolling to my manuscript in my files, I accidentally clicked on the file above "Trooper Blondie" which was "The Reunion", a short story I did a couple years ago. I didn't realize my mistake at first. (Yes, I was having a drink at the time, busted!)

   I thought everything was fine until I went on Kobo to have a look at my book for sale and had a read of the preview. Horror! I have a completely different story under the cover of "Trooper Blondie"  "Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!"

  Now, if anyone actually buys my book, they are in for a disappointment. Instead of the advertised story, they get a short story about something completely different. Ugh! Worst part is, I can't change it. It is out there. I just hope now, that nobody buys it. How ironic. My best hope is to upload a new book with the proper manuscript but it will need a new title and a new cover.

   Could I be a bigger loser?

  New working title for "Trooper Blondie" is going to be "Operation Stiletto". What do you think?

New cover ideas: