Friday, 17 November 2017


I know that I don't often write very much under the "Sword" category. I am delinquent in that, I know.

Recently, I attended my local Remembrance Day ceremonies, something that I had not done in many years. I have been out of the Army for eighteen years but I still feel like it is part of me and a big chapter in my life, having spent fifteen years in service. I dusted off the old medals and pins and participated. It just so happened that I finally got around to joining Veteran's Services this year too.

Perhaps it was the fact that I lost two old Army friends earlier this year to suicide, both having suffered from PTSD for years. A friend from work lost her son in combat this past year too. I have felt guilty of not being there for them. I feel like I could have done more. So my new resolution is to be more active in Veteran's events and activities. There are so many among the population now. The veterans of the Afghanistan war are very hard hit and many suffer from PTSD.  I was talking to a few of them at the parade.

The truth is that vets only feel comfortable talking about their experiences with other vets, not with psychiatrists, councilors or even family. We always feel that anybody else will be too judgemental or critical. This is why, vet clubs like the Legion were so popular in the past. Perhaps they should be again. I am ready to lend an ear or a hand.

Remembrance Day, (Veterans Day in the US) is just once a year, but we all need to keep our vets and their families in mind all year round.

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

The Grad House

I just posted a hot new story on Literotica. It is called "The Grad House". A grad student named Nathan has trouble at his new school with housing. Stuck in the dorms, he is desperate for an apartment off campus. At his bartending job, he comes across Kelly Nguyen, a powerful and shady business woman. Kelly sets up Nathan with the temptation of a great apartment in her own house. The house is home to fellow grad students Sara-Jo and Derek. The temptations get to Nate even when he senses that the deal is too good to be true. Follow Nate down this rabbit hole and see what's in store.

Story link:


1.  It was fairly busy when the trio rolled in. They were lead by a gorgeous Asian woman with long black hair, an hour glass figure, a black pencil skirt and a tight red business blouse carrying a large designer purse. She strutted with confidence in her high heel shoes. She looked like she owned the place. She was followed by a short, slim white girl in a little black dress. She had fair skin, some freckles and gorgeous, straight auburn hair that hung down just below her ass. She had a perfect smile, high cheek bones, delicate features and walked with the poise of a prima ballerina. They were accompanied by a six and a half foot tall, skinny white guy with kind of messy brown hair, blue eyes, glasses and wearing a tweed blazer. They all looked to be in their twenties but the Asian girl was tough to read for age.

2.    I nodded. "Yes Kelly, I trust you," I answered. I really didn't but it was already becoming the most memorable sexual experience for me so I had to see it through. With a devilish grin, Kelly produced a set of hand cuffs and proceeded to cuff my wrists around a post on the headboard. I was at her mercy. She climbed on top of me again and started kissing me. I sucked on her plump, dark lips. She sent a wave of lust through me. We kissed for several minutes before she rose up and pressed her soft, full breasts in my face. I struggled with my mouth to clamp onto a nipple as she kept moving. I licked her as she rubbed her gorgeous tits in my face.

3.    I didn't even notice that the door had opened to her room. I heard a noise and saw SJ standing there in her bath robe holding an envelope. She didn't seem shocked or even phased by what she saw. "I brought that envelope Kelly," the princess said plainly.

Kelly didn't miss a stroke as she continued to fuck me. "Thanks SJ. Just put it on the table over there," Kelly responded.

SJ slowly made her way to the table and set the envelope down. I was red with embarrassment. She looked at me and grinned. "Having fun?" she asked. I didn't know what to say so I just nodded.

4.  "Let me pick out something for you," she insisted. I complied and went back to the bed and sat down. SJ rummaged through the top drawer and came back with a pair of Wendy's black lace panties and a black bra. "Start with these," she said before striding over to the closet and picking out a dress.

"But...but these are girl's clothes," I interjected. "They belong to Wendy, right?"

Sara-Jo returned with a black and white poka-dot dress. She smiled. "They belonged to Wendell actually. He was about your size. This should fit you too," she explained. "Go on, you're going to look great," she insisted.

5.    I stood in the kitchen doing twirls in my dress. Derek smiled at me. "Hey, do you like single malt scotch, Natalie?" Derek asked.

"Ya, I love single malt," I replied.

"I've got some upstairs. Come on up. We'll have a drink and I'll show you the loft," he suggested.

"Sure!" I chimed. I followed Derek up the two flights of stairs to his loft apartment. It was spacious and well lived in. He had a lot of books and nick knacks laying around. Derek pulled out a bottle of Glenlivet and poured us both a big glass.

Concept art:

Nate at work

Kelly sizing up Nate

Princess SJ the flirt
Derek the closer


Princess SJ

Kelly at her house

SJ at leisure
Derek at the house

Nate begins a makeover

Nate as Natalie

Natalie heading out

SJ the fashionista

The girls of the house

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Roller Derby Girls story

I recently posted a new short story on called "Roller derby Girls". It is about a 40 year old woman, Alice,  going through her mid-life crisis. She has always been in a happily married life with kids her entire adult life. She begins to think about all the things she has missed while being the good wife and mother. (I was inspired by the Netflix TV series called "Gypsy")

Alice explores her desires and finds out that her husband has been doing the same thing behind her back. A newly single Alice decides to check out the Roller Derby which she has never been to but she has always had a guilty pleasure for.

Alice desires some of the younger, athletic girls who compete. She gets involved with one of the stars which seems too good to be true. Taylor is beautiful and resembles an Angel, which is also her Derby name. Taylor's sister, Logan resembles a devil. She is the opposite of Taylor, cruel and tough. Alice finds her hot but keeps that to herself. Logan figures Alice out though and forces a confrontation.

Alice has to come to terms with her realities that Logan makes her see. Alice figures out that she has her Angel and Devil backwards.

The sex in the story is almost all woman on woman and May-December. A hot read if you're over 18.

My concept art....







Vicky Von Doom

Vicky Von Doom
Roxy Roller

Christie Love
Skating sisters

Alice and Taylor poolside seduction

Alice and Logan poolside seduction


Saturday, 22 July 2017

Star Trek expanded

More Star Trek...

My last Star Trek post dealt with some of the crew of the USS Valkyrie NCC-113399 . I had some of the officers or key officers of the ship but not all. In this crew there are 40 officers and 210 other crew. I finished making all the officers.(I am not doing the 210 other crew. Hey, in Star Trek shows, they only ever show the officers anyway). The crew is all female. They are on a special mission from the female president of the federation to bring a lasting peace to the galaxy. The officers are diverse. There are 25 humans, of which 13 are women of colour. There are 15 alien species officers of which 3 are Andorian, 3 are Vulcan, 2 are Trill, 2 are Orion, 1 is Klingon, 1 is Charon, 1 is Bajoran, 1 is Caitian, and 1 is Wintabon (a made up name of Jaylah's species). (Did you know the writers of Star Trek: Beyond created Jaylah based on Jennifer Lawrence's character in the movie "Winter's Bone"? Thus Jaylah from J-Law. Which is why I call her a Wintabon, from Winter's Bone.)

The story is simple...

It takes place sometime around the end of Next Generation time line. For the purists, I apologize in advance for changing some established character story lines. Most of mine are original characters but some are rehashed and altered. My uniforms will also resemble the Original series because they were always my favourite uniforms.

So in my version, the United Federation of planets has elected a female chairwoman. Coincidentally, the top ranking admiral in Starfleet is also a woman. They decide to launch an all female Star ship as the new face of Starfleet, bringing back the old uniforms too. The ship is commanded by hard nosed Captain Maggie O'Conner from Ireland.

They launch the USS Valkyrie, recommissioned NC-113399 (I know there was one before but it was retired). The new ship is sent on a mission to gather the top female leaders throughout the galaxy in an attempt to overthrow all the male run systems. The belief is that women will be better suited to maintain peace throughout the galaxy. Lt Cmdr Jadzia Dax is the coordinator of the multi species representatives.

While most of the female representatives are reluctant at first, they see the Valkyrie's crew in action, capturing a Borg drone thanks to the special weapon, SLt Warona, a Cheron with telekinetic abilities.

When the galaxy has been feminized, will long lasting peace be attainable?
The top Starfleet scientist believes she can find a way to pacify the Borg by creating a Queen Bee. That turns many heads and soon female ambassadors take notice.