Monday, 24 April 2017

New Short Story

I recently posted a new short story on Literotica. It's called "Debutante to Punk Princess". This story is about a girl named Molly who has always been a deb, a good girl, going to church, cheerleader and straight A student. That is not who she really is however; she has a rebel spirit, loves punk rock music and has discovered that she is an atheist, she likes girls, porn and has a crush on a set of identical twin sisters. When Molly finally reaches her breaking point she doesn't hold back and doesn't care what anyone thinks about it either. She goes full on punk princess and opens up to the goth twins who like what they see. In the wake of her actions, Molly alienates her former best friend and fellow deb, Tiffany. The twins give Molly a night to remember but in the end, Molly is faced with a crisis she wasn't expecting. XXX reading so 18 and over only please.

Excerpts:  1. I took a deep breath and let it out. I smiled and was happy with myself for the first time in ages. I held my head up high and enjoyed the autumn air as I walked home. "That's the first step," I told myself. I put in my ear buds and turned on my iPod. My default play list was modern punk rock music. The first song was "Jesus of Suburbia" by Green Day. I laughed at the irony. I removed the cross necklace from my neck and put it in my purse.
Molly walks out of church
Molly the deb

I got to school early and went to the girls' room. I waited until I was at school to do my makeup. That would have put my Mom over the edge. I put on a heavy layer of eye liner all around my eyes and made wings at the end. I then put on a coat of smoky grey eye shadow. I finished my eyes with a ton of mascara. I then painted my lips a dark scarlet. I pulled my shirt tight which exposed more of my black bra. Lastly, I wet my hair and mussed it up a bit giving me a bit of a "just fucked" look. Lastly, I put the tensor around my left wrist. I put my ear buds in and played some Nine Inch Nails. I stuck a piece of gum in my mouth and started chewing. Looking at myself in the mirror, I felt pretty good about my look for a change. It was more me than I ever looked before. Happily, I left the girls' room and headed out into the hall.

A lot of eyes were staring at me. I had already expected that after the episode at church the day before, but other kids I didn't know were staring as well. I heard someone say, "Is that Molly Stevens? It can't be?" Some kids pointed, everyone stared. I didn't give a fuck. I strutted that hall like I owned it. I bumped into Tiffany just outside home room. She stared at me open mouthed with a sick look on her face. She was wearing a blue polo and a pleated blue knee skirt.

She finally managed to speak, "What the eff Molly? I mean what the eff from yesterday? I thought you went mental there. But look at you now. You're not being yourself. Are you on drugs or something?"

Molly's first punk day

The one in the red and black said, "Hi Molly, I'm Jenn. This is my sister Sylvia. I guess we should formally say thank you for trying to defend our honor." Jenn held out her hand to me. I tentatively reached up and took hold of her hand. She gave it a firm handshake. Sylvia did the same. I shook her hand too. They both had a good grip. I was a little shaky from just touching their hands.

I was still sitting. "Oh, it was nothing really. I actually wish I had done more. I wish I had kicked her in the box," I told them. They both found that funny and laughed uncontrollably.

Sylvia continued, "It looks like it cost you your friends though. We see that you've started taking your lunches alone."

I answered frankly, "They're not my friends anymore. They are all hypocrites and stuck up snobs. Besides, I don't mind the solitude. It gives me a chance to enjoy my music instead of listening to all their bullshit."

Both girls made the same intrigued expression at the same time. They were really identical. Then they both sat down beside me, one on each side. Jenn grabbed my iPod and teasingly said, "Let's see what tunes you got on here. Is it Beyonce and boy bands?" I made no move to stop her from looking. Jenn scrolled my lists. She looked shocked. Sylvia picked up an ear bud and could hear "Bela Lugosi's dead" playing. I waited for their assessment of my music taste.

Jenn said, "Look Sylvia; the Clash, Sex Pistols, Ramones, Pretenders, Joan Jett, Nine Inch Nails, Weezer, Hole, Natalia Kills, Bauhaus, Pretty Wreckless, Green Day, the Cramps, Queens of the Stone Age, Korn, Bif Naked, Teenage Head, Forgotten Rebels, Rockbitch, Rancid, My Chemical Romance, Sonic Youth, White Stripes, Bikini Kill. Fucking kickass play list. I wish we had some of this."

I looked pleased at their approval, saying, "...and no Beyonce and no boy bands," with a note of satisfaction.

"Wow, who knew that you might be cool? We always thought of you as the debutant queen," Sylvia said. 

the goth twins

As I danced with the twins, it started to get erotic. The girls were feeling unabashed and were grinding on me. One was rubbing her crotch into my ass from behind as the other was pressing herself into me from the front, squashing her breasts against mine. We moved around so much I couldn't tell who was in front and who was behind me half the time. I let my hands roam over the twins bodies, hugging, squeezing ass, running my fingers through their long black hair.

I was so wet and so intoxicated with lust, with the music blaring and driving me that I didn't care who was watching me. As we grinded on each other, I felt a mouth on my neck, kissing me. I moaned with pleasure. Then two hands squeezed my breasts. I felt a hand squeezing my ass and another pulling my head to her face. I opened my mouth and one of the twins pressed her lips to mine and her tongue immediately invaded my mouth. I sucked on her mouth muscle with our lips smashed together. The other twin was licking my neck and kissing it. She even bit me a little. Then I was turned around and the twin who was on my neck was kissing me. The other one took over kissing my neck. Four hands felt me up in all my sensitive areas. My tits were squeezed and my ass was pinched. Fingers glided between my thighs and felt up my crotch through my black silk panties. I grabbed and touched whatever I could. I didn't know which twin was which. I was in ecstasy. It was if the three of us were in our own little world.

Sylvia and Jenn continued to make a sandwich out of me for several more songs. Our antics drew a lot of attention not only from the crowd but from the band. During a guitar solo, I heard the lead singer announce into the microphone, "Look at this baby dyke in the Goth girl sandwich." I looked up on the stage at her and she was right above us, staring at us with the microphone between her thighs, holding it like it was her penis, mimicking a guy jacking off. She leaned her head back and made like she was having an orgasm, a male orgasm and imitated blowing a load all over the three of us. The crowd applauded. She held a victory pose and said, "Wew, that was good. Who doesn't love lesbian porn? Other than that guy over there." Then the song continued and she left us alone. I was only a tiny bit embarrassed but I actually felt liberated at being so publicly outed. 

Molly the punk princess
Goth girl sandwich

One of them was always with me. At one point, one of them got up from the bed and got undressed while the other continued to kiss me and feel my up. Then the one I was making out with got up and the naked one got on top of me and rubbed her sexy, pale body against mine. She had bigger tits than me which she fed into my mouth. I suckled on the soft pink nipples until they were wet and stiff. My fingers wondered into the bare folds of her snatch which was wet and hot with desire. My other hand squeezed her round, beautiful ass.

When the other twin was naked, she rejoined us and I felt her hair brush the insides of my thighs. She kissed her way up to my crotch as I spread my legs as wide as I could. I soon felt her lips and warm breath against my sex. I almost came from anticipation. Her stiff, long tongue extended out and licked my nether lips. I moaned into the breast of her sister. Sensing my excitement, Jenn slid her face down to mine. I saw her J necklace so I knew it was her. She again made out with me as her twin sister ate me out. Sylvia's tongue plunged in and out of my engorged pussy lips. Her top lip kept smacking my clit, sending shudders through my body. She then jammed some fingers into my hole and wrapped her lips around my clit. She gently sucked on it as she finger fucked me. Jenn was meanwhile pinching my nipples and squeezing my breasts hard as she played tonsil hockey with me.

Jenn then trailed kisses down my neck to my nipples. After playing with my tit's a bit, she continued to kiss lower until her face was down with her sister's. Jenn watched close up as Sylvia gave me face. I closely watched the two of them. Jenn stroked Sylvia's hair away to get closer. She then lifted her sister's face to her and they began kissing. They kissed with the juices from my pussy on their lips. It was electrifying to see. I started coming on Sylvia's fingers. My body shook with an uncontrollable orgasm. Jenn added her fingers in there as they made out together. My hips bucked as my body went into a spasm of joy. It continued for several seconds.

 Check out the whole story for much more.


Tuesday, 11 April 2017


I've always been a big fan of Mary Marvel and not just because she has the same initials as me. There was always something about her good girl looks, her 1940's charm and that red and gold dress. As an enthusiast of ancient history and mythology, the link between comic book hero and and the ancient word I found original and very interesting. For those who have followed SHAZAM comics over the years know that the word SHAZAM is an acronym for summoning the ancient powers; S for Solomon (wisdom), H for Hercules (strength), A for Atlas (stamina), Z for Zues (power), A for Achilles (courage) and M for Mercury (speed)....but, in the original Fawcett comics, Mary Marvel had her own group of female deities to call upon with the same acronym. Since the move to DC comics, they gave all the Marvels the same male ancients. I think it's a backward step and that Mary Marvel should revel in girl power. Who says the female ancients weren't every bit as good as the men? I say bring back the originals...

S for Selene (grace) - Selene is a Greek Titan, goddess of the moon. She is known  for her powers of immortality, eternal youth, healing, weather modification, magic, evocation, shape shifting, nympholepsy, eloquence, and the ability to talk to birds.

H for Hippolyta (strength) - Hippolyta was queen of the Amazons. We all know her as Wonder Woman's mother. Pretty straight forward. She's a bad ass fighter and leader. A great warrior.

A for Artemis (skill) - Artemis is the Greek goddess of the hunt. She is often associated with Selene. Artemis is known for being the champion of women. She is associated with childbirth, and women's matters. She is also the great huntress and skilled with weapons, tracking, and stealth. She is also a renown fighter.

Z for Zephyrus (speed and flight) - Although ancient Greek history has Zephyrus as a male god, the Fawcett stories painted Zephyrus as the female goddess of the west wind. Considered the most powerful of the winds, the Zephyrus character is a winged spirit.

A for Aphrodite (beauty) - Famous Greek goddess of love and beauty. I know your saying, "What does she have to offer a super hero?" Don't underestimate the power of a beautiful woman. Aphrodite didn't need to punch or kick to win her battles. She used charm and seduction to get what she needed. She had the ability to calm the savage beasts.

M for Minerva (wisdom) - Minerva was the Roman goddess of wisdom, commerce and strategy. She was born from Jupiter and eventually over threw him. She is all knowing and a master planner.

Together, when summoned by Mary Batson, a mild mannered high school girl, SHAZAM, she becomes Mary Marvel, super heroine with all the above powers.
Girl Power.