Tuesday, 11 April 2017


I've always been a big fan of Mary Marvel and not just because she has the same initials as me. There was always something about her good girl looks, her 1940's charm and that red and gold dress. As an enthusiast of ancient history and mythology, the link between comic book hero and and the ancient word I found original and very interesting. For those who have followed SHAZAM comics over the years know that the word SHAZAM is an acronym for summoning the ancient powers; S for Solomon (wisdom), H for Hercules (strength), A for Atlas (stamina), Z for Zues (power), A for Achilles (courage) and M for Mercury (speed)....but, in the original Fawcett comics, Mary Marvel had her own group of female deities to call upon with the same acronym. Since the move to DC comics, they gave all the Marvels the same male ancients. I think it's a backward step and that Mary Marvel should revel in girl power. Who says the female ancients weren't every bit as good as the men? I say bring back the originals...

S for Selene (grace) - Selene is a Greek Titan, goddess of the moon. She is known  for her powers of immortality, eternal youth, healing, weather modification, magic, evocation, shape shifting, nympholepsy, eloquence, and the ability to talk to birds.

H for Hippolyta (strength) - Hippolyta was queen of the Amazons. We all know her as Wonder Woman's mother. Pretty straight forward. She's a bad ass fighter and leader. A great warrior.

A for Artemis (skill) - Artemis is the Greek goddess of the hunt. She is often associated with Selene. Artemis is known for being the champion of women. She is associated with childbirth, and women's matters. She is also the great huntress and skilled with weapons, tracking, and stealth. She is also a renown fighter.

Z for Zephyrus (speed and flight) - Although ancient Greek history has Zephyrus as a male god, the Fawcett stories painted Zephyrus as the female goddess of the west wind. Considered the most powerful of the winds, the Zephyrus character is a winged spirit.

A for Aphrodite (beauty) - Famous Greek goddess of love and beauty. I know your saying, "What does she have to offer a super hero?" Don't underestimate the power of a beautiful woman. Aphrodite didn't need to punch or kick to win her battles. She used charm and seduction to get what she needed. She had the ability to calm the savage beasts.

M for Minerva (wisdom) - Minerva was the Roman goddess of wisdom, commerce and strategy. She was born from Jupiter and eventually over threw him. She is all knowing and a master planner.

Together, when summoned by Mary Batson, a mild mannered high school girl, SHAZAM, she becomes Mary Marvel, super heroine with all the above powers.
Girl Power.

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