Monday, 2 March 2015

Intersteller part 2

In my previous post...
I posted some concept pieces and a few blurbs from the rough draft of my new book, which will be titled "Here Come The Space Marines". I recently finished up the first draft and started the edit process. Draft 2 has just been completed and is undergoing editing at the time of this post. I should have a published version very shortly. The final page tally was 126 pages.

The story is erotic science fiction done in my own unique reality writing style that fans of mine from, fanfic and my yahoo writers group have come to be used to. There is enough sexual content to meet everyone's tastes. I lost count of the combinations but be certain that there are plenty. The usual crossdressing or transgender main theme was subdued for this story but not erased. There are some CD/TV characters in minor roles. One key ingredient that was new for me was a mind control theme where the male character takes over a female character's brain and essentially becomes her. I tried not to make it a quirky body swap thing. I think I managed. Once people have read it, I'll get the feedback on that.
Here are some more concept pictures and some new blurbs from the book....

Krista grinded to a beat of some unheard music. Her motions made me practically hear the beat. She panted softly. My hands softly but firmly explored every inch of her curves. Her breasts were heavy and full. We continued to kiss with white hot passion. She had me edging. She stopped as if sensing my predicament. She looked me in the eye and whipped her sweaty hair away from her face. “Why am I doing all the fucking work? Shouldn’t you be on top, Sir?” She emphasized that last “Sir” with thick sarcasm.

Tracy responded with her Newfoundland charm, “And by bullshit charge, she means that she punched an MP in the face and knocked him out.” Krista shrugged. Everyone laughed.
    “I guess I should pack up all this stuff and take it back to the school,” I said with depressive tones.
    Krista was the one who stopped me. She said, “Or…Here’s another idea. In my bag out in the car I have a bottle of Tequila, a tube of KY jelly, and my ten inch strap-on ‘Brutus.’ You bitches want to party or what?”
    Dana turned to me with both shock and anticipation in her eyes. Tracy had a mischievous grin. Lydia also looked  to be in shock but she was biting her quivering lip and she was squeezing her thighs together. She was having a mini orgasm just from listening to Krista. “My house is only a few blocks away and I have a hot tub,” I stated and the five of us rushed out of the building.

I made sure to tell them of how real the threat of a new and much bigger Archnid invasion was. I told the Queen that I was sure the Cronag would go out fighting but there would be little hope for survival. “The only way to win is to take the fight to the Archnid. The Titan Union is preparing to fight. The Fleet can only do so much. We need warriors on the ground, killing the bugs. With our new Terran weapons, it is possible but we need volunteers to fill the ranks of the Army. The other races are already joining in big numbers to fight,” I said. They were on my hook. “Differences between the races of the system must be set aside. Divided we are all food for the Archnid. Together we will destroy them all. The Army is not controlled by Lucians like the Fleet is. The Army is made up equally of all the people of the system and organized and run by us Terrans. We have nothing to gain. We could have gone home to safety but chose to stay and fight instead,” I continued.
    Whichever Cronags were not convinced by then needed only a fire power demonstration to be sold. Before we left, the Cronag Queen promised as many warriors as we needed for the Army. She even sent me four senior chiefs to take back for initial training.

Meanwhile, we listened carefully to the evacuation. “We are away clean,” the pilot announced. “Thirty-one passengers on board, some injured. Heading to the Division hospital,” she added. Thirty-one survivors out of one hundred and one. Some brave pilot broke orders to get them out and I wanted to meet her.
    “I’ll go Tracy, you’re needed here. I’ll take Krista. Where is she?” I asked in confusion. I didn’t see her in the tent. She was usually close by. I left the tent and found her. Krista had Commodore Pearl in a schoolgirl pin and was beating her face in with her fists. The Commodore’s face was bloody and she was unconscious.

I went back to my room and retrieved a bottle of Oban I had stashed away. It was part of Marty’s personal belongings and had been willed to Scarlett along with his Biretta 9mm pistol and a mysterious chest. Everything else had gone to Krista, Tracy or the other Terrans.
    I made my way quietly back to Krista’s room. After taking a deep breath, I knocked on her door. It took a couple of minutes for her to answer it. When she opened the door she was wearing only a loose fitting army tank top. Her big tits swung casually about unsupported. Its length went down to her hips but I couldn’t see if she wearing any bottoms underneath. Her hair was loose, wild and sexy. She didn’t however look happy to see me. “Oh, it’s you. What do you want, Ma’am?” she said while dragging out the “Ma’am” to sound insubordinate. She made no attempt to show military decorum or to even cover up. She was, after all, Krista.
    Smiling, I said, “I was hoping that we could talk privately Krista, just you and me. May I come in please?”

I followed my drills and just hoped that Krista wasn’t trying to murder me. When I opened my canopy, it spread out clean and perfect. I let out a deep breath of relief. I was sweating. My slider came down and I grabbed it as per the drill. When I did, I saw a note attached to it. As I steered my parachute to the landing zone, I read the words, “Ha-ha, gotcha!, That was for making me go to your funeral. K.” Fucking bitch. On the ground, I checked on Ensign Gordon. She landed alright but I noticed that the front of her combat pants were wet stained. “What happened Gordon?” I asked.
    Sandra replied, “I’m sorry Major, I peed myself. I’m so embarrassed.” Her face was beet red. I laughed and patted her on the back.
    I said, “Don’t worry about it Gordon. I think I peed myself a little too.”

I leaned closer to her beautiful face. “Well Priscilla, I have been wanting to get together with you like this since the day I first met you on Prima. I think I need to thank you properly for saving my life,” I said as I leaned closer to her with my lips parted slightly. The Princess put her mouth to mine and softly kissed me. She let out a soft, sweet moan. I kissed her firmly. I put my hand into her silky pink hair and pulled her face into mine.

By the fifth day, the Engineers were preparing to burn out the first hive. The small tunnel openings had been frozen over with a crust of ice. Most of them were melting which meant that the hives would not be in hibernation much longer. All units were standing by as the fireworks started. With the tunnels burning, the artillery opened up on the surface hive. The ground shook as the explosions thundered. After two hours of constant fire, the guns ceased and we moved in.
    By the seventh day, the next two hives were ready to blow. As the plasma was being ignited, my comms set announced in my ear. “Zero, this one bravo four, contact. We have bugs in our perimeter,” came the signal. At the same time, I could hear the small arms fire open up. Alpha Squadron’s drop ships flew into action to support their ground troops. Then off to my left, about two hundred meters out, a large rock rolled over on its own apparently. It was suddenly obvious that the rock was covering a hole. Out from the ground crawled a green and brown Archnid, smaller then most but sporting long thick wings. As I aimed to shoot, several others in the HQ had begun firing too. As the bug splattered on the ground, several more had climbed out and were flapping their wings. We dropped two before they got off of the ground but one flew up out of range. The hole then over flowed with bugs.  Hundreds rolled out. Delta Squadron was advancing on them with tanks and on foot. For every ten we killed, two or three made it up off the ground. Major Lazure had warned our ships as well as the Fleet.

Turning serious again, I said, “We need to get Tracy and the Admiral up to speed. I’ll get Sandra to set up a meeting.” I popped my head out the door for a second and told Sandra what to do.
    Krista was giving me a dirty look. She finally spoke her mind to me. She told me, “You should tell them. They really should know the truth. You can probably tell Tracy now too. Don’t you think its time?”
    Mai and Becky looked at me strangely, waiting for an explanation. I sighed. I sat down and took a long breath. “Alright.