Monday, 28 January 2013

Hey, Superman wore glasses.

 My working title for this post was Headless Trannies but I opted for something a little more positive. I am the last person to complain about other people. My basic life ethics include forgiving and forgetting, not judging but trying to find the positive and good in all. That is why I struggled to put this out without a negative vibe.

  Like so many other Tgirls. I spend a lot of time on It's our forum to post and view photos of each other in all our feminine finery. Much like everyone else, I have gone through an evolution process with my look and my photos. In the beginning, there is an awkward phase of: 1. lack of makeup skills, 2. questionable choices of fashion, 3. poor self grooming, 4. weak self photography skills, and 5. a general lack of confidence.

  The first four of those things are quickly overcome with some help, experience and self critiquing. The last one however; confidence, is not so easily obtainable. It takes a great deal of positive feedback and personal approval to begin to build a small amount of confidence. This is why so many Tgirls crop their own heads out of the picture. They may be pleased enough with their clothing choices and their overall body image but are not happy about how their face looks.
   To this situation, I would say: Ladies, you are never going to look exactly like Kate Moss, or Jennifer Aniston, or Hiedi Klum or any other femme icon that you imagine yourself to be. Instead, focus on being the best You that you can be. Sure, we all have bad hair days, or bad makeup days but it doesn't matter. Post it up and you will be surprised how much support and encouragement you will get. When people see your face they are far more likely to engage with you than if you are just a headless body. Think of it this way.... Even a a girl with a face that gets scored a Four by the judges beats one without a face at all, who gets a big Zero.

  The other reason why many Tgirls continue to post photos of themselves without their head is so that they cannot be recognized. Many of us have personal situations where we would not want either family, friends, co-workers, or neighbours to discover our secret. We still want to post pictures however, in order to search out acceptance and approval via the web. This is why a large number of Tgirls still post headless shots of themselves on the internet. They are thinking that if one of the above people sees their photo some how, their identity will be saved by the fact that their head is missing from the picture. Wrong!!

  Here is why. Firstly, there are so many other things that would get you busted first. Things like Her wardrobe (if it was borrowed) or the setting of the picture, such as your living room, bedroom, or other part of your house will get faster recognition. You would be amazed at how much a wig and makeup do for a disguise. Throw in body augmenting items like a corset, breast forms or hip pads and you would not be recognized by your own mother unless you told her. Its like a super hero and their secret identity. I have put this to a test.

  I have slipped a photo of myself dolled up, face showing, by someone who knows me as well as anyone and the only only thing they gleamed from the picture was the setting. To this day, that person still asks who "that woman" was in the back yard. I just tell him it was a neighbour (who has since moved away).
   I also had a friend from a local GLBT nightclub that I used to hang out with who has only ever saw me dressed up. One day, purely by coincidence, this friend ended up at my regular place of work as a customer. I recognized her immediately but I did not reveal my alternate identity to her. We did business and had a conversation for about ten minutes and at no time did she ever clue into who I was. I confirmed the fact the next time I ran into her at the club. I have splattered my face all over the web for over a decade and it has never come back to me.

  So you see, the disguise works. Remember, Superman just threw on a pair of glasses and shirt and tie and Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen never figured out that he and Clark Kent were the same person. I am one of the many people who are far less trusting and accepting of a headless tranny. I don't care if you're not as hot as Kate Beckinsale. I would converse with you all the same. If you don't trust me to show me your face that how can trust you?

With that said, I have a small number of pictures of myself on my flickr page with my head cut off. Those pics are just the fault of the photographer, Otto Timur, who needs to keep his day job. I throw most of them out but the few that I have kept were for something special or unique in the picture. 99% of my photos show my face.

Here's looking at you.

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Hit and Miss

 Hit and Miss   Anybody else see this show yet? "She's not your typical dad."

There is a whole lot that I can relate to here. Cloe Sevigny plays an Irish, mob contract hitter with a bit of a secret. She is MTF transsexual named Mia/Ryan and discovers that she has a son from an old girlfriend who died from cancer and has left her (Mia) as guardian of her entire family.

It would be like Leon the Professional meets TransAmerica

The relation I have is more to do with a story of mine called Trooper Blondie which has a main character with a similar background and same name. I felt a similar connection when I saw Breakfast on Pluto.

Were you expecting the pizza guy?

Time to pay your bill

I'm not bad, I'm just wait, I am bad.

It aired in 2012 on Sky Network in the UK (6 episodes) and is slated for a second season. Rumour is that HBO will be airing it in North America. Its a cable show so it has lots of full frontal nudity, graphic violence, and lots of F bombs. I watched it online because I could wait for the North American release or the DVD set.

If you are like me and enjoy kick ass trannies with guns, you'll love this show.

One other reviewer wrote:
  "Have any of you watched this show? It’s about Mia, an Irish transexual assassin, who learns that she has a son from a previous relationship and has been named guardian for him and his siblings after her ex’s death.

I think it’s actually quite good - I’m cisgender so I can’t say for sure how well it deals with her transexuality, but it looks good to me. Some problematic scenes. Some triggering scenes. Serious issues with the kids and the neighbours and her job.
Mia is a really kickass BAMF lady and her romantic interest is hot. Also I want all her clothes, OMG!"

If you haven't seen it yet, check it out....if you have seen it, post your opinions in the comments.

Monday, 7 January 2013

The Schoolgirl Fantasy

   We have all been guilty of it at one point in our lives or another. We either fell for the school girl or wanted to be like one or both. It can be a taboo subject because of the age issue. I guess when you're under 20 its supposedly okay to fantasize about it but if you're older then you have to imagine that they are at least college age or just really dumb and held back. Of course, when you fantasize that you are one of them its all fine if you are adult age. Whatever.
   We know that its all about that cute little pleated kilt. It gives the statement of good order and discipline and innocence but at the same time is ultra feminine and flatters the legs and hips. I guess you can call it a guilty pleasure. When you're in your forties like me, wearing a school girl outfit is so unrealistic that it can be just comical. So when g*rls our age do this, it ought to be with tongue planted firmly in cheek.
    For this blog, I wanted to make a comic strip type of picture post. I can add some of these on flickr but the effect of the comic book idea might get lost. Here it goes:

Setting, late autumn, after detention at school, Mary-Margret leaves school and tries to catch the late bus.
 She realizes that it's too late.
"I guess I'll just wait around here until a teacher comes out, so I can call home"
"I'm getting worried, its getting pretty late."
But "lucky" for Mary-Margret a white van pulls up and honks its horn. The driver waves her over.
"Wow, its my lucky day, a free ride from a kind person"

"Are you going my way mister?"
The van door slides open and reveals a large group of men. "Gee guys, is there enough room in there for me too? We are all going to be squished in there tightly. Oh well."
Several hours later, Mary-Margret finally arrives home. "Hi Mom, I'm home."
" you know how late you are?"

"but Mom.... its not my fault. First, a boy in my class dropped his pencil on the floor, then I bent over to pick it up, then the teacher..."
"Never mind that, look at you, your hair is a mess, your skirt is too high again, your knees are red and you smell like gin and semen."
"I'm getting the heavy belt this time Mary-Margret. Turn around and and get ready for the worst whipping of your life." "But Mom, my bum is still really sore from....ooops, never mind. Just give me the spanking."
"Gee I hope those nice guys give me a lift again soon." The end.

Okay, I hope that nobody actually took any of this seriously. Its funny when you look a series of pictures and from that a story pops into your head. No schoolg*rls were actually harmed in the making of this story.

Fun fact about this shoot was that the school board building was actually used. Thanks for looking, enjoy, leave comments but then get to bed. It's a school night.