Monday, 7 January 2013

The Schoolgirl Fantasy

   We have all been guilty of it at one point in our lives or another. We either fell for the school girl or wanted to be like one or both. It can be a taboo subject because of the age issue. I guess when you're under 20 its supposedly okay to fantasize about it but if you're older then you have to imagine that they are at least college age or just really dumb and held back. Of course, when you fantasize that you are one of them its all fine if you are adult age. Whatever.
   We know that its all about that cute little pleated kilt. It gives the statement of good order and discipline and innocence but at the same time is ultra feminine and flatters the legs and hips. I guess you can call it a guilty pleasure. When you're in your forties like me, wearing a school girl outfit is so unrealistic that it can be just comical. So when g*rls our age do this, it ought to be with tongue planted firmly in cheek.
    For this blog, I wanted to make a comic strip type of picture post. I can add some of these on flickr but the effect of the comic book idea might get lost. Here it goes:

Setting, late autumn, after detention at school, Mary-Margret leaves school and tries to catch the late bus.
 She realizes that it's too late.
"I guess I'll just wait around here until a teacher comes out, so I can call home"
"I'm getting worried, its getting pretty late."
But "lucky" for Mary-Margret a white van pulls up and honks its horn. The driver waves her over.
"Wow, its my lucky day, a free ride from a kind person"

"Are you going my way mister?"
The van door slides open and reveals a large group of men. "Gee guys, is there enough room in there for me too? We are all going to be squished in there tightly. Oh well."
Several hours later, Mary-Margret finally arrives home. "Hi Mom, I'm home."
" you know how late you are?"

"but Mom.... its not my fault. First, a boy in my class dropped his pencil on the floor, then I bent over to pick it up, then the teacher..."
"Never mind that, look at you, your hair is a mess, your skirt is too high again, your knees are red and you smell like gin and semen."
"I'm getting the heavy belt this time Mary-Margret. Turn around and and get ready for the worst whipping of your life." "But Mom, my bum is still really sore from....ooops, never mind. Just give me the spanking."
"Gee I hope those nice guys give me a lift again soon." The end.

Okay, I hope that nobody actually took any of this seriously. Its funny when you look a series of pictures and from that a story pops into your head. No schoolg*rls were actually harmed in the making of this story.

Fun fact about this shoot was that the school board building was actually used. Thanks for looking, enjoy, leave comments but then get to bed. It's a school night.

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Nina said...

Mmm, naughty girl!