Wednesday, 8 April 2015

The Dumb Bunny

Dumb Bunny: Most recently, I redid another old character from the early seventies. Dumb Bunny was part of a satirical super hero team called the Inferior Five about five costumed heroes who were utterly useless. Dumb Bunny was the lone female member and wore a bunny outfit that was as sexy as the comic book code allowed back then. She was a blonde stereotype bimbo. Her tag line was, "As strong as an Ox and almost as smart as one." I would never think of making the same character over again. That would be beyond offensive.

      Instead, I had an epiphany. Super heroes and their alter egos are supposed to be in stark contrast with each other in order to keep their identity secret. After all, who would think that mousy, introverted Barbara Gordon was the dynamic dare doll, Batgirl.

This is what I had in mind for Dumb Bunny:
    For her origin story, Debra Barton is a feminist, former Marine and a brilliant engineer. She exceeds in a male dominated field and keeps herself conservative and professional. She invents a special concealed weapon that women could use for personal protection. Her idea is canned by her employer but she keeps the prototype. Although attractive, fit and built, she doesn't show it off. She also generally dislikes men and has a lesbian girlfriend. Her girlfriend is a stripper named Molly who is also both intelligent and attractive.

  When a fellow stripper is raped on the way home from work and the police don't lay charges because she was dressed "slutty", Molly organizes a local "Slut March" to protest. She convinces her girlfriend Debra to join but Debra feels too uncomfortable in the revealing Bunny costume that her girlfriend picked out. Debra ends up bailing and going home. Molly is upset and considers dumping Debra but on the way home is attacked and raped herself. Debra is bound on revenge and hits the streets with her secret weapon to try to find Molly's attackers or any other misogynists that cross her path. Without any luck, Debra asks Molly for advice. Molly tells her that in order to catch the mouse, you need the right bait. Debra digs up an old vintage comic book of Molly's called "The Inferior Five". In particular, she is drawn to the character "Dumb Bunny".

       Debra goes all out with the Bunny outfit and adds some touches. Her pink utility belt has handcuffs with pink fluff on them, pepper spray, ammo, and night stick painted pink with stickers to appear innocent. She declines the high heels as they are too difficult to patrol in and wears her bunny slippers instead but arms them with Tasers in the ears. Her secret wristband gun equalizes any street threat. She also carries a carrot which is made from a butt plug and is mainly for distraction but can be used on her enemies with its intended purpose. She exchanges her glasses for blue contact lenses and wears a ridiculous pink bimbo wig. The bunny ears contain a two way communicator that keeps her in contact with her girlfriend Molly who monitors the police bands and web, much like Oracle. Dumb Bunny's image is meant to draw out her enemies and lower their guard so that she can exact justice. A true feminist superhero is born.
  Debra, aka, Dumb Bunny, goes out on patrol. She is out to protect women and it doesn't take long for her to find misogynistic men who are bent on getting what they want. Before delivering her brand of justice on them, she delivers her tag line, "No means No, assholes!"

Back at home, Debra plays with her new pet mascot, Rascal..

    Not half bad, might need to copyright this.