Monday, 24 September 2012

A Kiss

"The anatomical juxtaposition of the two orbicular orris muscles in the state of contraction" ~ dictionary

  I was re-reading a blog post from a friend of mine about a kiss....
   I remembered that I put it on my list of things to write about. When we are young (teenagers, let's say) we think of a kiss as a progression to something more. Indeed, a kiss is foreplay that can and often leads to sex. Kissing is also more or less socially acceptable in public whereas sex is less so. So, we go on thinking of kissing as a way to a means.
   I have discovered as many others have also discovered that a kiss can be so much more. When I think back to younger days and people that I had intimate relations with...what I remember most is not the penetrative acts as much as it is the kisses. The kisses are less a physical act as the are an emotional one. The kiss is about passion and desire. It is giving and receiving in one. Kissing is about conquest and surrender at the same moment.

 It may not seem much to some
To ones whose hearts are cold,
But to those that care to feel
A kiss is worth more than gold
. ~ Anonymous

    Many prostitutes have often excluded kissing from their services for hire. They might be willing to do many acts of sex including oral, anal, toe sucking, S&M, and a long list of other kinks but when it comes to kissing, the act is simply too intimate and is reserved only for their loved ones. Sex is an exercise that is a means to a paycheck but a kiss requires an emotional investment.
    I saw a movie back in the late seventies ( I can't remember the name of it) where a cop was getting info from a high class call girl. The cop promised not to arrest her for the info exchange. She was enamoured with him and offered him a freebie from her menu (it actually was menu). He noticed that the most expensive thing on the menu was "a simple kiss". He wondered why and thought it harmless. She gave him the kiss for free and he found out why it was the most expensive thing she had to offer. He was changed forever and fell in love with her.
    After that, I never underestimated the power of the kiss. As I told Janie in the comments of her blog....
"I know what kissing does for me and yes, I feel more intimate when kissing then I do in form of penetration, giving or receiving. If the kiss isn’t good then it is all downhill from there. A great kiss however will turn me to mush. It’s the passion. Nothing beats it."

   I for one, do not shy away  from a kiss. If I feel a connection with a person then I am usually quite willing to share a kiss. It becomes the icing on the cake and then I feel like I have truly connected with that person in a greater way than any other act will make. It gives me a warm glow. As for the disbelievers to my theory, ask yourself this.... After having great sex with a person, what do you naturally feel like doing with them after? Hmm?

 The kiss seals the deal.

Just my two cents worth...feel free to add your opinions or to leave comments (please do)


Monday, 17 September 2012

Bond trailer

So a new 007 movie is coming out again soon. Check out this trailer...

Okay, so its not the real trailer...
   So what is it about the James Bond series that has made it the most successful franchise in movie history? It has spanned five decades, going on six with six different actors. I for one admit being addicted the James Bond. It doesn't make much sense really. The character was created by Ian Fleming who was a racist, misogynist, bigoted, chain smoker. I have read every Ian Fleming book and even his writing is shallow and trite and his characters are transparent and one dimensional, but I HAD to read them all. There is no realism involved. I can speak with some knowledge in that area. Since Ian Fleming died back in the sixties, other writers have taken up the torch. They try to do him justice by maintaining his style. I just read Carte Blance a 007 story by Jeffery Deaver who tries to attempts Fleming's style. It wasn't too different, just modernized. Still, I HAD to read it.

   There is just some undeniable infatuation with the suave, cool, yet tough as nails man that is Bond. Every man wants to be him and every woman wants to be with him. The female roles are not without their influence too. Perhaps it is the steady variety of femme fatales  that keep our interest and yearning for more. As you can see, I would love to be one of those femme fatales. So there you go. I guess once you go Bond, you never go back.

  Skyfall opens in November and I'm sure, I'll be there to see it opening weekend...sigh