Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Bitch Slap, animation.

 As you all know, I am obsessed with the movie, "Bitch Slap!" as per my prior posts, and, Lately I have spent a lot of my time on where I have been doing 3D animation. I needed a subject to work on, so I thought about Bitch Slap! and started drawing the movie. I have over 1000 renders now just of Bitch Slap scenes. This post will be big as I try to tell the movie in images...

"A belief in a supernatural source of evil is not not necessary; Mankind alone is already capable of every type of wickedness." - Joseph Conrad 1911

Three Innocent ladies arrive at a deserted spot in the desert, near a vacant trailer.
Hel steps out

Hel gives a good view
Camero's entrance

Camero armed and ready
Hel signals Camero to check the trailer out

Camero searches, finds nothing.
"Fucking nothing, I told you."
Hel to Trixie: "Sorry Trixie, it wasn't supposed to go down like this."
Enter Trixie

Trixie is an eye full.
Hel prepares to pop the trunk which releases Gage.

After beating Gage, Camero reminds Trixie that it was her fault for this happening.
Three hours ago....
Trixie breaks into Gage's safe, finding no treasure but a satellite photo with numbers on it.
Gage catches Trixie

Trixie is tortured with Thadius.
Camero has been watching and has to act

Guns blazing, Camero comes to Trixie's rescue.
After getting the info from  Gage, Camero eliminates him before he says too much.
Mortified, Trixie remembers the start of the evening, seducing Gage...
Trixie: "Do you like that?"

"Trixie: I call that move shock and awe."
Present....  With Gage dead, the 3 women go about digging for the treasure....
Hel is worried that Camero is out of control, Trixie is scared and loosing it and that Gage mentioned that he works for Pinky and that time is running out.

Trixie: "So who is this Pinky person anyway?"
Hel: "Pinky is a notorious underworld figure, runs drugs, weapons, industrial contraband, organizes hit squads, counterfeit rings, rumoured to have government contracts for wet work and supplying terror cells... no one deals directly with Pinky and no one no one even knows what he looks like."
Camero: "Some say Pinky is a phantom, some say he sold his soul to the devil. I think he is the devil."
"A Russian oligarch named Vladamir the Butcher Popmiov went after Pinky with fifty of his best assassins...."

Pinky blazed through that shitstorm armed with nothing but a dusty old  sword.

Three nights ago...
Camero rolls up on Black Ice and steals the safe key.

After killing Black Ice, Camero asks his girlfriend if she wants to go for the ride of her life.

Meanwhile, the women are confronted by Deputy Fuchs, Hel works her magic and talks their way out of it.
"It was late, and our car broke down."

Five nights ago...
At a government facility, a strip show called a "Bombshell bitchfest blowout", Trixie works her magic to get Gage's attention . Was that Deputy Fuches there too?
Trixie : "Who wants into my pearly gates."

"I'm Trixie, your little slice of heaven."

While digging in the heat. Camero confesses her best bang...
"Was with a contortionist behind the freak show tent at Circus Nudius, couldn't stand straight for days, never did get her name."
Trixie can't take the heat...
Trixie gets wet

Trixie: "Don't tell me you don't want some of what I'm selling."

Water fight

Everyone gets soaked.
Seven nights ago...
Kinki is the new street fight champion. She wields a deadly Yo-yo.
 Camero returns unexpectedly. She wants to know where to find Gage and fights Hotwire and Kinki to get the info.
After some choice Japanese words from Kinki, Camero has a suggestion for her.

Ten nights ago....
On a train platform in Moscow..
Hel awaits her secret contact Mr Pheonix, with a copy of "Slutty Bitches in Post-feminist America, Second Edition"

Hel: "She doesn't suspect a thing, we move in five days time. The nanostorm is active, casualties will be immense."
Reading the code 75650, Hel claims that not only does Gage have a sick sense of humour, he also has a death wish.
back in the desert...the digging produces a dead body that looks very much like Mr Pheonix. Panicked, Trixie runs into the trailer.
Trixie: "I'm scared Hel."

"I need you Hel, Kiss me."

Hel: "I've never felt like this with anyone before."

Hel and Trixie get down.

Camero: "What the fuck, I'm out here sweating my ass off and you two are in here bashing gash. I knew I couldn't trust you"
After being knocked down by Camero, Hel discoves something beneath the floorboards.
Meanwhile, Hotwire and Kinki arrive and hold the 3 hostage. Hel and Camero are forced to dig while Kinki plays with Trixie.
You are my horse, Getti up!
Four months ago....
At Honey Junction Women's prison...
Hel reads, "Slutty Bitches in Post-feminist America, second edition"as she is getting ready for release.
Her cell mate Camero: Hey, I need help getting off."
Hel : "You certainly have livened up my incarceration Camero."

Hel: "I can still get you out, but you got to give me something to work with."
Distant voice, "Stick your finger in her ass Camero.
Camero: "Get me out of here and I'll split $200,000,000 in diamonds with you."
 Meanwhile, back in the desert....
Hel finds the vault, Camero wants to sell out Trixie, admits her love for Hel. Hel won't give up on Trixie and shows Hotwire and Kinki the vault, which is locked. With their lives on the line, Hel punches in a code, "75650" It works.
Deputy Fuchs returns to save the day but Kinki gets to him.
Kinki attacks Deputy Fuchs

Kinki: "Oh-no, sombody has a problem, here I come."

Hel emerges from the trailer with an equalizer. Wounds Hotwire and Kinki.

Camero recovers, finishes Hotwire, takes his gun and goes after Kinki.

Camero: "Fortune cookie say, future not so bright."
Camero is still raging... confronts Hel, "you were doing 7 to 10 Hel, how did you fly out in under three weeks? and how did you spring me with twelve years left on my sentance?"
"I'm finally seeing you for who you really are; prison, weapons, cash, your mastering of Honduran snuff sex. You want to tell Good and plenty what you punched in or shall I. 75650, what's that spell?"
Hel takes control again. Fuchs is locked in the trailer, Camero is chained up.
"You better pray to whatever God you worship that I don't get out of this thing."
4 months, 17 days ago....
Camero is hiding in a convent, but can't play nice so she flips off the Mother Superior and leaves.
"Save it crusty, I'm vapour, this place bites anyway."

Camero marches straight into Gage and his police friends who take the diamonds off of her.

Meanwhile, back in the desert...
Hel and Trixie go into the vault and Hel finds the diamonds and the nanoswarm device. Trixie picks out a souvenir for herself...
"It's beautiful. Can I keep it?"
But Camero is loose now...
"I'm going to sleigh ride your sorry ass once and for all."
"You want me? come and get me."

"Stay down Camero. I don't want to have to kill you."
Camero tricks Hel, takes the diamonds and lights the trailer on fire.
"So long Bitches."
"Cram this into your clambake,bitchcakes!"

Hel on Earth.

Hel decides to tell Trixie the truth about herself.
4.13 months ago...
In the mountains of Austria....
Hel/Agent Foxy 69, tracks down terrorist Dieter.

Wrong answer Dieter

Mr Pheonix to Hel: "Good work Foxy, We now have another chance to recover the nanoswarm. I want you to infiltrate Honey Junction women's prison and make contact with a former associate of Mortimer Gage, goes by an alias of Camero."
Meanwhile back in the desert....
Trixie to Hel: "So you're a super sexy covert operative mascarading as a sex toy tycoon. Cool!"

Trixie is shot, Camero has survived the explosion.
Camero comes after Hel again

Catfight of the century

Camero lands some big punches

Hel is Bitchslapped

Hel goes down
Trixie, recovering, watches as Hel falls to Camero. Camero is coming for her next.
Trixie is too weak and vulnerable to fight back against Camero. Camero decides to rape her instead. As she pulls down Trixie's panties, she see's a familiar tattoo. Camero has a flashback....
5 months ago.....
Behind the freak show tent at Circus Nudius,
Camero's best lay

Contorshinist: "I'm going to baste your giblets, butter briches."
Camero realizes that Trixie was her best lover. In a rage she tries to kill Trixie but a revived Deputy Fuchs comes to her rescue again, shooting Camero full of holes.

Camero finished.
Deputy Fuchs thinks he will ride off into the sunset with Trixie...
I have something here for you Roy.

What's this?

Trixie murders Fuchs.
Hel is not quite dead and observes the murder. Trixie is not what she seems...
6 months ago...
In Las Vegas, at the Glory Hole Casino and Petting Zoo (Strip Club). Gage and his thugs are making a deal with a terrorist. Gage is selling a vile of weaponized nanoswarm virus he stole from Pinky for $200,000,000 in diamonds. As the deal goes down, all hell breaks loose. Mercenaries start a gun fight. Mr Pheonix calls in his agent, Foxy 69...
Foxy 69 arrives by parachute
Foxy lands into the firefight

Hel must recover the nanoswarm

Hel gets into the fight
Hel in the gunfight

Hel gets knocked out in an explosion.
It's Camero in disguise
A motorcycle Elvis burst into the scene and snatches the diamonds
Camero rides off with the diamonds

the silloette of Pinky scares off most of Gage's gang.
Pinky starts killing eveyone.
Pinky takes over the fight.

Gage runs off with the nanoswarm and Pinky's sword but Pinky has a plan B

Pinky incinerates everyone except Hel.

Pinky looks familiar. Could it be???

Meanwhile, back in the desert,....

Trixie to Hel:  "I think you know who I am." "It was all for this, made in the sixteenth century by master craftsman Unattata Niugi. This nganta has seen battles won and empires fall for over six hundred years.
 Gage was stupid to think that I didn't care.
Hel: "Go to hell Trixie,"Trixie: "last one in is a rotton egg."
"All warfare is based on deception. Hence, when able to attack we must seem unable. When using our forces we seem inactive.When we are near we must make him believe that we are far away. When we are  far away, we must seem near.  Hold out baits to entice the enemy. Feign disorder to draw him in close and Crush him." - Sun Tzu, "The Art of War" 380 BC