Thursday, 2 January 2014

Night at the Museum

I had once stated in a blog post a while back ( ) that I wanted to visit Tussards wax museum and shoot photos with all my favourite celebs. I recently made this happen and have begun posting them on Flickr and Twitter. Here is the lot of them all in one shot....

A Night at the Museum

Helping Einstein with his physics homework

You're a bitch Martha

Back to the future

Hey McFly! He's so cute.

I Love Lucy

Grabbing Leo's ass.

Madonna and me working it.

Got a little something on here Monica

XTina, the young version

Bruce Willis and I....twins?

Julia Roberts, I hate that bitch.

Hey Forrest...Tom Hanks folks.

Angelina Jolie, I'm in awe.

Hope she doesn't mind a motorboat.

Pamela Anderson didn't mind

Tom Cruse is short but I still love him.

The governator. Arnold.

Dancing with Ellen. I love her.

Yes, right here in Niagara Falls

Good horsey.

Royal pains.

Some love for Shania Twain.

Inserting myself into the boulevard of broken dreams

Chiefing James Dean.

There's Johnnie.

I wonder what's in these eggs? Better put my face closer.

Did I make a wrong turn? Damn this space ship.

We are off to see the wizard.

I am the wicked witch of the North.

The late Nelson Mendela

Does the Pope shit in the woods? Ask him.

The Clintons were awesome.

Pres Obama here to see how health care is done right.

me and Catwoman plotting.

Cat's ass. Yum.

Catwoman and I.

Save me Batman, I'll reward you.

Riddle me this.

Thanks guys, it was good for me too.

He really is a Fat Bastard.

Yes Mr. Powers, I did.

You took the words right out of my mouth.

Mr Bond. I love you.

I'm your long lost sister.

I dream of Genie....a lot.

I love your gig sister. Hook me up.

And we are back to the Future again.
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