Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Characters from Here Come the Space Marines

A lot of my posts in the past year have been in reference to my new book "Here Come the Space Marines".

Before I even wrote one word of the novel, I was experimenting with characters, scenarios and ideas through my digital art drawings. The previous posts were filled with them. Some depict scenes from the book, while others are purely concept pieces.

I spent a lot of time with the characters, developing their individual looks and styles. Much like my last post about my Literotica characters, I made character strips for most of the characters in the story. If you have read the book, you may have already formed a picture in your mind of what the characters looked like in each stage of the story which takes place over a seven year span. If you have yet to read the book, these character strips as well as the concept pieces from the previous mentioned posts might entice you. You can find the book here, http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00XLPFLSM

The characters: 1. Marty Stevenson, from Hamilton, Ontario,  the main character depicted here (in Canadian uniform, in Afghanistan, at his retirement party, as a teacher, Captain of the space ship, and as a Titan Union General)

   2. Scarlett Callahan, from the the moon, Callaigh, the person Marty takes over and lives through after his demise (as an officer in the Titan Union, garrison Army uniform, as a Marine officer, CO of the Marine Regt, formal uniform, her lingerie for her date with the Princess)

  3. Krista Sullivan, from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Marty's confidante, lover and best friend who becomes Scarlett's confidante, lover and best friend after Marty takes her over. (as a Canadian soldier, in mess kit, her casual look, her nude look, as Security O on the space ship and in Army garrison uniform of Titan Union, combat uniform of same, her informal tank top, Marine garrison uniform, Marine combat uniform)

   4. Tracy Powers, from St. John's, Newfoundland,  always Marty's loyal second in command and protegee, (Canadian uniform, mess kit, as 2ic on the space ship, Titan Union Army garrison General uniform, combats as General of the Army)

   5. Becky Finch, from Sudbury, Ontario, granddaughter of the space ship's visionary, dreamer, hippy, star gazer and navigator. (hippy mode, as yoga instructor, at grandpa's funeral, as Ensign on space ship)

    6. Alyson Clark, from Smith Falls, Ontario, nurse, recruited for her medical skills (wearing her dress in Haiti, getting her punishment from Helen and as nurse on the space ship)
    7.  Bonnie Hamilton, from Halifax, Nova Scotia, a welder who becomes ambassador of Earth in the Titan Union assembly. (In welding clothes, uniform on the space ship, and in ambassador robes)

    8.  Nathan Johnson, from Toronto, Ontario, ex-con who was working at the mine as a handyman, important figure on the space ship and eventually a respected stud in the Titan system (in work clothes, space ship uniform, in toga on Lucia, naked for sex scenes)

    9.  Characters from the second chapter, the Canadian soldiers (Captain Mary Stevenson, Sergeant Nancy Gamble, Captain Tracy Powers, Sergeant Krista Sullivan)

    10. Characters from the third chapter, the visionary years, (Professor Marty Stevenson, Professor Dr. Dana Rawana, Professor Lydia Zengo, Simon Finch, Becky Finch)

    11. Some of the Ops team aboard the space ship in chapters four, five and six (Marty the Captain, Tracy the Exec, Krista the Sec O, Mai Tran the navigator, Lydia the helm, Becky assistant navigator)

    12.  Some of the Tech team on the space ship (Dana the Tech leader, Olaf Gustoffson the engineer, Nancy Gamble the electrician, Farrah Yarvin the programer, Bonnie the welder, Nathan the handyman)

   13.  Some of the Bio crew on the space ship (Dr. Helen Sainte-Martin the doctor, Alyson the nurse, Matt Henry the gardener, Natalie Ravenblood, the cook)

    14.  The first contacts from the Titan world in chapter six Yuki, the Yulan pilot and Rai the Lucian pilot

     15. The seven Queens of the Titan system, (Supreme Queen Rossilyn the Lucian Queen. Queen Ayako the Yulan Queen, Queen Roopini the Indu Queen, Queen Colleen the Callaighly Queen, Queen Jammila the Nombuian Queen, Queen Elsina the Thorian Queen, Queen Morrag of the independent moon of Cronag)

    16. Princess Pricilla, a Lucian, the Queen's third daughter, Fleet pilot who rescues Scarlett then becomes a Marine and eventually Scarlett's lover. (In pilot uniform, Fleet uniform, Marine combat wear, Marine garrison uniform, in lingerie for her date with Scarlett)

   17. The HQ of the Marine Regiment, CO Col Scarlett Callahan (Callaighly), PA Sgt Krista Sullivan (Terran), EA Lt Sandra Gordon (Callaighly), RSM Jaime Presslau (Thorian).

    18. The Majors of the Marine Regiment at the beginning, DCO Maj Gabriella Sanchez (Indu), A Sqn Maj Morgan Croncar (Cronag), B Sqn Maj Heidi Skarsden (Thorian),C Sqn Maj Irina Casagrande (Indu), D Sqn Maj Molly Sheridan Callaighly)
       and the addition of Maj Agra Vorg (Cronag) who replaces Maj Casagrande as C Sqn OC

   19. The staff officers of the Marine Regiment, Flt Cont Maj Kira Lazure (Lucian), Ops O Capt Sun Yoon (Yulan), Int O Capt Kiko Yaguri (Yulan), Sig O Capt Padma Deol (Indu), QM SSM Hanna Weiss (Thorian)

    20. Capt Vatha Loran (Lucian) the drop ship pilot and Trooper Hazza Krilk (Cronag) a line Marine