Tuesday, 27 March 2012

My newest place on the web

   I chose the title "The pen, the sword, and the stiletto" without a lot of thought. The three items all have an important role in my identity.
1.  The pen represents the writer. I have been writing stories my entire teen and adult life. I have many works of fiction from erotic letters to Penthouse up to a full length novel. This blog should help me put down more thoughts on a more regular basis.
2.  The sword is a part of who I am too. I no longer serve in the active military but I feel that even though I retired, the soldier is still inside of me. Almost everything I do, I do in a manner that reflects the training I did and the life I had for twenty years. I still research, study and teach military history. I hunt, skydive, and teach leadership, skills learned in my military career.
3.   The stiletto represents the feminine side of me. I have always been aware of the conflict within me but have only allowed this voice inside me to speak in the past fifteen years. I have been bold and adventurous in this exploration as I revealed my female persona to the world first as a writer, then in photographic expression.

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