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Before anyone goes looking this term, let me tell you that it is just a movie title.
I wrote about this film before. It is a film about three people with a genetic condition where they have an extra chromosome called a Z chromosome. This extra chromosome allows their bodies to change gender every time they orgasm. Much like frogs and seahorses (there are a number of frog references in the film), which can change their gender to even the numbers out, the story extends the ability to humans. I would love to have that ability.

Zerophilia IBDM

The main character is Luke, a bit of a pretty boy, but is all masculine (he likes hockey, trucks, girls, etc). He is a bit of a late bloomer and is a virgin in college still. After a sexual encounter he notices some changes with his body like hot flashes, loss of body hair, sensitive nipples, and shrinking penis size. His friends check it out and find a doctor Sydney who is a an expert.

Luke's troubles continue after he meets Max and Michelle. Max is a hunky mechanic but is also a pretty boy. Michelle is his apparent sister. The two of them are never in the same place at the same time mysteriously. Luke finds his symptoms getting more extreme when he is around them. He develops full breasts and his testicles shrink right up.

Doctor Sydney is a hot woman and tries to seduce Luke but he isn't into her. He only admits to having a thing for Michelle. Sydney tells him that he is a Zerophiliac. She tells him that he has to go all the way to transform into a woman. After that he/she can change genders at will with every orgasm.

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After doing so, Luke, now Luca, has a problem accepting herself as a female. She also discovers her affections for Max. When Luca finally becomes male again he has trouble relating to Max and even picks a fight with him.

Luke asks Sydney for help. He wants to stay male and not go back. She tells him that if he hooks up with another Zerophiliac then his gender will stay the same permanently. Lucky for him, Sydney is a Zero too and has been in female form for a long time. Reluctantly, he has sex with Sydney. When it's over, Luke is Luca again and Sydney is male. Sydney had tricked Luke. It worked the opposite way as Sydney wanted to be a man permanently, a gay man at that.

Stuck as Luca, she discovers her feminine side. She also gives Max a try and admits to having feelings for him. When Michelle finally outs Luca as a Zero, Luca struggles with which person she wants to be. She feels as though she has to choose one or the other, like Sydney. Max and Michelle finally admit to being the same person and tell Luca/Luke that he/she doesn't have to choose. Being both is okay. Why not?

Luckily, Max/Michelle is able help Luca/Luke to be able change again at will.

After watching the film for the third time, I finally got the true underlying theme of the film. What it is really about is acceptance of Bisexuality. The Zerophilia represents bisexuality. Sydney was a case of someone who tried one preference for a while then changed her mind and went back to her first. Max/Michelle is a person who is very comfortable as bi. Luke/Luca is a person struggling to accept that he may like boys as well as girls. In the end, he discovers that it is the person that matters not their gender.

This is a movie about bisexual acceptance disguised as a gender transition film. Either way, this film is fun to watch, cute as hell, funny and deep when necessary.

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