Monday, 21 September 2015

Trooper Blondie

I have in the past, posted updates on my writings. My first novel, "Operation Stiletto" has been out for a few years now. It has only been recently however; that its success has really taken off for me. When I posted it to along side my new book, "Here Come the Space Marines", "Operation Stiletto" really began selling. From the sales reports, it has been most popular in the UK where the story takes place. Now, to a best selling author, my numbers would look like a slow week of sales but for an amateur like myself, I am very pleased to have sold over one hundred copies.

Operation Stiletto is an action packed, military espionage story that features Trooper Blondie as the main character. Blondie is an effeminate male who grows up on the mean streets of Belfast and despite looking girly, he grows up tough. His signature long blond hair is his strength as much as it is his burden. When he grows up, he joins the Army and soon sees action. He is natural and climbs the ladder into special forces.

It's in the SAS where things get interesting. The intelligence people uncover a nest of terrorists and want to infiltrate their structure. When it's discovered that a key money man has a soft spot for transsexuals, Trooper Blondie is recruited to be the bait. Ryan really gets into his role and becomes Shannon. As Shannon, Trooper Blondie discovers a whole new world and is treated much differently from his/her comrades. Blondie gets in deep and risks everything to uncover the plot of the century.

Does Trooper Blondie become the hero/heroine or an avenging angel?

These are the character sheets that I made to help me write the story. They portray Trooper Blondie in the various stages of the book.

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