Friday, 5 May 2017

the 100 fan fiction

Yes, another short story out already. I'm on a roll this year. This one is fan fiction based on the TV show "the 100" and involves the characters Raven Reyes and Clarke Griffin. Being a devoted watcher of the show, I couldn't help but feel the tension built up since season one between the two characters who were part of a love triangle. It got more interesting after we found out that Clarke's character changed teams with her relationship to Lexa and then Niylah, then Lexa again and finally Niylah again. You go Clarke! Poor Raven never developed another relationship after Finn died. Raven is easily my favourite character because she is beautiful, strong, hurt, smart and dedicated. She suffers a lot but always rises. I just want to see Clarke and Raven finally bury their rivalry with a good old fashion girl on girl, hate fuck/ make up fuck. I ship Claraven.

Anyway, here is my story,

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