Sunday, 9 July 2017

Short Story Machine

I often promote my short stories on this page that I post on

When I first opened my Literotica account back in 2002, I already had a stash of stories that I had previously written. Some I had posted on other sites but Literotica became my foundation for story posts. Back in 2002 I uploaded six previously written stories. I then followed up with two new titles. I hit a drought for a while before posting stories that were outside my usual genre of transgender/crossdressing stories. Some were older stories and a couple were brand new. Then there was a break again while I concentrated on novel writing. Only a couple stories got posted during those years when I pumped out three novels.

Since I finished my last novel back in November of last year, I have been writing short stories non stop. Between 2002 and November of 2016, I had posted sixteen stories on Literotica. Since November 2016 and now, July 2017, I have posted ten new stories. Actually, two were older stories that I had been holding onto but I edited them and updated them. So my count is now twenty-six stories on Literotica. That doesn't include the two they rejected on me for content.

So have a peek at my page: my stories

New content includes:

"First Time" about my first times out dressed femme. A story based on some real experiences. (Nov2016)

"Oh Brother!" about a growing up experience, manipulated by an older brother and how his control influenced my direction toward crossdressing and the results of that. (March 2017)

"On The Set Of Supergirl" a fan fiction story about the cast of TV's "Supergirl" with some guest stars and a big unexpected twist. (March 2017)

"Debutante to Punk Princess" about a girl who rebels against her preppy lifestyle and with the help of goth twins finds her true self in the punk rock world. (April 2017)

"Raven and Clarke of the 100" another fan fiction story based on the TV show "the 100" about the sexual tension between Raven and Clarke coming to a boil. (May 2017)

"Shopping Gang Bang" a story about a girl who takes a dare too far and is turned into a toy for a biker gang. (May 2017)

"The Rookie" about a football hero who is put in his place, when he becomes a rookie on a college football team, by the team captains. (May 2017)

"Diva Las Vegas Pt 01" about a conservative Kansas couple who get into the mix and into the spirit of Diva Las Vegas while on their anniversary trip. (June 2017)

"Diva Las Vegas Pt 02" the story continues as the couple get involved, dressing up the husband and attending Diva Las Vegas functions and the after party orgy that follows. (June 2017)

"Diva Las Vegas Pt 03" the final chapter of the Diva story line as the couple meet with a pair of male model twins who want to show the ladies a good time. (June 2017)

Of course all the stories are XXX content and should only be viewed by adults with open minds. I'm now at a point where I'm not sure if I should pump out a few more short stories this year or to start on novel number four. I have an outline for a new book but know the commitment will take several months to complete. Opinions?

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Sally Bend said...

Have you thought about selecting some of your stories, maybe including a new one (or two), and publishing it as a collection?

Just enough new material to keep us happy while you work on the next novel, and maybe win over some new readers at the same time.