Monday, 6 August 2012

White Thighs

  You remember my post called "The Glimpse"     The Glimpse

 I referenced the the lure of the glimpse of thigh above the stocking welt and its sexual attraction. I remembered an old book I read a while back called "White Thighs" by Alexander Trocchi. He was also the author of Cain's Book. White Thighs is a story of a man who is obsessed with this portion of women and worships the thighs of strong women. He can go from master to servant in three seconds from the meer glimpse of stocking thighs. There is a great deal of Dominant-submissive relationships in the story and a fair bit of S&M as well. I find it easy to relate to the obsession that drives the main character. It has had me obsessed for as long as I can remember.

The cover art of the book looked so familiar to me, so I went back to some of my older photos and found this one...
This should put some perspective to it....

by the way, its a good read. Beats the hell out of 50 shades.

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