Sunday, 12 August 2012



   Is firing into a crowd of people insane? Sure. The actions of James Holmes are anything but sane but is he insane? The state of Colorado thinks so. James Holmes painted his hair bright red , called himself "the Joker" and carried out his shooting rampage at the opening night of  "The Dark Knight Rises". So now his court case is sealed and he will likely go into a secure mental care facility. What he deserves is the maximum penalty for murder allowed in Colorado.

   Insane? James Holmes had a degree in neural science, a 3.6 grade average and was accepted into a highly rated PHD program. Insane? He chose a school in a state with very lax gun laws. He had a detailed plan for the night of crime. He ordered weapons and ammo weeks before hand. He carefully booby trapped his apartment. He executed his plan to maximize causalities with precision. Then, fully armed and covered in body armour, he gives up to police without a fight. This shows premeditation and intent. He completed a complex estimate and carried out his intended plan to the letter. Insane? Now he is playing the crazy card. Does trying to emulate a fictitious character constitute insanity? If it did, we all would be insane.

  In the final public courtroom appearance, a woman sitting in the back row, with a shaved head, stood up and claimed to have evidence of judicial wrongdoing that would aid the defendant. Who is this woman? Is she supposed to be his Harley Quinn? We obviously have yet to see this clown's true endgame. Those of us who have been Batman, and Dark Knight fans for many years know that the Joker always had another level of chaos ready to be unleashed. It was never simple. So if James Holmes really believes that he is the Joker, his plans may still have not all been seen.

  I apologize for giving this creep any more attention than he already has but the decision to declare him "Insane" is insane. Lock him up and throw away the key.

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