Saturday, 14 July 2012

Bitch Slap

I have read a couple of blogs and posts lately regarding movies and films. Can you believe someone is making "Fifty Shades of Grey" into a movie? Barf! Will somebody please make Howard Chaykin's "Black Kiss"?

This got me thinking about my favourite films... I decided to update my profile to show some of my fav movies and books. Check it out. While I was composing the list, I thought about the great films that I like. There were Citizen Kane, Star Wars, Doctor Zhivago, etc... Then I wondered if I should add some of my guilty pleasure films. You know the ones. We all have them. The cult films, cheap B movies that are just too much fun to hate. I love a good B movie that doesn't take itself too seriously. For many years it was Rocky Horror, then in the eighties I found Repo Man. There were plenty of old classic B's too, like Barbarella. My latest guilty pleasure film (watched it 3 times this week) is "Bitch Slap"

For those of you who have never seen it, check it out. The poster shows the obvious reasons to see it. Three hot babes in the desert with guns. It is low budget and cheesy but wow is it fun. Russ Meyer would love this flic. But don't be fooled. It is a thinking person's action movie. They quote Joseph Conrad, Lorenzo de Medici and Sun Tzu in the film. The story plays out in one setting but flashbacks are cut into it in reverse chronology (a la Momento) to build each character's back story. You cannot take your eyes off of it. There is actually no full frontal nudity in the movie but you won't be disappointed. The sexuality is in the tease, the action and mostly the dialogue. The three main characters are a power trio of femme fatales and they are diverse; Hel (the brains) is a retro chic, power broker in a pencil skirt and satin blouse. Camero (the brawn) is a tough as nails, street fighting psycho. Trixie (the bait) is a stripper with a heart of gold who can get anything she wants with a well timed bend-over. Oh, and they are all lesbians. Yah! I won't give much more away but the plot and character development are well thought out. The fight scenes are outstanding (Zoe Bell is the stunt coordinator). It has the greatest cat fight in movie history, easily.

For some of us, it's easy to relate to one the characters. I think most of us could relate to Hel (played by sexy Erin Cummings). I know I do. She is sharp, strong, confident and compassionate. The other gals have some qualities that I can see in myself too. Camero (America Olivo)  is direct and honest to a fault. Even Trixie (Julia Voth) surprised me. There is so much more under the surface. The supporting cast is full of rich characters too. Hotwire and Kinki are beyond fun.

To surmise it, The film is a cornucopia of diverse personalities caught in a dichotomy of circumstance that an emotional juxtaposition transforms into a polarization of conflict arising to a crescendo of turmoil....with tits and guns. (Micheal Hurst aka Gage)
If you only see one film, see Citizen Kane, but if you want to see another one, see Bitch Slap.


Anonymous said...

Citizen Kane is magnificent. But we all know that. Bitch slap, who knew? I didn't so will put it to the top of my must see list :) xxxx P

Mary-Margret Callahan said...

I just drew another parallel.... Hel (the Pen) planning and mastermining, Camero (the Sword)overpowering and intimidating, Trixi (the Stiletto)teasing, manipulating and just showing off.