Friday, 29 June 2012

Oh Canada!

  July 1st is Canada Day; our national holiday. What do we celebrate? Being what's that? Our identity crisis has always been a dilemma. At first, being a Canadian meant not being an American. That was about it. We were of the same stock and heritage all living here on this continent but after the American revolution, two separate nations were born. The US were created, but those not wanting to be part of that became Canadians. The War of 1812 would solidify that. Eventually, on July 1st in 1867, Canada would govern itself as an independent country but still loyal to the crown.

  Since then, being a Canadian has still meant not being an American. After all, you can be Native-American, African -American, Italian-American, German-American, Mexican-American, and just about anything-American but you can't be Canadian-American. You can be either Canadian or American but not both (those who have legal residency in both countries are called dual citizens). We have a multi ethnic society too; we just don't call people Chinese-Canadians. For example, we would just call that person Joey Chan from Mississauga. That's one of the differences between us and the US.

  But instead of identifying ourselves by showing our differences between us and Americans, we try to identify ourselves by those things that are unique to us.

(Thank you Jeff Foxworthy in advance) For example: If you ever cleaned up your poutine with a serviette, you are a Canadian. If you have waited all week to hear Don Cherry and Ron McLean go at it on Hockey Night, you are Canadian. If you ever filleted a pickerel, you are a Canadian. If you have ever argued whether "rough riders" was one word or two, you are a Canadian. If you have a weekly budget for Tim Horton's, you are Canadian. If you have ever had more than one Prime Minister get pied in the face in public, you are Canadian. If you think AC is a waste of hydro, you are a Canadian. If you have ever dragged your burger through the garden at Harvey's, you are a Canadian. If you have any "Crappy Tire" money in your wallet or purse, you are Canadian. If you know that bumming more than two smokes off the same person in one day is bad etiquette, you are Canadian. If you have a four month window to plan your ice fishing weekend, you are Canadian. If you think maple syrup tastes good on everything, you are a Canadian. If you have a hockey jersey and toque for formal events, you are a Canadian. If you pay for your "double-double" with a Loonie or a Toonie, you are Canadian. If you punt on third down, you are Canadian. If you think 2-4 for a 2-4 is a great deal, you are Canadian.
So here's to us, all across this great land,
Happy Canada Day, eh!
PS, check out my patriotic album (oh Canada)on Flickr.


scalesman said...

Thank you for your informative post on Canada Day. I think that we down in the States take our northern neighbors for granted. I think many of us simply think of Canada as a vast barran wasteland. That is not true in the least. Canada is blessed with the most beautiful lakes in the world and some of the most awesome landscapes.
On a personal note I have liked all of the Canadian people I have ever met...even two Labbies that I got into a bar fight with one night out in Banff.
At least in this Yank's view Canada is a great country with great people. Keep your chin up.

Mary-Margret Callahan said...

I guess on my list, I should have included "if you can fist fight on skates" you are a Canadian. Geographically, Canada is quite vast, only about 3% of the land is populated. It does have a few barren parts too (I've seen some of it) but its far from being a wasteland for sure. Thanks for the kind remarks Pat..