Sunday, 27 May 2012

Tick tock, hurry up!

   A friend had recently posted a blog article about prep time. Most of us g*rls have a story about how much time and effort we put into our appearance before going out in public. Many people who are new to our world or have never crossdressed to go out can't appreciate the effort we put into it. Some g*rls who are full time, or transitioning, have put the in the efforts in major ways like electrolysis, surgery, etc so that they don't have to spend as much time on a daily basis getting pretty. My friend, who is not 100% full time, but close, requires only a few minutes of prep to get ready to go out. Some g*rls are very particular about "passing" in public and have to feel that their look is convincing enough to not be "made" as male. I was motivated to write this article because it came up that I took almost three hours of prep to get ready to go out. Let me explain.

   For me; I am not even close to full time, it's an occasion or event when I get dolled up. I am also a bit OCD, so I want to be thorough. I have no illusions of "passing". I am just too male to be that convincing. I don't however want to attract the wrong kind of attention so being close to passing is a goal that I strive for. I am my own biggest critic of myself too and I always want to improve on the last time. It's that military side of me again, always aware that there is room for improvement and not to be satisfied with a partial effort. Being perfect isn't possible, but trying to is.

  So here is what I go through (spoiler alert). First of all, there are somethings I do on a regular basis for maintenance. I keep my eyebrows thin by plucking and trimming, manicure my nails and trim all those unwanted nose and ear hairs. I also keep my groin area shaved on a regular basis. That's just manscaping. A day or so before hand however, I will exfoliate the hair on my hands and feet, back, arms and body. The day of, I will shave my chest, armpits and legs nice and smooth. I make sure to shave my face very close and time it as close as I can to getting ready as it grows back quickly. That's just the preliminary.

   When I begin to get my girl disguise on and sit down to get serious is when I actually consider the start time here. I usually start with one last naked inspection of my shave job and fix any touch ups. Next I slip into my bra and panties. I usually have a few tricks I use to create cleavage and add my silicone breast forms. Then I put on my corset. I take out a wig and shake it out and style it a bit. I usually slip on a robe and sit down at the makeup mirror next. In my earliest pics I still showed beard shadow even after a close shave and foundation. I later discovered Dermablend cover up which works great to hide that. After the concealer, I apply a base foundation and powder to hold it. Then I go through the trickiest phase...false eyelashes. My own lashes are tiny and pale so I have to do this step. The hard part is gluing them on in the right spot without gluing my eyes shut or putting it on too high or not straight. Sounds easy but I wear glasses to see close up and I can't wear them while applying the lashes. So it often takes several attempts to get them on right. Once I conquer the lashes, I do my eye makeup which includes brow liner, eyeliner (also very tricky without glasses), eyeshadow (I blend a few colours) and mascara. I then add blush and lip liner before moving on. I save the lipstick and gloss until after I'm dressed. I learned that one the hard way.

   Next I pick out an outfit to wear which sometimes involves a few changes. I like to wear vintage stockings a lot which are time consuming to put on too. The garter belt is necessary (and sexy) and then nylons have to be rolled on wearing gloves to prevent snags from my nails. I learned that one the hard way too. Seams have to be adjusted and belt clips attached. The back ones are tricky. Then I put on a slip and a dress or skirt and top and I am getting close. Then there are the finger nails to polish still. I tried extensions before but they take longer than painting them. I would have had to do the toes first before the nylons but I often end up skipping the step if I know my toes will be hid in boots all night. While I wait for my fingernails to dry, I pick out my accessories; necklaces, choker, bracelets, earrings, ankle bracelet, etc. The neck choker can take time with the tiny clasp. Once dressed, I put on my lipstick and put on and fix my hair.

   At this point I usually stand in front of a mirror and self critique. After any fix ups, I load up my purse with everything I need to go out. I put on my shoes or boots, coat and I'm finally off. Well, maybe a few test photos first, then I'm off. When all things go well and it all clicks, I might be ready in and hour and half. When I'm having a rough time or struggling with something it can take up to three hours. I know that there are plenty of other shortcuts, like pantyhose and wearing less "stuff" but I like the creature that I create and it's part of the strive to be the best "Me" that I can be.

   I just hope that all of you admirers and non CDers can appreciate the effort we put in to be the Ladies that we strive to be. The old saying about "Walk a mile in their shoes before criticizing them" could not be more true.



Anonymous said...

Nice rundown; I am guessing few outside of those who do it appreciate the time and effort that goes into the transformation; the least they could do is buy a girl a drink...

Hope to see you again soon. xo Janie

ps. love that photo in front of the mirror!

Mary-Margret Callahan said...

Thanks Janie. You are so right about that drink. See you in the fall babe.

scalesman said...

I just found your blog. I like the name and I think I get where you are coming from.

I find dressing to be enjoyable and affirming, time consuming and necessary, liberating and addictive.

I do like the title. For the most part I see the dichotomy of having two primary sides but on deeper reflection we are all multi-faceted prisms. I like the fact that there are components that you acknowledge are purely masculine and other components that result in the need for female expression.

Yes indeed, the transformation process is time consuming.

I use what time I have to dress when I can but summer is not my favorite dressing season for many reasons.

I will try to check in from time to time.


Mary-Margret Callahan said...

Thank you Pat. I agre with you 100% about the multi-facetted prisms. It's not black or white, just many shades of grey.

Anonymous said...

I like your blog a lot. Thank's for being so thorough with the descriptions. It is true that dressing up makes me appreciate the time that women takes to dress and doll up. My routine is similar to yours. Shaving is always the first order of business, until the day I get to laser or electrolysis.
Sometimes,I agonize over little details, like false lashes. That is really testing my need to look my very best. I worry about passing, and btw, I think you pass very well, but I will go out of the house even if it's no perfect. After all, I tell myself, I am me, and I get along very well with me. I am proud of the feminine appearance I create. I don't consider myself particularely beautiful or gorgeous but I nevertheless feel good about myself. Thank's for offering your ideas and sharing your hard-earned experience so openly!

Mary-Margret Callahan said...

Thank you Jacqueline. Good point that you had about dressing for yourself and not for others. Its about the inner satisfaction indeed. No matter what happens out there ladies...hold your head up high and smile. You will own it.