Monday, 21 May 2012


   It comes to that time of year for me again. For those that have followed me over he past few years, you'll know what I'm talking about. I limit my tgirl outings and dress up sessions to the cooler months when I can hide my shaved legs and body with lots of clothes when I am in male mode. When summer arrives and the swimming pool opens and I coach football in shorts, I can't hide it. So during the summer season I don't even try any more. I just play it safe. It's almost impossible for me to get time off from work in the summer too. The downside is that I miss a lot of good outings and more people are apt to visit here during the summer but I have a lot to risk as you know. So I take a break until the autumn wind blows in.
   This year has been a bit slow for Mary-Margret. I had one good quality trip to Toronto for a G*rls Night Out in February but I didn't have as many outings as I have in previous years. I was hoping for at least one or two more in April or very early May, as I have in other years but my life has been throwing me some curve balls that have prevented this. I had a bought of the flu in late March. In April, I had a flood in my house which caused about $30,000.00 damage. Insurance covered the costs but my house has been busy with contractors almost every day since. I haven't had much privacy. I had a one day window saved for a possible outing but a few days earlier there was a death in the family and the funeral fell on that day. The weather then turned very warm and pleasant and the summer season was here. Oh well, that's fate for you.
    Sadly, I have officially given in to hibernation this year. It's always a bit depressing for me when this happens. That's why I get so hyped up around Hallowe'en. That's roughly the time of year when I can come out of hibernation.
    Understand though, it doesn't mean that I fall off the face of the earth completely. I actually have more time to concentrate on writing. I continue to blog, chat and even post pictures on Flickr. I try to keep a stash of unposted photos that I can put up during the summer months until I can take new ones in the fall. So far, I have been doing this since March but I will possibly dig up some oldies if I run out too soon. I ought to get a couple of stories finished this summer too.
   Now I will be watching for that first autumn leaf to fall. Until then, ...sigh.

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