Monday, 31 March 2014

More Superheroines

In a recent post, I featured some of my own versions of known comic book Super heroines and added a few of my own original ideas.

Since then, I have added to the list, here we go...

First, I made a version of Hit Girl from the movie series Kick Ass. My version has Hit Girl as an adult with her costume almost the same as it was.
Hit Girl
 Next are some Gotham villainesses 

Catwoman with a whip
Poison Ivy:

A female version of the Joker for which I have no back story made up yet,

with the others...

I did a version of Valkyrie from Marvel Comics but with an original costume, including wings..
Another Marvel Character I wanted to do was a female Spidey. I envision Mary Jane Watson getting a blood transfusion from her hubby Peter Parker and when Peter gets hurt and can't go out fighting crime, Mary-Jane takes over the role. Of course I can't call her Spider Woman, that one was a different character. So Mary-Jane is Spinderella...

Spidey senses tingling

Spinderella...Dat Ass!

Wall crawler

Spinderella decending

Web blasts

Hi honey, I'm home.

Long night, MJ needs her rest.
Finally, I have my version of Wonder Woman...

Amazon princess

I know I'm going to take a lot of heat from traditionalists on this one but indulge me and let me explain.
Diana ready battle evil

 Bill Marston is an American who created the Wonder Woman character back in 1941 and had her origin story first published in a December 1941 issue of All-Star comics. In the story, an American fighter pilot, Steve Trevor, is shot down by German aircraft over the Greek Islands and crashes on Themyscira. This Island is inhabited by Amazons where Diana is a princess. The Amazons realize that the Nazis are evil and must be stopped so Diana goes back to the US with Steve Trevor and wears his country's colours along with her tiara, belt and magic lasso. Thus her well known star spangled outfit.

 Here is my problem with the whole thing. Now, don't get me wrong. I'm not trying to be anti USA here. I like other pro patriotic character stories like Captain America and even Superman being raised in Kansas holds true to that theme but the Wonder Woman origin has too many holes in it. As a war history expert, I can tell you that Bill Marston's story is way off. At the time of the publication, the US wasn't even in the war yet. It came out roughly about the same time as the Pearl Harbour raid. At the time, only the British and Commonwealth troops were actively fighting the Germans. The battle of Greece took place from October 1940 until May of 1941. First Italian and then German troops attacked Greece. Britain committed about 65000 troops to help the Greeks. The Greek Army capitulated but British forces fought on until the Germans hit Crete with an Airborne attack and forced the Brits back to Egypt and Cyprus. The British navel forces fought on in the eastern Mediterranean long after that.

 My point is that not only was the US not in the war yet but no American troops were anywhere near Greece either. If a pilot was shot down over the Greek Islands, he would have been British. The rest of the Wonder Woman tale would stand up if she went back to say London with RAF or RN pilot Steve Trevor. So if Diana went to Britain and joined the fight against the Nazis, she would wear the colours of Britain, wouldn't she?
Off to Britain
Greek goddess in London

Bill Marston obviously wrote the story his way to sell comic books in the US and to raise American patriotism but I just wanted to clear up some history and put a more realistic spin on a great character.

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