Thursday, 27 March 2014

Lost Girl

Just some new Fan Art that I made of my favourite Canadian television show, Lost Girl.

I have watched this series religiously since the first episode. The Lost Girl is Bo, a bisexual succubus with the power to make anyone fall madly in love with her. She is sexy and beautiful enough to do that without any powers but she does. Her kiss is also deadly to humans as she sucks their life force or "chi". Bo is played by actress Anna Silk.

Bo has brown eyes but when her powers kick in, they turn blue.

Her best friend is a human named Kenzie, a thief who Bo saved from a rapist. Kenzie becomes her side kick. Kenzie is troublesome and yet loyal and provides wit and comedy to every situation. Kenzie is played by Ksenia Solo

One of Bo's love interests is Doctor Lauren Lewis. Dr. Lewis is a human who lives in the Fea world and is an expert in their powers. She loves Bo but often can't handle her over charged libido. Lauren is played by actress Zoie Palmer.

A new friend to Bo was once her foe. A Valkyrie named Tamsin had a mission to destroy Bo but eventually fell under Bo's charm and now has an uncertain but hot relationship with Bo. Tamsin is played by Rachel Skarsten.

One of the sexiest characters on the show is the leader of the dark fea, Evanie, the Morrigan. She is conniving and slightly evil and has no love of humans. She is played by Emmanuelle Vaugier

If you like sci-fi or horror or super natural characters than check out Lost Girl. Most of all, if you are a fan of girl on girl love, then you will be an instant fan.

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