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End of the Season aka Year in Review

As my devoted followers already know, it is that time of year for me to hang up the stockings. Re:

Old police station March 2013

    My season starts in the autumn, usually around the beginning of October and runs through the winter time. I will go as long as possible until the weather gets nice and summery and that's when I have to take a break. That is usually around the end of April.
    Because I live a dual life, my other, less exciting personae takes centre stage in the summer months. I found out about five or six years ago that it became too difficult and too stressful and damn near impossible to keep up my Mary-Margret time during the summer. Since then, I don't even try. I just "hibernate" over the summer. It is good and healthy to take a break and when the Autumn breeze rolls in, I always have a renewed vigour and ambition for strutting around in heels and stockings.
    The hibernating phase is always a bit melancholy for me. Much like last year, the season ended with more of a whimper than a bang. My last outing was on March 31st. I couldn't manage to squeeze another one in. I had a couple of chances but my plans fell through. So now begins the long wait until the fall for me to step out of my cocoon again.

   For the summer, I still continue to write and stay in touch via the web. I will post blogs and write stories. I also have a huge stash of photos left over from the past season that I can sporadically post on Flickr as a "best of the rest" series. I have some themed projects awaiting release as well. Hopefully, that will keep you all coming back.

The year in Review Oct 2012-March 2013:

   It started for me in Oct with four separate occasions. The first was my "Black Widow" photo shoot that was very popular and I loved it.
Black Widow Oct 2012

The second was a night that I tried out my new blonde wig mark 4. I went out in western, cowgirl wear and tried out some new peach coloured clothes and also did some "Shazam!" shots.



The third Oct outing was a goth night, where I went out to the Secret Garden, Queenston Heights, the tourist shop and a graveyard, in goth finery.

the garden Oct 2012

The last Oct night out was a Halloween party in Toronto where I dressed up as a nun and met up with my good friend Janie who was dressed as a truck-stop waitress/ vampire and became the night of The Epic Kiss.
Halloween 2012

After a November of football, hunting and movember staches, I got out again in December for a mid week date night/ cribbage challenge where we started out looking for a bar to have a drink at, of which most were closed super early, starting at Milestones, then the Keg, and finally ending up at TGI Fridays for cocktails of all places.

TGIF December 2012

The other night was a Saturday at Club Envy, just before Christmas which also involved a Chinese theme, Santa theme, and Schoolgirl theme photo shoot.
Envy Xmas
Chinese New Year

School Cool
Santa's Baby

In January, I drove through a blizzard to go to Toronto. I met up again with Janie for dinner at the Drake Hotel, which included great food, cocktails, music and an old school photo booth. I experienced Toronto's tolerance as I felt completely at ease in a "straight" environment including using the (crowded) ladies room.

Drake Hotel Jan 2013

After missing out on February, I got out in early March and took photos downtown at the old police station, at the hose brigade, and at the big cock before doing a set as Hel from Bitch Slap.

Hel March 2013
Police Station March2013

My last outing was to Club Envy again where they were having a fetish night sponsored by Northbound Leather. I was unaware of the theme and was very under dressed. I had been wanting to attend a leather night for sometime and have a full outfit to wear but I was caught off guard this time.
Envy March2013

I still had a few unsatisfied items from my bucket list that I wanted to do this year such as, Toussard's wax museum, a Trooper Blondie shoot, and the spring blossoms at RBG (thank you Christina Saint Marche for the vision). That just means that I will have incentive for the fall. Have a great summer every one.

Mary-Margret Callahan

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