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Writer's block follow up

A few months ago, I put up a blog post about writer's block... http://marymargretcallahan.blogspot.ca/2012/11/writers-block-or-distraction.html

I continued to struggle with writing some of the stories I had in the works. I still have a mess of half written stories.

I went back to some of my older ones and did some editing. While doing so I came across some older stuff that I wrote about twenty to thirty years ago. I decided to clean them up a little. I did some editing on them and tweaked them a bit with dialogue and such. Most of those older stories were not TG in nature. I had written some with other themes, like orgies, bisexual first times, gay themed,  lesbian themed, incest themes, some S & M stories.  I more or less abandon those themes later in life and stuck to writing TG stuff.

Since I was struggling with the TG stories, I decided to give some other areas of erotica another kick at the can.

I have four new postings on Literotica.com :

The first was a story is called the Graham Reunion ( http://www.literotica.com/s/the-graham-reunion ) which I wrote in third person about two early twenties women from vastly different backgrounds who seem to have  a lot more in common then you could imagine. Even though it is in third person, I alternate telling it from each girl's perspective on alternating chapters. It finishes with an ending that would make M Night Shyamalan proud. I was extremely happy with how it turned out. Here is a short excerpt from the story.....

"Candi! That's a sweet name," Laura joked.

Candi wrapped her long hair around her face and neck. With the contrasting pale white skin and flame red hair, the illusion was of a peppermint stick. "See, candy cane," Candi replied. "You're new here, I would have remembered you."

"In town for a family reunion of sorts," Laura claimed.

Family was a subject Candi disliked. Luckily, the jukebox was playing 'Sweet Surrender' so Candi jumped at the chance. "Wanna dance?"

Laura didn't feel very comfortable in these surroundings but somehow Candi's confidence was reassuring and she felt that it would somehow be impossible to turn her down. She wondered how this would work out. They seemed to have nothing in common except their mutual attraction. "I like your threads, very sophisticated. Are you a lawyer?" Candi asked while walking to the dance floor, pulling Laura by the hand.

"No, actually I'm a dentist, just finished my internship," Laura proudly replied.

"What a coincidence, I have teeth," Candi searched for common ground. The truth was that only the animal attraction seemed to be relevant. Laura complimented Candi on her attire too.

Candi was somewhat bemused but Laura added, "You can really make them jeans talk," which delighted Candi. Laura was a little taller than Candi as they slow danced, owed to by the heels that she was wearing. Otherwise they matched very closely in height, weight and build.

The next story is called, the Ski Trip (http://www.literotica.com/s/ski-trip-6 ) which is told by the lead male character who is himself both shy and submissive and has a girlfriend who wants to push their sex lives to new places. It takes place during a corporate ski trip getaway. When our main character tells his girlfriend about a guy who did some nocturnal touching, the girlfriend pries the dirty details out of him and encourages and eventually forces him to do more. Everybody ends up enjoying themselves and those who get woken at night jump right in. Here is a bit from that story...

 "Oh honey, that is so sexy!" she said. "Do you know how horny that makes me?" I know guys get off about two women together but I had no idea that any women got this excited about two guys together even if it was just sleep rubbing. Kelly was all over me. Just when I thought her manipulations were about to make me cum in my ski pants she let off. She had a knack for knowing when I am about to come. Her inquisition continued, "Now tell me the truth honey. Don't lie to me; I'll know if you do. Tell me, during all this, did you get a hard on?" I paused. Kelly's glare dug into me. I couldn't lie.

"Yes," I answered. I hung my head in shame. It was true. I was hard as a rock myself as Kyle's member touched me. Kelly was very happy with that answer. She again kissed me hard.

"Wow!" was the only word she could muster. She panted heavily and snuggled close to me. I could tell her wheels were spinning, probably taking it all in. It was my silence and awkwardness all morning that had her suspecting something was up. She waited until we were alone on the ski lift to confront me about it. Now she had made me confess every detail of the ordeal including the fact that it had turned me on.

The third new post is from an old story that I wrote back in my teen years. The subject matter was about all that I kept intact. The rest I rewrote and changed a lot of things and told it as a flashback to the mid 1980s. Its called, My Twentieth Birthday, (http://www.literotica.com/s/my-twentieth-birthday) and has strong incest themes. There are also some elements of BDSM, gay male sex, and lots of anal sex in it. I tell it from the male perspective who spends summers working up at a lake along with his sister and female cousin. Here is a small frame from the story....

When we arrived at the cottage, I looked around to see that all looked normal. My younger sister Gina was in her room. Cheryl excused herself to go freshen up. After using the bathroom, she grabbed a big bag from her room and went directly to Gina's room and shut the door. I fixed myself a drink and made myself comfortable on the couch.

A great deal of time passed , at least twenty minutes, and the girls were both still in Gina's room. I was getting rather suspicious so I called to her to see if everything was alright. Cheryl yelled out for me to stay put as she was preparing my birthday gift. I of course stayed put. About five minutes later I heard loud footsteps coming my way and a lot of jingling and rattling noises. Then to my amazement, there before me stood my birthday present.

Cheryl was standing in front of me in long black leather boots with five inch heels. She was also wearing black fishnets, a tight leather miniskirt, leather push-up bra, black gloves, leather jacket and a German style biker hat. I almost didn't recognize her. She was also covered in chains and zippers and adorned a cat-o-nine-tails whip in one hand and a dog leash in the other. On the end of the leash was my sister in a spiked dog collar. Gina was dressed in a short, black, see through robe with a lacy, black bra and garter belt on. She had seamed, charcoal nylons on with no shoes. A tiny black g-string barely covered her tiny bush. Gina was handcuffed and wore a ball gag in her mouth.

My most recent story was just submitted. It's called, Working Up a Sweat, http://www.literotica.com/s/working-up-a-sweat-1 , and its about a career woman who has an obsession with strong, mean, dominant, muscular women. She was a fetish for smelling and tasting sweat, and other bodily fluids. She seems to have hit the jackpot when she meets an MMA fighter at a coffee shop. Here is a teaser from this story....

 As she bench pressed, I could see the side of her boob fill out that space and retreat into her top with every rep. Beads of sweat clung to the fine, blonde, peach fuzz hair on the sides of her boobs.

    In between sets, Ariel drank from another bottle of water. Again, all I could do was watch as she finished it off without offering any of it to me. I would have felt guilty asking for some anyway. Here I was just sitting there on the uncomfortable stool while she was working her body in vigorous exercise. Whenever she finished a bottle of water, she would throw the bottle at me and I would dutifully pick it up and place it in the recycle bucket.

    I was in a hypnotic trance watching Ariel pump iron with her arms and then her legs, then her arms again. All the while, I focused on how shiny she got from the build up of sweat oozing from her pours. I would hold the towel up to my nose and take in a waft of her body odour which acted like an aphrodisiac to my senses. I am sure that she caught me doing this but never said anything as she continued to ignore my presence and keep up her routine.

    I lost track of time as Ariel worked out. There was now a profound stench in the room of hot sweat.

I have another old one I just started editing that's about a giant birthday orgy. It may take awhile to get it ready to publish.  I am hoping that, by getting some of these other stories out of my system, I will be refocused and get some of my TG stories finished. Well, I hope that all of you erotica readers will give my new stories a look and expand your horizons with different subject matter. It's all about how the story is told. Since I don't do any dressing up during the summer months, I'm sure that I will have plenty of time to get some work done on these stories. 

Back to the old keyboard.


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