Tuesday, 16 April 2013


  On my past few outings, I have received a lot of compliments on my cleavage. I have to admit that my boobs did look outstanding. I received quite a few compliments on my photos on my flickr page too. A lot of people ask, "Are your boobs real?" which is probably the best compliment you can get. The most recent time out, I was chatting with a GG lady who was awe struck by them and had a bit of an obsession with them. It wasn't until I let her feel me up really good before she believed me that it was all an illusion. Even then, not 100% convinced.

    I have always relied on the feminine appearance of my legs and my bum to create the female allure. My bust was an after thought. In the early years, I simply stuffed a bra with socks and wore high neck sweaters or tops. It wasn't until I purchased a few tops that required showing some cleavage that I decided to do something about it. The first thing I did was purchase a pair of falsies. Nowadays you can get realistic feeling, silicone pads in all shapes and sizes. When I was at Miss Suzi's in Buffalo in 2002, she lent me a pair to try and I was hooked. I bought a pair of C cup forms and still use them to this day.

   A lot of people ask how I make them look so real. For any newcomers to cross dressing, there can be some stuff that I do that can be helpful for you. Try what you want and find what's best for yourself but this is how I do it:
  First, the skin has to be smooth, so get rid of all that chest hair. Use a razor of Nair cream and shower clean after. Moisturize and let it soak in. It is best to get it all, even the arm pits. Any hair spoils the illusion.
  Second, (this is the step that not many people like to do) Tape. That's right, tape. I use duct tape. Its another reason you don't want any hair left over, it will hurt like a bitch coming off later. Peel off about 10-15" of tape and place one end under your left armpit about the level of your nipple. Take another piece about the same length and repeat this step on your right side. Pull the two pieces together in the middle of your chest just below your nipples so that the loose skin gets pulled to the middle of your chest. I highly recommend laying off the push-ups or bench presses a few days before this so that there is something to work with. Stick the two pieces of tape together tightly and snug like a front clasp bra. You can also use just one piece of tape straight across but holding the skin in place is difficult when stretching the tape to the other arm pit. Either way...That should create the "valley."
    Third. The bra. Wear a good, firm, padded, push-up bra; One with strong sides. Wear it snug and adjust the height to cover the tape. Sometimes it may not cover the tape 100% but that's alright if you are wearing clothes over top.
   Fourth, The falsies. I use my C cup silicone pads which are tear drop shaped. I wear them on an angle so that the round bottoms almost meet in the middle and the top points are pointed toward my shoulders. I put some tape on the back of them double sided so that the breast forms stick to my skin. Its mostly to keep them from sliding around when you move. That way,  you can and dance, strut and do anything without them flopping out.
   Fifth, Foundation undergarments. Other than the bra itself, a girdle or corset or spandex slip or a second bra will help the bra to push and hold everything into place. I found that and under boob corset helps to accent the bust line and lets those puppies jiggle like Kate Upton's on the runway. Its the opposite for GGs with real boobs who get the best jiggle rack from an over bust corset.
   Sixth, Makeup. Much like the face, foundation makeup is used to highlight certain areas. Use your darker matte colour from your neck down to the "V" in your cleavage but leave the fleshy orbs for a lighter shade and powder them. Use a brush and a shade of rouge or dark foundation to to create the shadow line that goes from the top, centre of the breast and curves down inside to the bottom of the "V". Make sure both sides are the same. Voila, boobs.

 Practice makes perfect so try a combination of these ideas and find what works best for your body. A final note on tape....When you're finished and are down to the peeling off stage, I recommend wetting the area with water and/or moisturizer to help the tape come off easier and leave less damage. And moisturize after for sure.

There are some very good online tutorials on youtube. Here is a very good one that I liked.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cJUFQlUmoGI


Unknown said...

Your instructions and directions are soooo good. . . I have used "Tape" previously but not with your technique. . . I wonder why more GGs don't create the right illusion the way you have???

Mary-Margret Callahan said...

You might be amazed just how many do.