Friday, 19 October 2012

Black Widow

   I just watched the Avengers again this week and can't get Scarlett Johansson out of my head. She was my favourite part of the movie and was also the highlight of Iron Man 2 for me.

 I had an old copy of Daredevil in the achieves that featured Black Widow and dug it up. I can remember tripping on her back then too.

  I did some research on her character's history and came across Marvel's Tales of Suspense #52, published back in 1964 where the Black Widow was first introduced. She would then appear in Iron Man in 1966 and then became an Avenger in 1967 as their 16th member.

One of the obvious differences of the original Black Widow was her attire. The original Black Widow wore a tight satin wiggle dress or pencil skirt, high heels, and a pill box hat with a black widows veil. She was a true femme fatale of the time. Her original name was Natalia Romonova and was a soviet spy. Marvel later had her change sides when she joined the Avengers. Her name then became Natasha Romonoff. She didn't get her trademark jumpsuit until 1970 in an appearance in Spiderman. I couldn't help but loving the old outfit. It was nostalgic and sexy. It is the image of the female assassin that I could truly envision.

Mind you. I still prefer her as a redhead. That much is undeniable. So in my recent musings on what to wear I had an epiphany. Old school Black Widow....but with red hair. I guess its old school meets modern age or post feminist Black Widow if you will. Here are the shots...
Step into my parlour...

Did you see this coming?
Deadly with a pistol.
Vintage Femme Fatale
Blowing smoke

The sword can be even deadlier.


Now, how about that kiss?


Anonymous said...

You'd love the girl on my band's album cover :)

xx P

Mary-Margret Callahan said...

You'll just have to show me then.

Anonymous said...

I would love to give you that kiss.I can picture myself surrending to you.I think I would enjoy the interrogation afterwards.kfldave : )