Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Canadian pride restored

    Just when you loose your faith in Canada....we bounce back. In a reversal of fortunes, Transgendered beauty contestant Jenna Talackova was told that she will be able to compete in the Miss Universe-Canada competition in May just days after the competition organisers and CEO Donald Trump had banned her. Jenna secured one of the leading human rights lawyers to champion her cause and as far as Canada is concerned, she is by every definition, a female. It is great to see that Jenna has fought back against a blatant display of ignorant prejudice. This will no doubt continue to spark debate, controversy, and criticism but it will definitely be a groundbreaking moment. Jenna follows in the footsteps of Jackie Robinson and will certainly have as many hurdles and obstacles to face. Donald Trump is still wishy-washy about the whole ordeal but is feeling the legal and social pressure. Jenna may not win the competition, although she is very capable of it, but the odds are slim for any competitor. I just hope that she receives the respect and fair treatment that she rightfully deserves. I can once again be proud to be Canadian.

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Mary-Margret Callahan said...

Jenna won Miss Congeniallity, not bad.