Monday, 2 April 2012

The Glimpse

   What is the glimpse? It is that small, quick view of the forbidden that leaves an image engraved into your memory and lasts as a point of reference to future fantasies.
   To me, the female body from head to toe is full of alluring, images that spark fantasies. It seems that whatever it is that the woman hides is what we most want to see. In Victorian times, the glimpse of a woman's ankles (with boots on, for that matter) or of the nape of her neck could start a frenzy of drool and gossip. In the time since, what goes for forbidden flesh has drastically changed.
   For many, the female breast is still the ultimate viewing prize. A woman teases this by displaying the edges, or cleavage, of her breasts but keeps the nipples covered. That becomes the prize. A "nip slip" becomes a covetted moment.
   For me, the ultimate glimpse is small patch of exposed thigh just above a stocking top. I have always been more attracted to legs than to boobs. A meaty but firm pair of legs are my version of a double D rack. Nothing enhances a nice pair of legs better than nylon stockings. Stockings amplify the visual appeal of legs in a mysterious way. For some reason I find vintage stockings, with seams, reinforced feet, and dark welts the most exciting kind. It gives the legs some character which says, "I want you to look at me," and "you are definitely going to want to feel these." The fact that someone has taken the effort to put on these 'busy' items which are not very practical for everyday, mundane chores but very practical for sex also gives the viewer the hope of things to come, much like a push-up bra does for boobs.

   Then at the top of all, as those thighs get thicker, the welt of the stocking, taught from garter straps, appears. When the hem of the skirt or dress reveals this spot, it becomes impossible to look away. It's so close! Then, with a sudden stride, a pull of fabric or a gust of wind....Voila! A small and brief flash of skin, bare and natural comes to view. That is the moment. That is the "nip slip." That is the glimpse.

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