Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Star Wars

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far, away....

Star Wars 6.5

The emperor Darth Sidious had been killed along with his apprentice Lord Vader. The Princess, the leader of the rebellion became the leader of the new Republic forces with her brother the Jedi Knight at her side. They returned to Corisant, the capital to retake power as a new Republic. However, the Imperial forces had rallied and blockaded the planet. The fleet held together and forced the rebels back.

The Princess

The Princess

With news of Darth Sidious' death, other Sith, long hidden in fear of Sidious came out of hiding. Several of them competed for the throne of Emperor. Darth Snoke won out and became the Emperor. The imperial forces rallied around him and regained the advantage. His apprentice was a female Sith, Lady Kali. Snoke put Kali on a mission to capture the Princess and bring her to Corisant for a public execution. She was also to kill the Princess' Jedi brother if she could.

Lady Kali

Lady Kali

Meanwhile, the rebels retreated and regrouped. Feeling like their was no hope left, Solo and his friends abandon the cause and stole away to continue their pirate ways. The Jedi Knight Luke, continued to train a class of young hopefuls. He found one girl, Mara, to be his greatest student. The force was strong with her. The Knight made her his apprentice and she soon earned her way as a full Jedi Knight. Luke decided to leave and hide out, knowing that the Empire would never stop looking for him. He left Mara in charge of protecting his sister, the Princess. Little did he know that his sister and his apprentice had become lovers. Mara protected the Princess out of love more than loyalty.

Mara, Jedi Knight

Mara, casual
Mara, battle dress

After a hard battle between the Empire and the Rebels, the Rebel fleet was scattered and dispersed. The Princess and Mara had to hide out on a remote, uncharted planet.

Lady Kali tracked them down and along with an Imperial General, the cornered the Princess and Mara...

Imperial General
Imperial general
General: Hand over the Princess and we'll let you live.

Mara: Never!
Lady Kali: Then die, Jedi bitch!
light sabre clash
both display skills
force battle
Lady Kali: Your powers are no match for the dark side!

quick draw
the Princess produces a hidden blaster and shoots the General.
slow draw

Lady Kali disarms the Princess with the force. Mara is distracted. Kali has her measured.
Mara: No!

Lady Kali takes the Princess.

Kali: Hmmm, You know what? Fuck the Emperor. I won you fair and square. You are my prize. From now on you will be my pleasure slave. I hope your Jedi bitch has trained you well in the all the arts of pleasing your Mistress or you will learn the hard way. You are royalty no more. Change out of that robe and wear your new slave uniform, cunt.

to the victor go the spoils

her new slave

the spoils of victory

Mistress and servant
the end?


Sally Bend said...

Wow, that got bloodier than I expected, but I can't argue with the sexy climax. Well done!

Mary-Margret Callahan said...

Thanks. I dare go where Disney does not.