Monday, 13 March 2017

Star Trek

Yet another project.

I sometimes obsess on Star Trek, mainly for the strong female roles. So I envisioned my own Star Trek story.

It takes place sometime around the end of Next Generation time line. For the purists, I apologize in advance for changing some established character story lines. Most of mine are original characters but some are rehashed and altered. My uniforms will also resemble the Original series because they were always my favourite uniforms.

So in my version, the United Federation of planets has elected a female chairwoman. Coincidentally, the top ranking admiral in Starfleet is also a woman. They decide to launch an all female Star ship as the new face of Starfleet, bringing back the old uniforms too.

They launch the USS Valkyrie, recommissioned NC-113399 (I know there was one before but was retired). The new ship is sent on a mission to gather the top female leaders throughout the galaxy in an attempt to overthrow all the male run systems. The belief is that women will be better suited to maintain peace throughout the galaxy.

While most of the female representatives are reluctant at first, they see the Valkyrie's crew in action, capturing a Borg drone. The top Starfleet scientist believes she can find a way to pacify the Borg by creating a Queen Bee. That turns many heads and soon female ambassadors take notice.

When the galaxy has been feminized, will long lasting peace be attainable?

The key officers of the USS Valkyrie.

The guests on board...
The end.

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Sally Bend said...

Lovely to see Tasha Yar & Jadzia Dax together, and thanks for including a Borg Drone who's not Seven of Nine (she was always overrated to me). Oh, and I love the addition of a Cardassian. Only omission that jumps out at me is Leeta - a beautiful, strong character who did feminize Quark for an episode. :)