Tuesday, 15 November 2016

New Short Story

    I haven't posted about my writing for a while because I haven't wrote anything for awhile. I tend to get burnt out after writing a novel and take a break. I finally managed to produce something, seven months after releasing my last book. I posted it on Literotica.com, link... https://www.literotica.com/s/first-time-215

    I had this story saved up in my head for a long time for a good reason. It is probably as close to the truth as any of my stories that I have posted before. It deals with my first time. For those who know my stories, you're thinking, "All of her stories are about her first time." You wouldn't be far from wrong. That tends to be my go to theme. This time however, I based it on real life facts. It's not 100% true but what's a good story without a little embellishment?

Some might find it a little dull compared to my previous short stories but this time around, realize that this is a non-fiction story.

A few small excerpts, just to tease:

1. ""I made my appointment with Miss Suzy who was a trucker named Al by day. From the photos on her web page, Miss Suzy cleaned up real nice. On the day of my appointment, I was nervous as hell. I had never let anyone see me before. I almost backed out a dozen times but when it came to it, I summoned up my courage and entered her shop with my bag of female goodies.

When I arrived, Suzy was already dressed up in a red dress, red high heels, big blond wig and exaggerated makeup. She made me feel welcome and comfortable. She poured me a shot of whiskey to ease my nerves and we got started. She was glad that I had shaved completely from my eyebrows down. She asked me what kind of look I was going for, what hair style I wanted, and many other questions. I had no idea how complex it would be. There was body shaping with a corset for the waist line and silicon falsies for breasts. Then there was makeup. I knew nothing but I got a lesson in the process; concealer, foundation, powder, eye liner, eye shadow, blush, lip liner, lip stick, false eye lashes, nail polish. After that I got dressed, I wore a white blouse and the grey pinstripe skirt suit. Suzy found a pair of black pumps in my size and I squeezed into them.

Finally she brought out a ginger redhead wig, just slightly longer than my shoulders, in a Rachel cut. "You said you wanted the femme fatale look. The best femme fatales are redheads. Try it on," she instructed. Once she finished helping me fit it, she lead me over to the full length mirror.

2. ""Sucking up all my courage, We went out onto the street into the real world and walked the two blocks to the coffee shop. I was waiting for passers by to harass me or shout mean things but I didn't get a second look. If anything, a couple of men eyed me like a piece of meat. I turned to see one of them staring at my ass. I blushed and walked on. Even the girl at the coffee shop asked, "What can I get you ladies?" My confidence was boosted again.""

3. "" As I opened the bathroom door, the young nerdy guy was standing at the door smiling at me. "Shit, will this guy never give up?" I thought to myself. It was obvious that he wasn't waiting for the bathroom by his posture and look. He squeezed his own crotch and massaged his member through his pants as he licked his lips. I thought about how to handle the guy. I didn't want to get violent but he wasn't taking "No" for an answer. I decided to just ask him to step aside so I could pass by.

As I worked up my voice to be courteous but forceful, he began unzipping his trousers. I was shocked and realized that I would have to resort to getting physical in order to get it into his head that I wasn't interested. I put on a stern face and approached him. As soon as I was in front of him, he pulled out his cock. I froze in my steps. I wasn't sure what I was expecting but I wasn't expecting the hammer that was in his hand. The kid, although a university age boy was small in stature, about five foot three and maybe one hundred twenty pounds. His outrageously large cock, a good nine inches long and as thick as my wrist looked so disproportional on him. I had never seen one so big. It was certainly larger than my own, much larger. The veins pulsed on it angrily as he squeezed the stiff erection. His hand stroked the circumcised monster making it grow even more. I couldn't believe my eyes.

4. "" Standing at the door of the bedroom was Kate wearing just a short, red silk bathrobe. It was loosely tied up and her long legs, cleavage and even her landing strip pubic mound were exposed. She was holding a video camera in one hand down at her side. Next to her was her new black boy toy. He was stocky and muscular. with a bald head. He was also a university student as he wore a school vest over his white shirt and wore similar grey trousers that Ethan was wearing. He was eyeing me like a slab of meat with lust in his big brown eyes.

Kate spoke first. "Wow, well done Mary-Margret. We heard you through the wall. This is Jerome. We were in the room next door. You and Ethan were loud. It sounded like you both had a good time," she said.

I must have been red faced with embarrassment. "Ya, I think we both enjoyed ourselves," was all I could manage to say. I felt a little self conscious and began fidgeting with my clothes again.

Kate laughed. "Was that your first time?" she teased. Blushing, I nodded. She laughed some more. "Well Mary-Margret, you turned into quite a slut didn't you?" she continued.

"I suppose I did," was all I said. I kept looking at the still silent Jerome who never blinked at me as he stared with serious eyes. I wasn't sure if he wanted to fuck me or kill me.

Kate teased me some more, "So are you spent or are you ready for more, slut?" She was stretching out her magnificent long legs and she "accidentally" let one of full breast fall out exposed from her robe. I honestly was still horny and I was curious what Kate had in mind with Jerome there and with a video camera.

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