Sunday, 7 February 2016

The Budapest Files published

I am once again proud to say that the new book is available on Amazon/Kindle.

The writing began back in November. I finished the first draft on January 2nd. After a month of editing, the final edition was ready. As I stated before in previous posts, the story is a sequel to "Operation Stiletto". The story picks up two years after Blondie leaves the SAS. In 2004, Blondie is an agent for MI6 and gets some field work in Budapest. She has to get to an enemy agent who is smuggling terrorists into western Europe. She uses her sexy skills to get the job done. It's only much later that repercussions of the case come back to haunt her.

Returning in this story from the first book is Blondie's mentor and lover Maggie Brown who harbours a big secret. Dave Smith's daughter Darlene is back and is all grown up. She plays a big roll in the new story. Blondie's old SAS mates Eddie Marlin and Mike Ferguson return as well as they cannot resist Blondie's charms.

New love interests enter this new story of espionage including some charming enemy spies, a gun running husband and wife team from Ireland, some new SAS recruits, and a mysterious pink haired transsexual girl. This book is XXX erotica so only 18+ readers please.

More concept pictures:

Blondie sleuthing

Blondie playing for high stakes

Connor and Cassidy Sweeny

Shannon Darlene and Victoria

Brigit and Ma

Alpine assassin

Blondie getting to the bottom of things

Belfast street duel

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