Monday, 8 June 2015

Comic Con 2015

Niagara Falls Comic Con has once again come and gone. Although I was unhappy about Yvonne Craig cancelling, I still enjoyed the weekend. I was very pleased to meet Patricia Quinn, famous of the Rocky Horror Picture Show in the role of Magenta. I also had a chance to meet the one and only Elvira, aka Cassandra Peterson.

 Another highlight was meeting Director April Mullens (for the second time) who autographed a copy of her new movie "88" for me. 88 stars Katherine Isabella in the lead role along with Christopher Lloyd and Micheal Ironsides and was filmed entirely in Niagara Falls Canada, my home.

Anyway, I know everyone just wants to see all the cosplay cuties, so here they are...


Sally Bend said...

Only 20,000 people and yet somehow I missed you. :)

Maybe next year you'll be there signing copies of your own books. Here Come the Space Marines looks like fun, and I'm dying to read Operation Stiletto!

Mary-Margret Callahan said...

When were you there Sally and did you dress up? I like your idea. I could see having a booth but Comic Con might not be the right venue. My books are 18+ and Comic Con is a family crowd. I would have to put the books into print as well. Right now they are in ebook version only. If I did that I think the Adult and Sex Conventions that they have here every year might be a better place to have a booth. You give me something to think about.