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At least I know enough to not call my next book Interstellar. I have been working on this book for over two months now. At this point, I am 75 pages on paper and just over the halfway point. I still haven't come up with a working title yet. It began with an idea that's been stuck in my head for years. I haven't sat down to write it until recently because it doesn't fit nicely into my usual format of short story genre. I have been praised for stories that were realistic with identifiable characters. The action is mostly erotica and with transvestite and bisexual themes.

My new story goes away from a lot of that. I hope to still keep my characters realistic but I have wanted to this science fiction story. I started by making some images which turned into story boards. I then sat down and began hammering out the story. It is journey that leads the main character away from earth on an interstellar mission. When the movie trailers for the recent film "Interstellar" came out  not long ago, I thought, "This has some key elements that are similar to my story. This may hurt my publication as people will think that I am ripping off the movie or it could help me as people may be interested by the film and look for more on the same theme."

After watching the film, I am not worried anymore that the two stories may be too close. In the movie, earth is decaying and the human race is facing extinction. The "Interstellar" journey was to locate a habitable planet to colonize. My story is more about an adventure seeker solving the riddle of interstellar travel and finding another civilized system. The main character, which I base on myself, then struggles to adapt to the new world and tries to find a way to "fit in" with the people of the new system during their war of survival. Of course I lace my story with heavy doses of erotica too.

I liked the title Interstellar. It may have made a good title but obviously I will have to come up with something different.

In case you missed them on my tumblr page, here are some of my story board renderings that I made to inspire my story...

Here are a few teaser excerpts from my current draft....

I shot her a death cold stare. Krista had slipped up. I wasn’t sure if anyone else had caught it either. She quickly realized her mistake and retracted promptly. “What I mean is, back when I was on Terra, there was this enemy who used to do something like that with animals to try to frighten us. You wouldn’t know of course but it was similar to this.” Pretty good catch Krista. I casually looked about to see if anyone suspected anything. Everyone was fixated on the Archnid carcass and I released a deep breath of relief. No, Colonel Scarlett Callahan was a Callaighly, and she never would have been outside this system. Only Krista and I knew that I had a much deeper history and a huge secret. I was more than meets the eye.

After Becky finished getting her grand father to bed in a room off of the main living area, she returned to where I was sitting on the comfortable leather couch, enjoying an after dinner scotch. It was late August and the sky was getting dark. The starts would soon be out in full. The noises from the plant below diminished to a low drone. I knew that I would only have a few days up there before having to return to Kingston to go back to my teaching job. Becky filled a glass with ice water and sat down across from me.
    I asked her about herself. It turned out that Becky was not as ditsy as she came across. She was well versed in astronomy. It turned out that she twenty-four which was four years older than she looked. She kept a vegan diet and practised yoga every day. That accounted for her tight body and youthful appearance. She claimed to also possess a massage therapy licence. Becky lost both of her parents from lung cancer before she was twelve. She helped care for her ailing grandmother too until she past away two years before. Looking after her grandfather was a full time job for her.

I unlocked the door and smiled for Krista. She was carrying an Army duffle bag over her shoulder. She was wearing a leather jacket over a tight black sweater and a pair of jeans. She let her self in. “Bout fucking time. Were you beating off to Rudolf or pinching a loaf?” she asked if one of those answers was the correct answer.
    “Come on in, make yourself at home,” was all I said as she dumped her bag next to my couch. She went back to the door.

“Where are we Mai?” I asked. She took a reading of the most previous view. And another in the opposite direction. She posted a 3D map of the galaxy on the screen.
    “As of that last screen, we appear to be here,” she pointed out on a path between Sol and Alpha Centauri. “We appear to have traveled 0.002 parsecs from Sol. We are still accelerating but that will diminish after some time until we get closer to Centauri system,” Mai added.
    “That’s our Sun over there,” Becky pointed out on the screen. It was just a tiny light like all the other stars. It looked so far away.
    “That’s right,” Mai told the blonde girl. “Girl knows her stars,” she directed at me.

The half dozen human type bodies were being eaten by the bugs. “I want to get down there,” I told Lydia. The ship that was intact but damaged had several of the bugs crawling all over it.  Five human type creatures emerged from a hatch on the side of the ship and began firing what looked like hand held weapons at the bug like creatures. Their weapons were not overly effective but at least a couple of the bugs were stopped and immobilized. One of the humans was quickly overrun and devoured by the bugs.  “Dmitri, ready the space suits. Krista, rifles. Nathan, Nancy, Bonnie and Jason, meet us at the exit ramp,” I ordered. “Tracy, take the bridge. Put us on the edge of that rock.” I rushed with Krista down to the exit chamber. We donned our space suits and the five of us armed ourselves with AR-15 rifles with the 203 grenade launchers. Still watching the monitors as we suited up, I could see another of the humans going down under the bugs attack. The others seemed to kill off one more bug but they were still pursuing the humans. “Hurry, get us down,” I ordered.

One of my junior staff officers was a tall, leggy Callaighly Lieutenant named Scarlett Callahan. In my opinion, she was the perfect specimen of womanhood. Her curves were perfectly placed. Her red hair was hypnotic. She had a light spattering of freckles. Her eyes were hazel and beautiful. In a solar system of beautiful woman, she stood out. I found it difficult to speak to her as I would get all choked up. Callahan would note my distress and ask if I required a doctor. She seemed repulsed by me even though she respected my authority.

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