Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Help me select a book cover

One reason why I have writer's block so much is due in part to the disappointment of not having my novel, "Trooper Blondie" published. On the inspiration of the successes of my short stories and getting letters printed in Penthouse, I attacked the biggest writing project of my life. I had an idea for a story in my head that would be ten times bigger than all the previous stories I had previously written combined.

It took me over a year of part time writing between starting in 2004 and finishing sometime in 2006. When I had completed it, I posted the transcript in my Yahoo group that contains most of my erotic fiction. After that I began the editing process. When I had it the way I liked it, I started shopping for literary agents to start the publishing process. I tried for about two years without any success. That made me distraught and killed some of my desire to write which is why I have not put out much in the way of new material since that time.

Someone had suggested self publishing my story. At the time, the cost of doing that was very expensive and out of my range so I forgot about it. Recently, I received a Kobo E-reader for my birthday this summer and I am glued to it. I have read six big novels on it so far and have another dozen downloaded. Somewhere in there the light finally went off. I should publish it as an electronic book only. Duh?? Nowadays, nobody is buying firm books anyway. Since my book would be a lot of peoples "dirty little secret," it would appeal to many more readers in electronic format.

One of the publishing challenges is to come up with original art for the covers. I thought about using a photo of myself but that might just scare a lot of folks away so then I thought about animated art. I have been making a ton of it on IMVU lately, so why not. I have been trying to make a lot of themed stuff lately for the book and need to decide on something.

Here is a link to the folder on deviant art where I have a selection. I would love your input on an appropriate cover picture.  http://mary-margret.deviantart.com/gallery/46171452
Leave a comment there or on here, or @tgirl_mary on twitter

For anyone who has never read "Trooper Blondie".....

This is a sample of  avatar that I am using.

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