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More Bitch Slap, the X screenplay

I have posted about the film, "Bitch Slap!" several times in the past, have a read of those first.

Yes, I am obsessed with the film. I have always had two regrets about the movie however; first, no sequel. Second, That it didn't go far enough. It was sexy but not believable. There was almost no nudity at all. I always envisioned a hardcore version of the film. Not the porn movie parody style, no. This movie is already a parody of exploitation films. I would have loved to have seen it done more like some French films where the sex is real but it is not the focus. Just a few seconds of it instead of ten minutes of genital closeups. My idea is a twist on the story where the writers employ adult actresses in the main roles. I have a cast in mind too.

For anyone who ever wanted to read the full screenplay, I copied it from the film, added a few things and deleting a few things but keeping the dialogue almost 100% accurate. 

Here it goes...

“Bitch Slap” the X-rated version.

The producers of the movie sat with their script in 2009 while still reeling from the writers strike. The movie seemed doomed to be made. Some actresses showed interest who were desperate for work. Even they wouldn’t cross the picket lines when it came down to it though. That’s when the producers noticed the only studios still operating in Hollywood were the porn studios. That gave one of them an idea. Based on the film’s budget, hiring adult film performers made perfect sense. They put out the call to a select few and they came.

    First up was twenty-one year old Sasha Grey. Her long shapely legs, slim body, a curvy butt to die for, long dark hair, big, dark brown eyes and sexy, plump lips. She was tall and glamorous, perfect for the roll of Trixie. Trixie is the stripper with a heart of gold. She is beautiful but seems naive. Does she have a secret dark side? Sasha was looking for a break into mainstream movies anyway as it turned out.

Original actress Julia Voth

Sasha Grey

Sasha Grey

Sasha Grey

    Next up was penthouse model turned adult film star Chanel Preston. She was doing domination rolls and she had the classic retro bombshell look to her. She had a perfect mix of cute and tough that set her apart. Her body was long and curvy with strong, sculpted legs that seemed impossibly long. She had auburn hair which was perfect for the roll of Hel. She had photos of herself in a tight pencil skirt and satin top which made her a shoe in. Hel is a bombsell. She is the brains of the operation, a coporate sex toy tycoon who keeps her secrets close to the vest.

Original actress Erin Cummings
Chanel Preston

Chanel Preston

Chanel Preston

    For the roll of Camero, they discovered a gem on Ultimate Surrender, a women’s sex wrestling site. Ariel X did more than just wrestle but she was a workout fiend who had a body in condition to do fitness modelling. She had muscles and already came with the sardonic whit and sassy mouth that was perfect for the character. Ariel’s aquiline face was sharp and she had the natural dirty blonde hair that fit the character’s.Camero is the muscle of the operation. She is tough talking and backs her play with action. She walks the talk without any filters.

Original actress America Olivio
Ariel X

Ariel X
Ariel X

    With all three ladies signed on, the producers decided to take the gloves off and go all out, making the film x-rated. It wouldn’t be a standard porn film. No, they would follow the script but for some of the steamier scenes, they figured that going all out was in order. They then signed on actress Annie Cruz to play the roll of Kinki, the Asian school girl assassin with a deadly yo-yo. Rounding out the main cast were male actors.
Original actress Minae Noji
Annie Cruz


    Opening, A quote appears on screen, “A belief in the Supernatural source of evil is not necessary; men alone are quite capable of every wickedness” Joseph Conrad ~ 1911

Loc: the desert, black smoke and flames fills the sky, the sun beams down on an injured woman crawling around a burned out disaster scene. She is burnt and covered in blood. Her shiny gold mini dress is torn and tattered. She stares up at the sky and speaks to no one in general.

Trixie: Oh my God. How did it come to all of this?

    Pan out and break to opening credits. Rock music plays to inter-cut flashes of old B and exploitation films focusing on bad girls. “Bitch Slap!”

    A car rolls along a dirt road in the desert. It is dawn, the sun breaking the eastern horizon. The car speeds along kicking up dust. It’s an old 1957 Ford Thunderbird, black with big tail fins. Other than the dust, the vintage car looks to be in great shape. There appear to be three silhouettes of women in the car. As it slows to a stop in front of a campsite where an old trailer sits, along with an abandon truck, a wind vane, barrels of gas, and lots of old junk. It looks abandon.
    The car stops and the driver door opens. In slow motion, the driver (Hel) gets out. She has high heel shoes on and fishnet stockings. She wears a black pencil skirt and a silver satin blouse. It is unbuttoned way down exposing her black lace bra and her ample, cleavage. The woman’s nails are perfect and she wears rings and a watch. Her makeup is flawless, done in vintage movie star style with bright red lips. Her rose coloured sunglasses hide her mysterious eyes. Her red hair flows in the morning breeze. She looks serious and in charge. She looks around, taking in the scene.
    The passenger door opens and in slow motion, another woman (Camero) gets out. This one wears biker boots and has smooth tanned legs, rippling with muscles. She wears low riding daisy duke cut off jean shorts, skin tight. Her white tank top doesn’t cover her abdomen and her six pack abs. It barely contains her huge rack which threatens to pop out of her tight top. She has “Pain” tattooed on her knuckles. She also has a lower back tramp stamp. She has long, unkempt, dirty blonde hair. Her face is sharp and her eyes are vigilant. She wears leather arm gauntlets and brandishes a 9mm Glock semi-automatic pistol.
    Hel takes off her sunglasses and looks at Camero and motions her head toward the trailer. Camero lets out a deep sigh and steals herself. She marches toward the trailer. Camero kicks in the door and enters at the ready with her pistol. She is on adrenaline as she clears the trailer. She then starts searching it fanatically and haphazardly. She is looking for something.
    Meanwhile back at the car, Hel leans in the open window and addresses the dark haired vixen in the back seat who is holding an ice bag to her forehead.

Hel: How you feeling sweetie? (sympathetically)

Trixie: I’m fine.  my noggin is a bit throbbing..

    Hel smiles.

Loc: In trailer.

Camero: Shit!
    Convinced that what she is looking for is not in the trailer, Camero holsters her gun in the small of her back. She reaches into a front pocket and pulls out a pill vile. She pops a red pill in her mouth and bites down on it. Her head reels as it kicks in instantly. She breaths heavy and grabs her own breasts, squeezing hard. Her other hand goes south into her shorts. She shoves a finger into her pussy and her eyes open wide. She yelps in a mini orgasm. Withdrawing her finger, she returns the wet digit to her own mouth, sucking it clean. She sighs and now calm and focused exit’s the trailer with a kick to the door. She marches out, back toward the Thunderbird.

Camero: Fucking nothing! I told you.

Hel sighs. She opens the car door and extends her hand to Trixie.

Hel: Sorry Trixie. It wasn’t supposed to go down like this.

    Trixie takes Hel’s hand and in slow motion exit’s the vehicle. Her long legs are in gold, wedge heels. Her dress is too short for her and rides up exposing a peek of pink panties. The tight gold dress shimmers in the sunlight. It holds her model like form tightly. Her long black hair blows in the breeze. Her large eyes shine too. She wears giant, gold hoop earrings and a gold heart shaped locket around her neck.
    The three women make their way to the rear of the car and stand at the trunk, all with apprehensive looks on their faces. Hel holds the key but pauses. Camero gives her a reassuring nod. Hel slowly opens the trunk. The lid flies open and an angry, agitated man (Gage) leaps out, screaming. He is wearing only a black g-string and a black oriental bathrobe with a tiger on it.

Gage: Fuck off, fuckers.

The ladies jump back but Camero steps up and punches Gage in the face, sending him down to his ass in the sand behind the car. His nose is bloodied. He shields his eyes from the sun .

Camero: Stay down, Dick splash!
Gage: You got to be fucking kidding me. (to Trixie) I trusted you Boom-Boom, and you betrayed me.

Trixie: I’m sorry (genuine)

Gage: (sarcastically) Oh your feeling sad, are you  darling. (Angry) Well fucking good, you back stabbing ho.

Hel: (authoritatively) Enough with the sublime wit Gage. You know why we’re here.

Gage: And who the fuck are you? Apart from one tasty little minge that I’d like to slam like a screen door.

Hel: Where are they Gage?

Gage: Well now darling, I’m not sure as to which you are referring. And even if I was, I’d have to ask you, very politely of course, to yank on my dong.

Hel: (smirking) Have it your way.

Gage: (watching Camero approach him) Well, here we go. You still pissed off at me Camero?

    Camero seductively strokes his face.

Gage: Obviously not.

    Camero pulls out Gage’s cock and starts giving him a hand job., making him hard instantly. Trixie looks away in horror. Hel seems entertained and looks closer.

Gage: All right. I knew you couldn’t resist Mister Sticky much longer.

Camero: (still stroking him) (seductively) You said you like it rough…

Gage: (Chuckling) That’s right.

       Camero twists Gage’s cock at a ninety degree angle, causing him excruciating pain. She turns angry.

Camero: Where’s the goods?

Gage: Blow me you psycho rug muncher. (Camero twists his cock back the other way, roughly, making a cracking sound) Gage sobs in pain.

Gage: (sobbing) If I tell you where they’re buried, you’re just going to fucking kill me anyway.

    Hel takes notice of Gage’s statement and approaches cautiously. Camero continues to torture Gage, sadistically.

Gage: So why don’t you and your fucking fur pie jamboree gather round and slob on my knob.

    Camero gives one last squeeze to Gage’s balls dropping him to his knees. Camero jams her pistol into Gage’s open mouth.

Camero: How about you slob on my knob.

Hel: So they’re buried.  (Hel takes Camero’s hand and gently removes it from Gage’s mouth)

Hel: (calmly) Okay. (She calmly pulls Camero back who still looks like she wants more blood.)

    Gage laughs.

Camero: The fuck you laughing at?

Gage: (at Camero)You, I’m laughing at you, always stinking your nose in other peoples panties.

Camero: I do what I want, when I want.

Gage: It’s cunts like you that will always get used.

    Camero rages and pushes Gage back against the car and slams the trunk lid down on his hand. Gage screams.

Camero: I told you never to call me that!

Trixie tries to intervene but Hel holds her back.

Trixie: (begging) Let him go, please let him go.

Camero: (to Trixie) Fuck you Joyride. You’re the reason he’s here.

Flashback #1, 4 Hours ago

Loc: A parking garage in Los Angeles, dark. Camero, dressed in an open front catsuit, looking hyper alert and pissed off, drags a barely conscious Gage along with one hand while holding her pistol in the other. Gage has his hands tied behind his back. He is wearing the robe and thong. Trixie, dressed in a slutty stripper nurse outfit, limps along behind them holding a compress against her forehead, looking in distress. A car pulls up quickly and screeches on the brakes. It’s a ‘57 black Thunderbird. It stops and Hel gets out, wearing the same silver satin blouse and black pencil skirt. Hel looks worried.

Hel: What happened?

Camero: Open the trunk!

    Hel opens trunk.

Hel: Go.

    They toss Gage in the trunk. He struggles and starts ranting. Camero punches his face and knocks him out cold. Hel closes the trunk. Camero, still agitated, turns to Trixie and points the gun at her chin.

Camero: (to Trixie) What the hells wrong with you? How hard can it be to administer a simple oral serum while sloshing someone’s powder keg?

    Hel rushes to pull her off of Trixie.

Hel: (to Camero)What are you doing?

Camero: She’s black hair, blonde box Hel and I’m going to wail on her tasty  like a dog with two dicks.

    Hel brushes Camero’s gun hand away and steps between them.

Hel: (authoritatively, to Camero) Enough! Get a hold of yourself.

Camero: (to Hel) You promised me she could handle it.

Hel: (to Trixie) What happened?

Trixie: (defensive) I don’t know. I did everything you said. It’s not my fault.

Camero: The fuck it isn’t. Everything is destroyed. We’re never going to find it now.

Trixie: N

Camero: What?

Trixie: Gage wrote it on a photograph. Some kind of desert picture from space. I…

Camero: (interrupting, sarcastically) ..and what good does that do us?

Hel: (thinking) They could be vector coordinates. (to Trixie) Are you sure about those numbers?

Trixie: Positive! I have a photo journalistic memory. My mother used to say she wished that I was born a midget because…

Hel: (interrupting) Let’s go!

    Hel turns away and gets in the car. Camero and Trixie have an angry stare off.

Loc: back in the desert, present, where we left off.

    Hel slowly strolls over to the car and casually sits on the trunk lid, making Gage’s pain worse. Gage cries.

Hel: (to Gage) Tell us where to dig and the lid comes up. It’s as simple as that.

    Gage struggles and chokes. He grabs his chest.

Gage: M..My heart.

    Hel gets up. She looks worried. She approaches Camero.

Hel: What’s happening to him?

    Trixie runs to Gage to help.

Trixie: Gage? Gage?

Hel: No Trixie! Stop!

    Gage grabs Trixie and puts her in a choke hold. Hel and Camero are too slow to react.

Gage: Stupid fucking cow. Thicker than a whale omelette. 

Gage: (To Camero and Hel) You get me out of here or I’ll snap her neck.

Camero: Snap away. We don’t give a shit.

Trixie: (panicked) What!!!

Gage: Give me the keys and the gun right fucking now!

Hel: (calming) Okay.

    Hel pulls out the car keys and tosses them beside Gage.

Hel: ( angry): Don’t hurt her.

Gage: Right. Now the gun.

    Hel turns to Camero with a scared look. Camero raises the pistol and fires from the hip. She shoots a hole threw Trixie’s dress and hits Gage in the testicles. He winces and releases Trixie who crawls back to the safety of Hel. Hel looks confused by the action. Gages cries.

Gage: (to Camero) You fucking whore. You blew off my tea bag.

    Hel examines the bullet hole in Trixie’s dress. They both look at a calm Camero in wonder, mouths agape.

Camero: (to Trixie) That’s two you owe me Blow White.

Trixie: (hysterical to Camero) Oh my God! You could have shot me.

Camero: But I didn’t.

Trixie: (hysterical to Camero) You’re crazy!

Camero: (to Trixie) You’re welcome.

    Camero slaps on a rubber glove.

Camero: (to Gage) Fun's over Gage. Next stop, brown town.

Gage: If I tell you, Pinky’s going to do things to me you can’t even imagine.

    The 3 women looked surprised and confused.

Camero: Pinky? What does Pinky have to do with this?

Gage: Who’s shit you think your dealing with?

Hel: (to Gage) You work for Pinky?

Gage: Oh ya. Not so fucking clever now are you?

    The 3 women look at the ground, confused.

Gage: You stupid bitches. When Pinky finds out about this…you’re all fucking dead.

    Gage laughs out load. Camero comes up and kicks him in the face.

Trixie: (to Hel) What’s he talking about? Who’s Pinky?

Hel: (assuring to Gage): If you tell us where it is, we’ll not only let you live but we’ll take you out of here to safety.

Camero: What? No, that was never part of the deal.

    Hel shoots Camero a dirty look. Gage, shakes and pulls out a broken tooth.

Gage: I can’t.

    Hel turns away and Camero steps up.

Camero: I was hoping you’d say that.

    Camero opens the trunk and grabs Gage’s mutilated hand. She forces his face into the sand and begins squeezing and twisting.

Trixie: (pleading to Gage) Tell them Gage. Please! Just tell them.

Gage: Alright! Alright!

    Camero let’s up.

Camero: Fucking shit!

Gage: It’s over there. Fifteen paces due east of the pick up.

    Hel surveys the land and location.

Hel: Trixie, grab those shovels over by the trailer. Camero, tie him up, gag him, put him back in the car.

Camero: What? We’re not actually going to …

Hel: (interrupting) Who knows if he’s lying? …and if trouble comes, we’ll need leverage.

Camero: This is bullshit!

Hel: Just do it.

    Hel waits until Camero acquiesces. She then leads Trixie toward the trailer. Trixie is unhappy and whiny. Camero goes to Gage and picks him up roughly. He screams. She wheels him to the side of the car.

Gage: (amused to Camero) You take orders better than a Bangkok bum boy.

Camero: (to Gage) Shut your cake hole. You might have a deal with her, but you don’t have one with me.

    Gage looks scared. Camero starts to tie him up.

Gage: (to Camero) Who are they?

Camero: (amused to Gage) Puppets. To get what I want.

Gage: (amused to Camero) How do know you can trust them? Especially that one. That fucking stripper. She’s dangerous. You keep your eye on her.

    Camero reefs hard on the restraints making Gage cry in pain again.

Gage: (loudly, to the others) Hey. Don’t turn your back on this fucking toe rag. She’ll betray you just like she did all the others at the fucking Glory Hole.

    Hel’s interest is peeked. She turns back to them.

Hel: What’s he talking about?

Gage: (surprised to Camero) Oh! They don’t know, do they?

    Camero pulls Trixie’s red nurse thong out of her back pocket and stuffs it in Gage’s mouth.

Hel: (to Camero) You were at the Glory Hole?

    Gage spits out the panties.

Gage: (to Hel) Too fucking right she was! It was Camero who killed Liberty and  then she…

    Gage is interrupted by Camero’s gun as she puts a bullet through his head. Gage slumps to the ground, dead.

Camero: So long, limp dick.

    Trixie looks on in horror.

Flashback #2 , 4 hours and 13 minutes ago

Loc: Gage’s penthouse apartment atop the “Ramrod Motors” building in downtown LA. The building topped with a neon sign of a naked girl in a cowboy hat crouched over with a piston behind her ass. Slamming into her in intervals with the expression “Wham!” at contact.

Interior. Gage’s apartment is large and full of exotic things. He has an African fertility statue with a huge dong. Trixie, in her slutty nurse costume runs through the apartment to the statue. She grabs the dong and tries to move it but it's stuck. She strokes it and pulls and it finally goes up. She pulls out a hair pick which she inserts under the balls which acts as a key. A wall painting moves and a safe opens.

    Trixie goes to the safe and pulls out a kilo of cocaine and discards it. She pulls out papers and maps. She finds the sat map with Gage’s writing on it. It says, “What the fuck is this? Can’t fucking see, and finally a mark with coordinates on it. “ N W

    Gage grabs Trixie from behind by her hair and slams her face into a table. He holds Trixie down bent over. He produces a sadistic looking metal penis shaped instrument with blades and drills that pop out of it.

Gage: I love Home Depot. Now listen here you fucking slag. I have a reputation for being very persuasive. And I know you are a virtuoso with them throat muscles. So you better start spilling or I’m going to send Thadious here right up your chutney tube.

    Gage displays his device menacingly. Trixie cries. Suddenly bullets come through the glass doors. The glass shatters as Camero comes swinging down through it from the building across. She swings right into Gage, knocking him out.

Loc: back to the desert, present, where we left off.

    Trixie cries out of control in shock. Hel and Trixie come back to the car.

Hel: (admonishingly to Camero) Are you out of your mind? That wasn’t part of the plan.

Camero: ( to Hel) Maybe not part of your plan.

Trixie: (to Hel) You told me nobody was going to get hurt. You promised me.

Hel: (calming to Trixie) I know Trixie, I know.

Camero: We couldn’t have kept Gage alive. He was dangerous.

Hel: (pissed off at Camero) No! I said right from the start, We don’t kill anybody! And now, all we have is a corpse leading to Pinky and nothing to show for it.

Trixie: They’re going to lock us up forever.

Camero: (to Trixie) Shut up Axe Wound.

Trixie: (to Camero) You shut up.

Camero: (to Trixie) What did you say?

Hel: (to Camero) Back off Camero!

    Hel steps in front of Trixie for protection. Trixie looks angry at Camero as she stands behind Hel.

Camero: (to Hel) No. Why don’t you let Gland Canyon stick up for herself?

Hel: (to Camero) And what did Gage mean by ,”You’ll betray us too?”

Camero: He’s fucking with your head Hel.

Hel: And why didn’t you tell me that you were at the Glory Hole?

Camero: Why didn’t you tell me that you knew Gage?

Hel: Because I didn’t. He was lying.

Camero: Exactly! This is precisely what this conniving cock block was trying to do. Getting us to turn against each other. He’s a master manipulator Hel. Besides, he told us where the stash is.

Hel: Where we hope it is. He may have been simply been trying to buy time.

Trixie: (sad) He trusted me. And now he’s dead.

Flashback #3, 6 hours ago.

Loc: int, Gage’s apartment.

    Trixie is dancing, dressed in latex thigh high boots, red fishnet hose, a red and black leather thong panty and red and black leather bra. She sports a pink coloured wig cut in a bob style. Several chains dangle from her outfit. She grinds out a dance as Gage, lounges back in his lazy boy chair wearing his thong and robe. He is holding a camcorder in one hand, recording Trixie’s performance while sniffing coke off of his other fingers.

Gage: Oh ya. Ya, that’s good.

    Trixie bends over and slowly peels her panties down and steps out of them, showing Gage her bare pussy and ass.

Gage: That’s it. Show us your grabber.

Trixie: (smiling) You like that? 

Gage: Oh ya, daddy likes.

    Trixie flicks her panties at Gage where they land on his face. He sniffs them hard before removing them. He returns his attention to Trixie.

Trixie: Well, try this one on for size.

    Trixie then does a cartwheel, full handspring and lands spread eagle right on Gage’s lap.

Gage: (shocked) Fucking hell!

Trixie: I call that move “Shock and Awe.”

    Gage buries his face in Trixie’s cleavage, squeezing her tits and slobbering all over them. Trixie reaches back into her wig and pulls out two roofies. She drops them into Gage’s glass of champagne. He tears off her bra and continues sucking on her nipples. Trixie strokes his hair.

Gage: I have never felt this way about gash before.

Trixie: Ah, you are so sweet.

Gage: And you are decent and pure and I love you. Now why don’t we tie a knot, bump uglies and ride the pork bus to tuna city?

Trixie: Well, I’ll drink to that.

    Trixie takes Gage’s glass and pours the contents down his throat. Half of it spills on his face.

Gage: Fuckin’ hell.

    Trixie takes Gage’s now erect cock and guides it into her pussy and starts riding him. She bounces up and down on his lap as he fingers her asshole and sucks her nipples. She moans over the top. Gage gets sloppy and cross eyed. He looses focus.

Trixie: Are you okay baby?

    She leans in and kisses his cheeks. His face is red.

Gage: Must be the coke. Just feeling a little dizzy darlin'.

Trixie: Oh, poor baby. I think daddy needs a visit from nurse Trixie. Would you like that?

Gage: (babbling and dizzy) Ya, sounds good. Ya.

    Trixie climbs up off of Gage’s flagging cock.

Trixie: Be right back baby.

    Trixie, changes her outfit and comes back in her nurse outfit. Gage is barely conscious. She kneels in front of him and starts sucking his cock. He is limp and he mumbles until he passes right out. He starts to snore.  Trixie smiles and gets up to carry out the plan.

Loc: back to the desert, present, where we left off.

    Trixie is still in shock, staring at Gage’s dead body in the sand. Hel turns to her and comforts her.

Hel: (comforting to Trixie) Hey, I need you to stay strong and focused Trixie. Remember why we’re here. We all need this. You the most.

    Camero rolls her eyes at them. They are then interrupted by an odd noise that sounds like Gage’s voice.

Noise: Ring, fucking ring. Ring, fucking ring. Ring, fucking ring.

Camero: What’s that?

Noise: Ring, fucking ring.

Hel: It’s coming from Gage.

    The ring continues as Hel bends down to Gage’s body to examine it. She searches his robe, finding a pocket. She pulls out a cell phone. An LA area code number is on the display with a cartoon bulldog in a pink bow on the screen. It continues the same ring tone, over and over.

Hel: (pissed off) Los Angeles area code. I thought I told you to check his pockets.

Camero: Big deal, answer it.

Hel: (to Camero) Big deal? With the right equipment, anyone can ping this phone. If this is Pinky or one of Gage’s thugs, they now know that he and even we are right here.

Trixie: (panicked) Oh my goodness!

Hel: (still pissed off to Camero) You see. This is what happens when you don’t do as your told.

    Hel drops the phone to the ground and smashes it with her high heel, killing it.

Camero: Fuck you Hel. I did check him. There was no phone on him when we left.

Hel: Well, obviously there was.

Camero: (menacing) Are you calling me a liar?

    She tries to push Hel’s shoulder but Hel slaps her hand away.

Hel: I’m calling you reckless.

    Trixie separates them

Trixie: Stop it, both of you! What are we going to do now?

Camero: Well I know what I’m going to do.

    Camero steps on the end of the shovel spinning it up into her hand. Hel raises her fists defensively.

Camero: Fucking relax Hel. That call means nothing. Probably another one of his slutty slop buckets looking to get work like a rented mule.

    Hel lowers her guard.

Hel: We can’t take that chance. We need to find what we came for. Fast.

Camero: Fine with me. The sooner we blow this hell hole, the better.

    Camero marches off to go dig.

Trixie: But what about Gage?

Hel: Leave him for now. We’ll bury him when we’re done.

Trixie: (to no one) This was supposed to be easy.

Flashback #4, 2 nights ago

Loc: The docks of LA.

    Camero pulls up the docks at day break on a motorcycle. She pulls along side a black ‘57 Thinderbird. She gets off her bike and enters the car. Hel is in the driver seat wearing a red grey short sleeve blouse and a pencil skirt. Trixie is in the back seat wearing an elaborate stripper outfit that looks like a car, with headlights for a bra.

Hel: Did you get it?

    Camero pulls the hair pick key out of her bra. She hands it to Hel who examines it. Camero looks in the back at the stripper. She looks mortified. Trixie extends her hand for a shake.

Trixie: Hi, I’m Trixie Honeypot. I’m pleased to finally make your acquaintance. Hel has told me so much about you and all your thrilling adventures.

Camero: What’s with the outfit?

Trixie: Oh, this? They call me Carberella. (turns on the lights and sounds) The guys seem to like it. Check out my rear end.

    Trixie turns around and shows her ass which has a license plate reading “California HOTASS”. Trixie wiggles her bum.

Camero: Are you fucking kidding me Hel?

Hel: Trixie. Sit back down sweetie and take this. (she hands her the key)

    Trixie turns off lights and sounds. She takes the key.

Hel: (to Trixie) Tomorrow night; It’s all up to you.

Camero: (to Trixie) Do you even know what to do with that?

Trixie: (smiling) Abso-positively! Seduce Gage, slip him the ju-ju, use this pasta strainer to jink the safe, find the map, scoop out past the security, meet you guys downstairs. It’s easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Camero: Do I know you?

Trixie: No, I don’t think so.

Camero: Humph. No, something’s not right. This is all too easy.

Hel: That’s the idea. That’s how we planned it. Nice and easy.

Loc: back in the desert, present, where we left off.

    The three women start digging where they believe Gage told them.

Trixie: So, who is this Pinky person?

    Hel and Camero exchange worried looks.

Trixie: Guys?

Hel: Pinky is a notorious underworld figure. Runs guns, drugs, industrial contraband, organizes hit squads, counterfeit rings, rumoured to have government contracts for wet work and supplying terrorist cells. Nobody deals with Pinky directly and nobody even knows what he looks like.

Camero: Many believe that Pinky’s a phantom. Others think he sold his soul to the devil. I think he is the devil.

Trixie: Come on. You’re just messing with me.

Camero: Listen up Superball. I’ve seen Pinky’s victims, hanging from hooks, cut open like slaughtered lambs, holding their guts in their hands, pleading for death.

    Insert scene, a shadowy silhouette of Pinky, tall, thin, looks like dreadlocks for hair, wearing a duster jacket, carrying a Samaria sword. Somewhere in Russia. Pinkie cutting through multiple assailants. Eventually standing over a pile of corpses holding a dripping severed head.

Camero’s narrative: A few years ago, a Russian Oligarch named Vladamir, the butcher, Popmiov went after Pinky with 50 of his best assassins. Pinky blazed through that shit storm armed only with a dusty old sword.  When it was over, the only thing left was a fifteen foot high pile of dismembered bodies, with Popmiov’s head piked up on top like the twinkling star on a Christmas tree.

Camero: There ain’t a Mac or a Blowjob on the street that ain’t scared shitless of him.

Trixie: Now this guy is after us? Oh crap!

Flashback #5, 3 nights ago

Loc: LA, night time, the bad part of town.

    Camero races down the street on her motorcycle, smiling, no helmet, wearing bike leathers. She pulls up on four people. A large black man is holding up an Asian girl in a hiked up short dress, his pants around his ankles, her legs wrapped around his waist, her arms around his neck. He’s fucking her hard. Two guards stand watch.  Camero comes in fast. The guards open fire. Camero fires back with her pistol, dropping both guards. The black man drops the girl on her ass and he tries to run with his pants down.  Camero brakes to a stop and fires a taser at him, hitting his bare ass and shocking him. He falls, leaning back against a fence. Camero rides up to him, pinning him under her front tire.

Camero: Where’s the key Black Ice?

Black Ice: Fuck you Busty. I don’t have it.

    Camero revs her bike, pinning him harder. He leans forward and she sees it. She reaches down and pulls a hair pick from Black Ice’s hair. It has a black fist on top.

Black Ice: Fuck you bitch! Give me back my pick.

    Camero stashes the key away in her cleavage. She then spins her bike around 180 degrees so her back tire is in Black Ice’s face. She smiles as he looks on in horror. She hits her gas and spins her tire, erasing Black Ice’s face. Blood and mess spay everywhere. The Asian girl is covered in gore. She looks horrified and shocked. Camero, satisfied that her work is done gives the blood soaked girl a seductive look.

Camero: (to the girl) Hey darlin'. Want to go for the ride of your life?

Girl: (confused and disgusted, shrugging) What?

    Camero smiles seductively.

Loc: back in the desert, present, where we left off.

    Slow motion montage of them building up a sweat while digging.  The three women check each other out getting hot and sweaty. Camero stares too long at Trixie and catches herself. She laughs.

Trixie: What?

Camero: Nothing.

    Camero looks up and notices a plume of dust coming up the road. She looks frightened.

Camero: Oh fuck!

    The others turn and notice a car coming up the road. It gets closer and they see it’s a police car.

Hel: Gage!

    They all drop shovels and sprint to Gage’s body.

Hel: Let’s get him in the trunk. Trixie, cover up any signs of blood. Come on!

    Hel and Camero lift Gage’s body into the trunk and close the lid. Trixie kicks sand over the blood. Camero grabs the red panties and starts wiping down the bumper and trunk lid. The police car pulls up closer.

Trixie: This is crazy! Let’s just tell the truth and end all this.

Camero: Don’t say a fucking word. There’s no way I’m going back to the stocks. If I have to, I’ll take him out.

Hel: No! Both of you just shut up and let me do the talking.

    Hel, pivots and poses with a big smile just as the police car pulls to a stop.  The other two sit on the Thunderbird’s back bumper.

    The police car stops and the door opens. It reads “Jackwood County Sherriff’s department. Diem Dias.” The deputy is a good looking, young, blond man, fit. He removes his sunglasses and observes the three women. Trixie looks a little scared. Camero is neutral, Hel looks happy and seductive.

Deputy: Ladies. Everything okay here?

Hel: (to the deputy) Boy, are we glad to see you.

    Hel dons her sunglasses.

Deputy: Ya, I saw the fence down at the highway. You’re not supposed to be out here. Government used to test nukes. Stay too long, they say you’ll grow a third eye.

    He laughs at his own joke. Hel suddenly laughs along too, fakely.

Deputy: How did you ladies end up out here anyway?

Hel: Well officer, it’s quite a story. (She pulls up her sunglasses to the top of her head) See, my sisters and I are members of the Sacred Virgin Girl’s choir out in Saint David Arizona. We were supposed to perform a cantata today out in Mojave. Since we were so far from home, the local Parrish director kindly told us that we could stay as his guests. Well, after we were all snuggled into our one little bed for the night, we heard loud music and laughter coming from outside. We peeked our heads out only to discover the entire congregation  dancing and laughing and smoking something that might not have been tobacco. They tried to fondle our num-nums and even convinced Bambi-Lynne to shoot communion wafers out of her…

    Hel pauses, showing distress. The deputy waits to here the rest.

Hel: Anyway, we got out and ran to our car but they chased us. Well thank the Lord that Cheyenne can drive and Bambi-Lynne can gyrate because we lost them. But then, it was 3 AM and dark. And we were scared. And someone’s not very good with directions. (Hel turns to Trixie who bows her head).  And then we ended up out here. And now, if you can believe it, our car’s dead. (She bite’s her lip).

    There’s a long pause as she waits for the deputy to speak.

Deputy: I see.

Hel: (flirting, removing her sunglasses and wiping them on her boob) We tried to jump her but we just couldn’t get her off. That’s why we’re all dirty, and desperate. You must think the worst of us.

Deputy: No, don’t be silly.

    Hel dons her glasses again and lowers them to read his name tag.

Hel: I already called a tow company. They’re on their way…deputy…Fucks.

Deputy Fuchs: (giggling nervously)  Ah, Fuchs. It’s Fuchs Ma’am.

Hel: (embarrassed giggle) Oh, sorry.

Fuchs: Hey, why don’t I just take a look at her. Sometimes you just have to know how to finger these old beauties.

Camero: That won’t be necessary.

Fuchs:  Why not? (observing Camero closer, seeing blood) What happened to your hand?

Camero: Cut it on my crucifix?

Hel: (giggling) No, it’s because the towing company made us put up a two hundred dollar deposit to come out here. Said they’d arrive here by noon.

Fuchs: (assuring) Maybe I can save you that money.

    Fuchs walks over to the car. Hel is not happy but follows along. Her and Camero exchange worried glances. Fuchs lifts the lid and admires the old engine.

Fuchs: Yup. They don’t make them like they used to anymore. Nowadays its all computers and sensors. You need to work at NASA just to change the oil.

    Hel fake laughs. Fuchs seems pleased at his joke. He tinkers. He observes Trixie closely, noticing something. He shakes his head and looks back to the engine.

Fuchs: Okay, turn the key please.

    Hel leans in and jiggles the keys, not turning it.

Hel: See, nothing.

Fuchs: That’s odd. Must be the starter.

    He returns to tinkering. Meanwhile Trixie notices a stream of blood, dripping from the trunk. She kicks sand at it trying to stay unnoticed. Camero has her hand behind her back, gripping her pistol.  Fuchs gets frustrated with the engine. He closes the hood.

Fuchs: You know, sometimes these old cars have tool kits along with the jacks. I’ll just take a look.

    Fuchs walks around to the back of the car. Trixie panics and runs in front of the trunk.

Trixie: No! You can’t.

Fuchs: Why not?

    Hel jumps in and interrupts.

Hel: Because, the trunk lock is rusted out. Hasn’t been able to open in years.

    Camero has her pistol out and is getting ready to use it. Trixie is open mouthed scared and worried. Fuchs looks closely at her.

Fuchs: (to Trixie)You all right Miss?

    Hel takes Fuchs’ arm and guides him back to his cruiser.

Hel: She’s fine. She’s still in shock from last night. Those choir boys tried to defile her. Listen, you’ve been so helpful and kind. The least I could do is come back here and cook for you. Say dinner Friday.

    Hel rubs Fuchs chest and belt making him uncomfortable. Her hand brushes his crotch.

Camero: Ya, you should try her pie. It’s amazing.

Fuchs: (uncomfortable) That’s a tempting offer. But, I’ll tell you what. I’ll swing around here later to make sure you ladies got away safely.

    Fuchs backs into his car, stumbling.

Fuchs: Have a nice day y’all.

    He gets in his car and backs out, drives back to the highway. Hel waves and smiles.

Trixie: I bet you he’s calling us in right now.  We should have told him. He looks like a nice guy.

Hel: He doesn’t suspect a thing.

    Hel and Camero go back to the dig. Trixie stares at his car as he drives away. She sighs.

Flashback #6, 5 nights ago.

Loc: Homeland security building, near LA. A party is going on inside. It looks like a strip club. In the back is a wanted sign for Jihad Jackson, seen holding a strange device.

    A stage is set up with strippers on it, wearing camo, waving rifles around. Tables are set up all around. Gage is in a chair next to the stage with a girl on each arm. He looks bored. At a side table, a stripper in a girl scout uniform performs a table dance for a well dressed woman in a red satin blouse. The woman has her face down in the stripper’s lap, licking her pussy. She briefly lifts her face to look at Gage. It’s Hel. She doesn’t want to be seen. Hel pulls out a compact and opens it, pressing a button.

    The lights change. A bright glow appears and the camo strippers flee the stage. The music changes from hip hop to the classical “Ava Maria”. All eyes are watching. The light dims a little and an Angel appears on stage. The angel is Trixie in white VS wings and a white bikini and clear stripper heels.

Trixie: Who wants into my pearly gates?

Man: I do!

Another: I do, I’m a minister.

    Her eyes are locked on Gage. Gage is amazed and shoves the two women off of him. He leans onto the stage. Trixie starts her dance of seduction. She peels off her bra and crawls on all fours right to Gage. She spreads her legs over his shoulders. He stares at her crotch as she pulls her thong to the side, revealing a perfect pussy.

Trixie: Hi, I’m Trixie, your little slice of heaven.

Gage: I am in love!

Hel: (whispering to no one) Good girl!

    The girl scout grabs Hel’s head in frustration and shoves it back between her thighs. Hel returns to eating her out. Gage meanwhile is love stuck by Trixie and kisses her and gives her cash.

    Down at the end of the bar, a young man leans forward from the shadows, taking in Trixie’s performance. It is Deputy Fuchs.

Loc: back to the desert, present, where we left off.

    The girls are digging but Trixie is dancing around her shovel like it’s a stripper pole. Camero stares at her. 

Trixie: I’ve been thinking…

Camero: Christ!

Trixie: Is stealing from a criminal any better than being a criminal?

Camero: Got a better one for you Princess. Where's the most outrageous place you’ve ever been key holed?

Trixie: Why do want to know?

Camero: Curious. Says a lot about a woman.

Trixie: Well, hmm, either a bumper car three way at the Redlands county fair, or on a horse drawn buggy in Amish country with Jakey Snellfoo..

Camero: Hel?

Hel: (guarded) How about a little less chit-chat and a lot more digging?

Camero: I’m going to grind those secrets out of you some day Hel.

Hel: I don’t have any secrets.

    The three exchange glances. Hel returns to digging.

Trixie: Well what about you Camero?

Camero: My best bang? A contortionist out behind the freak show tent at Circus Nudieus. Couldn’t stand straight for days. Never did get her name.

    Trixie and Hel exchange knowing glances and blush. They all return to digging but Hel looks at Camero, worried.

Flashback #7, 6 nights ago.

Loc: A factory. The scene of an underground fight club.

    About sixty people are gathered around two women fighting. One is a strong blonde woman in jean shorts and a vest. The other is a cocky looking Asian girl wearing a young Japanese sailor outfit. The fighting is brutal. Camero skirts the outside of the crowd in a red tank top and cycle leather pants. She spies a nasty looking punk rocker dude with a Mohawk, tattoos and piercings with one bad eye and makes her way to him. The Asian girl kicks the other girl in the face and knocks her out. She poses with a big smile and duel peace signs like the Asian girls do.

Kinki: Knock out!

    The crowd cheers and takes pictures. Kinki steps over her unconscious opponent and squats over her face. She pulls her panties aside and starts peeing on the blonde's head.

    Camero comes up behind the punk rocker who is counting money and she lifts his pistol.

Camero: Evening Hotwire.

    Hotwire spins to see Camero and looks shocked. He then reaches for his pistol only to find it missing. Camero displays it before dropping the clip from it. She smiles.

Camero: Haven’t seen your ugly mug since the Glory Hole.

Hotwire: Hey. I was just following orders. No hard feel…(turrets outburst) Smurf, shit, skittle piss!…feelings huh?

Camero: Where‘s Gage?

Hotwire: I don’t know.

    Camero clamps jumper cables onto Hotwire’s crotch. He drops to his knees in pain, or pleasure.

Camero: I don’t have time to get dry fucked tonight.

    The Asian fighter (Kinki) comes up behind Camero, grabbing her by the boobs.

Kinki: (angry Japanese tirade).

    The two women fight. Camero gets a few good shots in making Kinki back up. Kinki produces a yo-yo from under her skirt and shoots it at Camero who dodges it. She sees the blades protruding. They hit a bystander and it carves into his chest. Kinki retrieves it and fires it again. Camero dodges it again and makes it cut its own line. Hotwire frees himself from the battery and he and Kinki come at Camero from both sides. She pulls out two pistols and points it at both their heads.

Camero: (to Kinki) Honey! I’m undefeated here.

Hotwire: Alright, alright. Gage is putting together another bombshell bitchfest blowout, at the usual place, Friday, midnight. 

    Satisfied, Camero lowers her guns and walks away. Kinki and Hotwire watch. Kinki starts on another tirade in Japanese. Camero turns to her, smiles, Makes a V with her fingers and sticks her tongue between them. Kinki whispers to Hotwire.

Loc: back in the desert, present, where we left off.

    The girls are still digging. It’s hot and they are sweaty.

Camero: (to Trixie) hey Chew Toy, how about a little more elbow grease instead of just eye candy?

Trixie: If you could live your life over again, what would you do differently?

Camero: Nothing!

Trixie: Nothing?

Camero: Nothing, I like who I am.

Trixie: Party pooper.

Trixie: What about you Hel?

Hel: Everything.

    Camero snatches Trixie’s locket.

Trixie: Hey, give that back!

Hel: Camero, give it back to her.

    Camero opens it and sees the picture of the young girl.

Camero: Well, well, well. Who do we have here?

Trixie: That’s Lily. She’s my entire world. Now give me back my locket.

Camero: You must have had her when you were really young. Fifteen? Let me guess. From some guy, an older guy. He pumped you like an oil rig, skipped out on you and cuddly little Lily. You were raised by Mormons so I’m guessing mom and dad didn’t take the news of you being knocked up too well. Probably disowned you, chucked you out with nothing but the clothes on your back. Typical fucked up, religious hypocrisy, don’t you think?

Hel: Just knock it off and give her back her locket.

    Camero gives back the locket with a hand slap. Trixie looks furious.

Camero: (to Trixie) How about you Tasty Tits. How would you live your life different?

Trixie: My name is Trixie. It’s not Tasty Tits, Doll face, Hot box, Cracker Jane, or Twat Box. It’s Trixie.

Camero: Just answer the question. What would you do differently?

Trixie: I guess.. I wouldn’t change a thing. Changing my past means loosing Lily. I would never do that. Me being here. This is my chance to change my life and to correct all the bad things I’ve done. When this is all over, I just hope to find someone who cares for Lily like she’s their own and someone who loves me for who I am and not just because I have a rock hard body. All I want is a little house on a quaint street with a Boston terrier named Bandit.

Camero: …And host a Tupperware party. Huh. White picket fence shit makes me puke.

Trixie: Why are you dogging me all the time?

Camero: Because you’re a stripper. Your only purpose is to serve men and get their dicks hard.

Trixie: I don’t serve men, I serve myself. I do what I do to gain power and control by being considered sexual and desirable. I’m the one using them.

Hel: She’s right Camero. She can make men do whatever she wants with nothing more than a suggestive glance or a well timed bend over. It’s her gift.

Trixie: (jiggling her own boobs) Darn tooten. Nancy Pulowski is my hero.

Camero: You know why I don’t like you. I hate women who let themselves be objectified.

Trixie: Women are objectified, every minute of every day in the workplace. What’s wrong with making a living for myself. Not that I felt any less objectified as a waitress or a congressional page. Stripping kicks ass! You want to know what’s objectifying? Poverty.

Camero: You still cater to men. No amount of money is worth what you do.

Hel: (to Camero) What happened to you to make you hate men so much?

Camero: When I was eleven, my foster dad raped me and gave me this. (She shows a scar on her ribs) He always called me his little cunt.

Trixie: I’m sorry.

Camero: Don’t be. Made me who I am today. I stabbed that fucker in the balls with a cocktail fork. Bashed his head in, stole his car. And went west. When I got to LA, it was one cumshot after another. I was used and abused. I had to beat my way out of an opium den just to stay alive. It wasn’t until I took a long look in the mirror that I realised, the only person I could count on was me. When I started street fighting and running blast with Gage, I finally became somebody, a fucking force, a name on the streets. And that’s how I gained my freedom and self respect, on my own.

    There is silence as they all return to digging.

Trixie: It’s just keeps getting hotter and hotter.. I can’t take this anymore.

    Trixie grabs a bucket of water from by the pump. She dumps it over her own head soaking herself. She stands there dripping wet, looking sexy.

Camero: Hey, don’t waste all the… Well, grab my nuts and call me Sally. Mmm!(licking her lips)

Trixie: (taunting) What?

Hel: Uhm. You might want to cover up.

Trixie: What? Don’t tell me you don’t want some of what I’m selling. (teasing) I’m going to get you wet.

Hel: (backing away) Quit messing around Trixie. I mean it.

    Trixie splashes Hel with a bucket of water. Hel smiles.

Hel: You fucking bitch.

    They splash each other. Camero gets accidentally sprayed.

Camero: Hey!

    Hel and Trixie size her up with buckets.

Camero: Don’t you even think about it.

    They splash her.

Camero: That’s it, both of you fucking bitches are dead.

    Camero joins the water fight. They all get thoroughly soaked as they laugh.

Flashback #8, 10 nights ago.

Loc: Moscow, the train station.
    Hel stands on the platform dressed in a tight black trench coat and high heels, her hair pinned up. She has a book under her arm. A smart dressed man in sunglasses approaches her. He checks that they are alone. She looks at him.

Phoenix: The verbals from SATCOM concur.

    Hel passes Phoenix a book, titled, “Slutty Bitches in Post Feminist America”. He scans the book to a page titled “The Smurfette Theory” which shows two pubescent girls in a photo. One has “Jail Bait” written on her tee shirt. The number “75650” is embossed on the photo.

Phoenix: Gage must have a sick sense of humour.

Hel: ...And a death wish.

Phoenix: Does the girl suspect anything?

Hel: No Phoenix. Everything is proceeding as planned. Mobilize the ops. We move in five days time. The nano swarm is active and casualties will be immense.

    A noise and the sound of someone running away startles them both. Hel bolts.

Phoenix: Time to move. They’re tracing us.

Loc: The desert, present, where we left off.

    The water fight continues. Trixie slips and lands on her bum.

Trixie: Oww!

Hel: Are you okay?

Trixie: Something’s poking my hynie.

Camero: What is that?

Hel: Help me dig.

    They start clearing the object with their hands.

Camero: I think this is it.

Trixie: Hooray for us! We rock.

Hel: Oh my God!

    They uncover the dismembered remains of a man covered in maggots. It is Phoenix. They all turn away in horror and the foul stench. Hel is aghast. Trixie is retching.

Camero: Looks like he hasn’t been out here too long. Maybe a couple of weeks. No one I know. Poor bastard. He didn’t die quickly. Someone was trying to work something out of him.

Trixie: Gage?

Camero: No. Gage was dark, but not this dark. There is only one person who would do this kind of thing.

    A cell phone starts to ring. It comes from his pocket. Camero pulls it out. Hel takes it from her. The number is the same as the one on Gage’s phone with the same pink bulldog. Camero stands up in high alert, pistol drawn.

Camero: Are we being watched?

Trixie: (hysterical) That’s it. I’ve had enough. I want to go home.

Hel: Calm down Trix.

Trixie: Calm down? That’s what you keep telling me Hel but people keep dying. I can’t end up like him.

    Trixie runs off crying into the trailer. Hel snaps the phone in two and throws it away. She takes a worried sigh.

Hel: We’re running out of time.

Camero: Your friend’s loosing it.

Hel: She’s fine.

Camero: I’m not going down because of her.

Hel: I said, she’ll be fine. Check the perimeter.

    Hel goes into the trailer. Camero takes a last look at the corpse, shakes her head and heads off to check the perimeter.

Int. trailer.

    Trixie is sobbing. Hel enters.

Trixie: I’m sorry Hel. I thought I could do this. I thought I could be strong.

Hel: No Trix. I let you down. I never should have asked you to do this.

Trixie: You didn’t force me. I wanted to be here…with you. You’re the first person in my whole life that’s really believed in me.

    Trixie holds Hel’s hand. She pulls her closer. They almost kiss. Hel backs away.

Hel: We shouldn’t. Not here.

Trixie: Please. I need you.

Hel: I’ve never felt this way before. About anyone.

Trixie: Then why don’t you kiss me? Now.

    They kiss, touch, fondle. It builds in intensity. Hel gets really aggressive. She props Trixie up on the counter and eats her pussy. She makes Trixie come.

Flashback #9, 2 weeks ago

Loc: A beach in SoCal.

    Trixie is in a pink and white stripped bikini, staring at the ocean. Enter a little girl of five in a swimsuit.

Lily: Mommy! Mommy!

    Trixie hugs her. She observes the empty snow cone wrapper.

Trixie: Ah, hi honey. Oh, did you drop your snow cone?

Lily: (nodding) It tastes like donkey balls.

Trixie: Oh no. Well, we can get you another one. Can’t we Helen?

    She turns to Hel who is wearing a one piece black swim suit, big hat, sunglasses, high heels.

Hel: (curtseying) It will surely be done Princess Lily.

Trixie: (to Lily) Okay, go play.

    Trixie walks to Hel. Hel looks worried.

Trixie: Is everything okay Helen?

Hel: Ya, everything is perfect when I’m with you.

Trixie: Well then turn that frown upside down, girlfriend.

Hel: There is something I’d like you to do for me… but I’m having a hard time justifying it.

Trixie: Why?

Hel: It’s dangerous…. And you mean too much to me.

Trixie: After everything you’ve done for me Hel. I’d do anything for you.

    Hel smiles.

Loc: back in the trailer, present, where we left off.

    More, kissing, molesting, groping. Trixie pins Hel to the wall and starts finger banging her. Continues. Hair pulling, biting, choking. Trixie pushes Hel onto a bed and mounts her. She licks her pussy and then straddles her crotch. They start tribbing. Hard.

Camero: What the fuck?!

    Hel and Trixie throw their clothes back on quickly.

Hel: Camero? I can explain.

    Camero draws her pistol and points it at Hel.

Camero: (agitated) I’m out there sweating my ass off and you’re in here …bashing gash. Gage was right. I can’t trust you.

Hel: (calming)Yes you can.

Camero: Bullshit! What else aren’t you telling me? Are you planning on cutting me out of the score as well?

Hel: Now don’t be ridiculous.

Camero: Who’s being fucking ridiculous Hel?

Trixie: (shamed) It’s my fault Camero. I asked Hel not to tell you. I knew you’d fly off the handle and be even more uncontrollable.

Camero: So I need to be controlled? Is that what you think? Is it?!

Hel: No.

Camero: Because I’m not the one plumbing the depths of Cooterlicious pretending to be something I’m not.

    Pointing the gun at Trixie.

Camero: (to Trixie) I knew you were trouble. I should never have let Hel bring you in.

Hel: We never would have found this place without her. Remember?

Camero: True. So now we can waste her.

    Hel steps in front of Trixie.

Hel: Kill her and you’ll have to kill me too. Then you wouldn’t have anyone to fence the goods or work the contacts. Is that what you want? I’m sorry Camero. I should have told you about us right from the start. But I never thought about betraying you on this deal. We’re all in this…until the end. We all win or we all lose. And losing now has way too high a price.

    Camero lowers her gun. Hel and Trixie give a deep breath of relief. Camero then raises her pistol and punches Hel in the face with it. Hel falls to the floor with a split lip.

Camero: Lie again and you’re both dead!

Ext.     Camero storms out of the trailer. Trixie comforts Hel. Camero is furious and she starts crying. She stops and pulls out her vile, popping two pills. She cries and goes through a range of emotions. She draws her pistol at a noise. We hear male laughter.

Int. of trailer.

Trixie: I’m sorry. That was my fault. I couldn’t control myself.

Hel: (smiling) Don’t ever apologize for being you.

Trixie: You know she scares me Hel. Are you sure she’s not going to try something.

Hel: With Camero, there are no sure things. Help me up.

    Hel pushes down on the floor and it gives. She suspects something and rolls up the carpet. There is a trap door. She opens it, revealing a weapons cache. A big one is labeled “K-14”.

Trixie: Whoa! Looks like Gage was getting ready for war.

Hel: (yelling outside) Camero, get in here, we found something.

    Hel picks up the K-14 and admires it.

Hel: K-14 Corsair rail gun. Carbon fibre mounts, Hellfire dampening system, and a Zion laser scope. This is some serious, and classified hardware.

Trixie: How do you know all that?

Hel: (blushing) My father was part of the CIA’s ghost recon group back in the eighties.

Trixie: (understanding and nodding) Ohh.

Hel: (yelling outside again) Camero? You hear me?

Flashback #10, 6 weeks ago

Loc: The bad part of LA. An alleyway.

    A hard bald man (Big Daddy) has Trixie by her throat. Trixie is crying.

Big Daddy: Where’s my money bitch?

Trixie: I don’t have it. I swear.

    He slaps her face. She screams out and continues crying.

Trixie: I can get it for you. All I need is a couple of days.

Big Daddy: You’ve had plenty of time to get it already. I’m taking it out on your ass.

Trixie: No! Please. Anything but…

Big Daddy: Maybe I should see if I can get it from Lily, huh?

Trixie: (sobbing) No, no. I’m sorry. I’ll do it.

    Big Daddy spins her around and bends her over a trash can. He hikes up her blue mini dress and spits on her asshole. He pulls out his hard cock and slams it up her ass hard. Trixie screams. Suddenly a stiletto heel shoe comes from nowhere and hits Big Daddy in the head knocking him out of Trixie. The shoe boomerangs back to Hel who catches it and puts it back on her foot. She stands defiantly in her business skirt suit at the front of the alley.

Hel: You need to work on your nurturing skills Daddy-O.

Big Daddy: I don’t who you are lady but you’re dead!

    He pulls out his pistol and fires at Hel. She holds up her steel briefcase and deflects all the shots. He is empty and Hel rushes him. She kicks and punches him. She is too quick for him and knocks him out cold with a punch.  Hel then turns to Trixie. She holds out her hand. Trixie takes it.

Hel: Are you okay?

Trixie: I’m fine. My name’s Trixie by the way.

Hel: I’m Helen.

Trixie: Thank you Helen. You saved my life.

Hel: It’s so weird. I’m hardly ever in this part of town but I got a flat out on Central and was just passing by.

Trixie: Then it was fate that brought us together. You know, in some cultures, they would say I owe you what’s called a life debt. For all intensive purposes, you now own me.

Loc: Back in the trailer, present, where we left off.

    Hel puts the gun back. The two women get up and exit the trailer.

Ext.     They look around but don’t see Camero. There are two new sets of footprints in the sand and some drag marks.

Trixie: Where did she go?

Hel: Camero? Where are you?

    Hel looks down and sees the tracks. She gets alert.

Hel: Trixie, get inside quick!

    Before they could go anywhere, two figures turn the corner from behind the trailer. It is Hotwire and Kinki, Hotwire brandishing a sawed off shot gun. Kinki is dressed in a school girl uniform and sucking on a loli pop. They are dragging  an unconscious Camero between them.

Hotwire: What up bitches?

Kinki: Hi hi hi.

    They throw Camero to the ground at Hel’s feet.

Kinki: (long phrase in Japanese)

Hotwire: (laughing) You ain’t kidding Kinki. Looks like the Poontang Valley Express rolled in here.

Hel: Who the hell are you?

Hotwire: Think of us as… (flicks cigarette at Trixie)… debt collectors. Pussy bone parfait!

    Kinki is sucking hard on her loli. Hotwire gives her a knowing look. She smiles and approaches Trixie. Kinki slaps her ass.

Kinki: Kiroke!

    Kinki slowly feels her up, searching for hidden weapons. Hotwire is turned on by the scene and punches his own groin. Kinki moans as she squeezes Trixie’s tits. Kinki slaps Trixie’s ass again and moves over to Hel.

Kinki: Ashi!

    Hotwaire holds his dick as Kinki feels up Hel in a similar way. She gets to Hel’s tits and pauses.

Kinki: Hold on. Potanani?

    Hel sighs at getting caught. Kinki reaches into Hel's bra and pulls out a fist knife.

Kinki: Oh oh! Naughty girl. Kinki spanking.

    Kinki winds up and smacks Hel’s ass hard. That wakes up Camero who staggers to her feet, ready to fight. Hel holds her.

Hel: Take it easy. You’re okay.

    Kinki comes in front of Camero and head butts her back to the ground.

Kinki: Whoda Na?

Hotwire: Looks like we got you by the balls this time Camero.

Hel: (angry at Camero) What? You know these two?

Hotwire: When she came looking for Gage, I figured something big was up. …Fuck me long time cheater! We’ve been tracking you. So, the legendary Gage treasure is true. Where’s it at?

Camero: We don’t know.

    Kinki pulls out her deadly yo-yo from her panties and starts to play with it.

Hotwire: Look, don’t dry fuck me. I won’t think twice about letting Kinki…Shit me a loud purple squeaky! Your pretty little faces.

Hel: Gage lied to us. It’s not buried where he said.

Hotwire: Ahh. Well then you better keep digging.

Camero: Fuck that! I ain’t shovelling anything for you but your grave.

    Hotwire butt strokes Camero.

Hel: Enough! We’ll dig. Just leave her alone.

    Camero slowly gets up, dizzy. She spits blood at Hotwire. He laughs it off, as does Kinki.

Camero: I’m going to enjoy beating seven shades of shit out of both of you.

    Hotwire and Kinki laugh.

Kinki: (laughing) (Japanese joke) (more laugh)

Hotwire: (laughing) Bunghole Barney bungalow!…Same old Camero. Now start fucking digging!

    The 3 women turn to go dig. Kinki whispers into Hotwire’s ear.

Hotwire: (to Trixie) Not you Cherry Pie. You stay here.

    Trixie pauses. She looks to Hel for advice.

Hel: (to Trixie) Do as he says.

    Trixie turns back and Kinki goes over to her and starts to feel her up. Her hands go under Trixie’s dress and she feels her pussy.

Hotwire: (to Trixie) You see, Kinki likes you. Kinki wants to play.

    Kinki pulls up the back of Trixie’s dress and puts her hand inside her panties from behind.

Trixie: (worried) What does she want to play?

    Kinki shoves a finger up Trixie’s asshole making Trixie’s eyes bug out.

Flashback # 11, 7 weeks ago.

Loc: Honey junction Women’s Prison. In a two person cell.

    Camero, in a white sports bra, her orange coveralls tied off low on her hips showing her thong top, is doing pull ups on a bar in the cell. The cell is covered in perverted graffiti. There is a strap on dildo and a bullwhip on a shelf. Camero counts to 50. Hanging from the bar she blows the hair out of her face.

Camero: (innocently) I need help getting off. (Smiles)

    Hel is on the top bunk. She’s reading a book, “Slutty Bitches in Post Feminist America”. Hel is dressed in Prison orange, with the sleeves and legs cut off. Her hair is wrapped up in a bandana. She peeks over the lip of her book.

Hel: I’m really going to miss you when I get out of here Camero. You certainly have livened up my incarceration.

    Two guards come to the cell. Camero drops herself to the floor. She looks confused.

Guard: Inmate 1138, you have half an hour to get ready before out processing.

    The guards walk away. 

Camero: But, but…I don’t understand.

Hel: I told you…. Hey, I can get you out of here too…but you have to give me something to work with.

    Camero kisses Hel hard, pinning Hel against the bars. They grope each other's boobs and asses. They roll back into the bunk and Camero peels Hel out of her uniform. Camero kisses her way down Hel’s body. She gives Hel oral sex. Camero eats out and fingers Hel until she gets her off.

Voice from next cell: Wooo! …Stick your finger in ass Camero. .. Hey, I can do better.

    After Hel comes, she gets dressed and packs her things. Camero looks on hopefully. Hel is ready to leave. Camero is on her knees.

Camero: (desperate) Well?

    Hel shrugs her shoulders. Makes a face like she’s had better. She whistles for the guards. They approach with keys.

Camero: Wait!

    Hel turns to her.

Camero: Can I trust you?

Hel: Of course.

Camero: Get me out of here and I’ll split two hundred million in diamonds with you.

    Hel smiles.

Loc: back in the desert, present, where we left off.

    While Hel and Camero dig, Kinki continues playing with Trixie. She has Trixie on all fours with her panties down. Kinki is wrist deep inside Trixie’s pussy, fist fucking her. Trixie is crying. Hotwire is sitting in a lawn chair, drinking a beer, watching. He has a sub-machine gun in his hand.

Kinki: You’re my puppet now. I make you do what I want.

Hotwire: Ha-ha. Wooo, Kinki. Fist fuck that…squirt box Punch and Judy! …that bitch.

    Hel and Camero stop and watch. Hotwire is pissed and fires a spray of bullets near their feet.

Hotwire: Hey! This is a private show. Back to work.

    They go back to digging.

Hel: ( whispering to Camero) If I make a diversionary run for the guns, do you think you can get close enough to Trixie?

    Silence. Camero keeps digging.

Hel: (admonishing) What? You’re not talking to me now? Huh? Come on Camero, I need you.

Camero: To save Miss Magic mouth. Forget it!

Hel: Are you on something?

Camero: I don’t even know who you are anymore. I never should have trusted you. Certainly, never fallen in love.

    Hel rolls her eyes at the realisation that Camero was in love with her. She stabs the ground hard with her shovel and it makes a metallic bang. They scrape away some sand and find a metal lid. They are both elated.

Hel: That’s it.

    Meanwhile Hotwire has decided to get into the action with Trixie. He takes out his cock which is scarred and pierced with multiple rings. He starts rubbing it in Trixie’s face. She screams out. She cries. Hel looks on sympathetically. It breaks her heart to see.  Camero notices.

Camero: Forget about her. We can pull this off. It’s just about you and me now.

Trixie: No, Stop it! Help me!

Hel: ( yelling) Hey! We found something!

Hotwire: (putting his dick away) Gargonzola orgy!

    Kinki pulls her hand out of Trixie and pulls her up by her hair. Trixie pulls up her panties. Hotwire prods her to move faster. They go over to the dig spot.

Hotwire: (to Trixie) Move it fat ass!

    Trixie whimpers and moves along to the dig spot.

Hotwire: Clear it! Come on, clear it!

    They uncover a steel door.

Hotwire: (to Camero) Open it. On your knees Balloon Boobs. It’s the only place you’ve ever been good at anyway.

Hotwaire: Open it!

    Camero clears off the door and opens it, revealing another door with a key pad. They all stare at it in confusion.

Trixie: Well maybe there is some kinda code?

Hotwire: Well who knows the …plumps when you cook it!…code.  Who knows it? No one?

Kinki: (Japanese)

Hotwire: Kinki’s right. No one spills, no reason to keep you alive.

    Hotwire points gun menacingly.

Hel: (panicked) Wait! Let me try. Just let me try.

Hotwire: Hurry up.

Hel: Okay.

    Hel goes down to the key pad.

Hotwire: Hurry up!

    Hel carefully punches in 75650. It opens. Camero looks at Hel with suspicion.

Hotwire: Whoo! Thank you happy sacks. We’ll take it from here. Kinki, kill them.

Kinki: Okay.

Fuchs: Hold it!

    Fuchs appears holding his pistol.

Fuchs: I knew something was going on here. (to Hotwire) Come on, I said drop it! Um, Everybody on the ground, now! Go!

    Nobody moves.

Fuchs:  Drop it I said! Come on, drop it! Alright,  it's the last time I’m telling you. Drop the weapon and get on the ground.

    Kinki launches her yo-yo, hitting Fuchs, cutting his neck open and knocking him down. Camero launches an attack on Hotwire. They fight. Fuchs fires at Kinki but misses six times.

Hel: (to Trixie) Come on, let’s go.

    Hel drags Trixie away to cover. Kinki approaches Fuchs with her yo-yo, menacingly. Fuchs tries to re-load.

Kinki: (sarcastic) Oh no!

Fuchs: Get away!

Kinki: Somebody has a problem here. Here I come.

Fuchs: Get away!

    Kinki tortures Fuchs while standing over him, injuring him further with the yo-yo. Hotwire and Camero continue to fight. He gets an advantage and pulls out his shot gun. Then the door to the trailer opens and Hel bursts out with the K-14.

Hotwire: Oh Shit!

    Hel opens fire, knee capping Hotwire and Kinki. Camero gets up and snaps Hotwire’s neck. She then grabs his SMG and goes over to Kinki.

Kinki: No! No!

Camero: Fortune cookie say, “Future not so bright.”

    Camero shoots Kinki in the head. She then straddles Fuchs and starts pounding on him.

Camero: (to Fuchs) Who …are…you?

Trixie: (crying) Stop!

Hel: Camero, Stop!

    Trixie grabs Camero.

Trixie: Stop it Camero! No!

Camero: (to Trixie) That’s it Pop Tart. I’m going to dog-pound you straight to China.

    Camero grabs Trixie and pulls back her fist. Hel raises the gun and fires at their feet. Camero backs down.

Hel: That’s enough, God-fucking damn it! I’ve had enough of this bullshit and it’s going to end right fucking now!

    Hel angrily approaches them.

Camero: (to Hel) Starting to lose our cool, are we?

Hel: We tie him up and put him in the trailer.

Camero: Let’s gank this fucker right now. No matter who he is, he won’t nipple lick us if he’s sucking daisy roots.

Hel: No more killing today, period.

    Camero looks at Hel suspiciously.

Camero: You were up for 7 to 10 Hel. How did you fly in under three weeks?  And how did you spring me with 12 years left on my sentence?

Trixie: Well, this is America. She’s sexy and loaded and has high powered connections.

Camero: Bullshit!

Hel: I just saved your ass, again!

Camero: Like fuck you did. I had it under control.

Hel: You’re becoming a liability Camero, not to mention a martyr for selective amnesia. You’re so hopped up an whatever you’re dropping, you’re irrational.

Camero: Fuck you! I’m starting to see you for who you really are.

Trixie: (to Hel) What is she talking about?

Camero: (to Hel) Prison, the weapons, the cash, your mastery of Honduran snuff sex. You want to tell Good and Plenty what you punched in or should I, Hel, huh? 7-5-6-5-0, what does that spell?

    Hel butt strokes Camero, knocking her out.

Trixie: (aghast)  Oh my God! Why did you do that?

Hel: I had no choice Trixie. She’s clearly delusional and off the rails. (looking at Fuchs) Grab his cuffs and secure him inside.

Trixie: What are you going to do?

Hel: What needs to be done.

Flashback #12, 3 months ago.

Loc: Honey Junction women’s prison. Shower room.

    Hel is taking a shower, naked.  Two women come up to her.

Prisoner 1 :  Look, fresh meat.

Prisoner 2:  Nice!

Hel: Look girls, I don’t want any trouble.

Prisoner 2: It doesn’t matter what you want, Apple cakes. Time to stand and deliver.

    Hel fights the two inmates while nude. She wins, knocking them both out.

Camero: Well, well, well, what do we have here? Fresh fish?

    Hel stands defiant.

Camero: Don’t worry Cherry pie, I just want to know you better. What’s your name honey?

Hel: It’s Helen, but friends just call me Hel. Who are you?

Camero: Camille, friends just call me Camero. I’m the barn boss. Nobody and nothing happens without my say around here.

Hel: Nice to meet you Camero. I suppose you’re a lifer?

Camero: Well, I was railroaded. Set up as it were. All trumped up charges. Assault, racketeering, drugs, grand theft, oh, and my favourite, human trafficking. What about you?

Hel: Embezzling from a sex toy conglomerate, mainly. Nothing I can’t get out of.

Camero: You stole money from a sex toy corporation?

Hel: (Seductively) Hey, a girl has to eat.

    Camero sheds her clothes and steps into the shower with Hel. They embrace, and kiss passionately.   Camero pushes Hel down to her knees. Hel goes to her knees and buries her face in Camero’s pussy as the shower soaks them both. Camero arches her head back in ecstasy.

Loc: Back in the desert, Present,  where we left off. Int. of the trailer.

    Trixie manacles Fuchs to a lamp post inside the trailer. Trixie tears off a strip of her dress to act as a compress bandage for Fuchs. She applies it as he groans in pain.

Trixie: I’m sorry.

Fuchs: Thank you Trixie.

Trixie: How do you know my name?  Who are you?

Fuchs: I’m a big fan.

Trixie: A what?

Fuchs: An aficionado of your ass-sets. I’ve seen you at Papa Piccolos naughty knickers round up. You’re astonishing and… gorgeous. When I came by earlier, I- I knew it as you. I could tell something was wrong and I was worried about you. …Oh God. I’m sorry. You must think I’m some kind of crazy stalker.

Trixie: You were worried about me? What’s your name?

Fuchs: Roy. Deputy Roy Eugene Fuchs ma’am.

Trixie: That’s a nice name.

Fuchs: What are you mixed up in? Who are those women?

Trixie: I don’t even think I know anymore.

Fuchs: Let me help you Trixie.

    Hel enters.

Hel: (to Trixie) Come on.

    Hel exits.

Trixie: I’ll be back.

Fuchs: It’s not too late to make the right decision Trixie. Either way, I’m here for you.

    Trixie whispers in Roy’s ear and kisses his cheek. Roy cries. Trixie exit’s the trailer stepping back out into the desert. She looks about in confusion.

Trixie: Where’s Camero?

    Camero lunges at Trixie but her chain holds her back.

Trixie: (at Hel) You chained her up?

Hel: She’s alright. Come on.

Trixie: I’m scared Hel. What’s going on?

Hel: You’re just going to have to trust me on this, Trixie. Now, let’s go.

Trixie: (to Camero) I’m sorry.

Camero: (to Trixie) You better pray to whatever God you worship that I don’t get out of this thing.

Flashback # 13, 5 months ago.

Loc: A convent in a remote area.  Int. an old cathedral.

    Two nuns walk up the isle.

Mother Superior: What is it that troubles you, sister?

Sister Batril: You have to help me Mother Superior. My impure thoughts have gone beyond inanimate objects and devolved into lusting after strapping Latvian gymnasts.

Mother Superior: No!

    The two are distracted by the sounds of moaning. Mother Superior opens the confessional box. She exposes a nun with her habit up around her waist, having her crotch licked by another nun.

Mother Superior: Oh! Sister Sara.

    The nun eating out the other pulls away. It’s Camero.

Camero: Ah!

Sister Batril: Oh my!

    Mother Superior tries to hide Sister Batril`s eyes.

Mother Superior: Oh!

Camero: (standing and wiping her chin) God fucking damn it!

Mother Superior: Sister Prudence! Well, this is the last straw.

Camero: Save it Crusty. I’m vapour. This place bites anyway.

    Camero marches out, stripping off her habit as she leaves, revealing a leather mini skirt, bra, holsters, fishnets, stripper boots. She catches them staring and smacks her own ass.

Mother Superior: May God have mercy on your soul.

    Camero looks back and gives them the finger. She marches outside. She is greeted by a number of law enforcement men with shot guns.

Policeman: Freeze Sister!

Policeman 2: Put your hands in the air, do it now!

    Camero, puts her hands in the air. They disarm her and cuff her.

Gage: Well, well, well. Hiding out in a convent? Impersonating a nun?  Juggling pussy in a pornographic circus? Oh that is tasteless, even for you Camero.

    Gage reaches into Camero`s panties and finds a black bag. He opens it and finds the bag of diamonds. She spits in his face. He wipes it off.

Gage: Right-O lads. Don’t be afraid to use excessive force on this one.

    Cop cold cocks Camero from behind with shotgun.

Loc: back in the desert, present, where we left off.

    Hel and Trixie examine the trap door. It has a ladder going down deep.

Trixie: I can’t see a thing.

Hel: Move back.

    Hel climbs down first, followed by Trixie. In the dark, Hel finds a switch, turning on a generator. Lights come on, revealing a bunker.

Trixie: What is all this?

Hel: It’s everything Gage stole from Pinky.

Trixie: Huh?

Hel: That crafty fuck has been funnelling Pinky`s goods for years. That’s why he stashed it out here. So he could secretly distribute the goods each time a buyer was secured.

Trixie: How do you know all this?

Hel: If you lay with criminals? Be careful. There will be dangerous shit down here.

    They search. Hel finds a metal canister, the nano swarm device. She tests it and secures it. They carry on. Trixie finds a Samaria sword and admires it.

Trixie: Hey Hel. Look at this. It’s beautiful. Can I keep it?

Hel: Sure Trixie, Keep it.

    Hel keeps looking. She finds the black bag, opens it.

Hel: I found them.

    Trixie puts the sword in the scabbard. She grabs something else discreetly and puts it behind her back. She approaches Hel.

Trixie: Oh my!

    Hel examines the diamonds.

Hel: Flawless, uncoded, and all ours.

Trixie: Well, what now?

Hel: Time to disappear.

    They exit the bunker. Hel has the device and the diamonds. Trixie has the sword. They notice that Camero is missing.

Hel: Shit!

Trixie: What do we do? What do we do?

Hel: Just get to the car, and start it up.

Trixie: But we can’t leave Roy.

Hel: Go!

Trixie: But, but…

Hel: Just go to the car!

    A chain comes flying and wraps up the K-14. It is yanked away from Hel. Camero then appears swinging her chain.

Camero: Time to get medieval.

Hel: Camero, ease up! We have the diamonds. The plan worked. All we have to do is drive away and we’ve won.

Camero: Bullshit! I trusted you before. Look where that got me.

Hel: God damn it Camero! I’m not going to let you fuck this up now. Drop that chain and get your head on straight.

Camero: (to Hel) Time to test your loyalty and see what you’re really made of. Wet-job Polly-punanni and all is forgiven, whoever you are. Come on. You and me started this. You and me should finish this.

Hel: No! We’re in this together.

Camero: Fine! Then I’m going to sleigh-ride your sorry ass once and for all.

    Hel puts down the device and the diamonds.

Hel: If you want me? Come and get me.

    They square off.

Trixie: Come on guys, don’t.

    Hel and Camero fight. Kicks and punches.

Trixie: Come on guys, stop!

    Hel tears her skirt for manoeuvrability. They fight more. Trixie picks up the K-14. She shoots but the recoil knocks her down. Hel and Camero continue fighting.  Camero gains an advantage. Trixie steps in, grabbing Camero.

Trixie: Come on Camero, stop it!

    Camero turns to Trixie.

Camero: You’re next, Panty raid.

    Camero one punches Trixie, who falls down. Hel gets up and takes advantage. She knocks down Camero.

Hel: Stay down Camero. I don’t wanna have to kill you.

    Camero throws sand in her face. She gets up, gains an advantage and chains up Hel.

Camero: How do you like it, bitch?  Did you really think you could beat me, huh?

    Camero picks up the bag of diamonds, gets a gas can, spreads it everywhere, covers Trixie, makes her way to the car. Hel struggles in the chains.

Hel: Trixie! Trixie!

    Camero lights a match. She drops it on the gas.

Camero: (laughing) Fire in your hole.

    Trixie catches flame, she rolls in the sand to put it out. Camero gets in the car and backs out. Hel gets out of her chains. Camero takes a last look before driving away.

Camero: (to no one) So long, bitches.

    Hel gets up, grabs the K-14, sets the launcher.

Hel: Ram this in your clambake, bitch cake.

    Hel fires a rocket salvo at the Thunderbird. Camero sees it coming, gasps. Boom! Thunderbird blows up. Trixie gasps. Hel smiles. Trixie watches the flames spread to the fuel and trailer. She panics.

Trixie: Roy! Roy!

    Boom! Trailer and everything blows up. Hel emerges from the flames in slow motion, weapon in hand, triumphant. She approaches Trixie. Trixie is scared.

Trixie: Go ahead and kill me. I don’t care anymore. (pause) It’s all a lie, isn’t it?

    Hel nods.

Hel: Yes.

Trixie: Why? Who are you? Are you…

Hel: No! I’m not Pinky. I’m ….

Flashback #14, 3 and a half months ago.

Loc: Switzerland. The alps. Outside a  chalet.

    A German is shooting randomly in a panic at someone with his SMG. Hel appears in snow bunny gear.

Hel: Give me the specs Dieter.

    Dieter fires again missing Hel. She fights him, beating him down. Hel puts his head between her thighs.

Hel: The specs, Dieter, now!

Dieter: You’ve got the wrong uberman. I know nothing of this murderous plague you speak of. 

Hel: Wrong answer Dieter.

    Dieter pulls a knife. Hel crushes his neck with her legs, killing him. She inspects him and finds a flash drive. She pulls out her cell phone and calls Phoenix.

Hel: Mission accomplished Phoenix. I have the antitoxin data.

Phoenix: Congratulations, Foxy 69. I now have another assignment that demands you immediate attention. As you know, the Glory Hole was a regrettable miscalculation. But tac-com has learned of another opportunity to retrieve the nano-swarm. I’m sending you to Honey Junction women’s prison to make contact with a former colleague of Mortimer Gage. Her name is Camille Romero. She goes by the alias, Camero.

Hel: I’m on it.

Phoenix: Good! Now, bury all the evidence and get yourself home. Phoenix out.

    Hel sets off charges, causing an avalanche and parachutes off of a cliff.

Loc: back in the desert, present, where we left off.

Trixie: Oh my God! You’re a wicked cool covert operative masquerading as a sex toy tycoon?

Hel: Mmm-hmm. My mission was to reclaim that. (indicating the nano-swarm device). A weaponized vile of synthetic nano-swarm that Gage hijacked from a CIA convoy. It’s filled with trillions of self replicating robo-viruses that will latch onto any living organism and suck the carbon out, till you, me, even the cockroaches are nothing more than gray goo. It could wipe out an entire continent if properly deployed.  I had to extricate it before Gage tried, again, to sell it to another combatant country or some crazed libertarian.

Trixie: So the plan, the diamonds, us… was all just a crock? (crying)

Hel: No. Not us Trix. What I am doesn’t change how I feel about you. Everything between us is real. You’ve changed me. Made me see a life I’ve been missing. Craving really. I’m through being Foxy 69. But you can`t just walk away from Flesh Force Foxy with a wink and a hi-dee-ho. I needed leverage and a huge bank roll. The vile and the diamonds give us both. Now you, Lily and me can slip off to some Micronesian island together. Forever.

Trixie: And playfully wrestle in the surf?

Hel: (nods, laughs, smiles) Among other things. …I love you.

Trixie: Mmm.

    They are interrupted by a gunshot that strikes Trixie in the abdomen. Hel catches her. Camero appears again, covered in burns brandishing a pistol.

Camero: The bitch is back, baby!

    Camero laughs and pulls out her pill vile, taking all that was left. She spasms. She convulses.

Hel: (to Trixie, holding her) Hang on Trixie.

Camero: Oh ya!
Hel: (to Trixie) Hang on.

Camero: Fuck me! Who says drugs are bad for you? (to Hel) It hurts, doesn’t it? Having someone you love taken away.

Hel: It wasn’t her fault Camero.

Camero:  Fuck you! It was all her fault. I have nothing! Nothing! And it’s all because of her, and you. (throws gun into the dirt)  I’m going to booty-bang bitch slap your fucking ass…until you’re just this side of salvage. Then I’m going to ram-ride girly’s show tits asunder, before I plough both you bitches under.

    Hel lays Trixie down. Camero rages. They fight, harder and dirtier than before. Trixie gets up to a sitting position to watch the fight. Punching, kicking, biting, boob smashing, crotch kicks, punches, bites, head locks, hair pulling. Both women are battered and bloody.

Hel: Open wide psycho slut!

Camero: Lube my boobs, skank-twat!

    More fighting. Both Hel and Camero are badly hurt and both down and winded.

Hel: You had enough?

Camero: No, you?

Hel: (spitting blood) Blow me!

    They fight some more, rolling in the sand, fighting.

Camero: Fuck laying tube!

Hel: Fuck wad!

Camero: Lick my love pup!

Hel: Blow my biscuits!

    On their feet again, they exchange punches. They beat each other brutal. Hel starts to waver. Camero gets the upper hand, knocking Hel to the ground. Camero mounts her and squeezes her throat.

Trixie: No! …Camero, please no! Stop!  (crying) No!

    Camero chokes out Hel until she is limp.

Trixie: No, no, no, Hel, no!

    Camero leaves Hel and turns toward Trixie. She stalks her.

Camero: Just us now Buttercups.

Trixie: Stay away from me! Stay away from me!

Camero: Oh, Missus Honeypot, can Trixie come out to die?

    Camero picks up Trixie and starts slapping her. Trixie doesn’t defend herself. She just cries.

Trixie: No, no! Stop!

Camero: Come on, fight me!

Trixie: I’m too weak and vulnerable.

    Camero punches Trixie to the ground. She grabs Trixie by her ankles.

Camero: Fine! If you’re not going to fight, then you’re going to fuck. Prepare to come about, bitch!

Trixie: (crying) Camero, stop!

Camero: Time to get me some of what Hel’s been getting.

Trixie: Stop! Stop, please!  Don’t please!

    Camero pulls down Trixie’s panties.

Camero: Hello Kitty.

    Camero spots a tattoo just above Trixie’s bare pussy. It is a rose. Camero stares at it and remembers.

Flashback # 15, Five and half months ago.

Loc: In a private pink tent, out behind the freak show tent at Circus Nudeus. Int.

    Camero, dressed in a slutty outfit is fooling around with a contortionist, wearing red ribbons. The contortionist has a short, white wig on and exotic circus makeup. The two women fuck in many difficult positions. They grind scissors. Camero finally goes down on the contortionist and as she is eating her pussy, she stares at her rose tattoo, just above her snatch.

Contortionist(Trixie actually): I’m going to baste your giblets, butter britches. 

Loc: back in the desert, present, where we left off.

    Camero looks up at Trixie with anger.

Camero: You’re her? You’re my best lay ever?

Trixie: (coy) Surprise.

Camero: You lying, fucking whore.

    Trixie reaches for the sword but Camero catches it and takes it. She unsheathes it and holds it in a slicing stance.

Camero: The women’s movement will hoist my skirt for all eternity.

    Gunfire. Camero is peppered and cut in two. She drops dead. Roy Fuchs stands behind her, holding the K-14. He is badly burned and still handcuffed to the lamp post.

    Trixie looks around, black smoke and flames fills the sky, the sun beams down on her crawling around a burned out disaster scene. She is burnt and covered in blood. Her shiny gold mini dress is torn and tattered. She stares up at the sky and speaks to no one in general.

Trixie: Oh my God. How did it come to all of this?

Flashback #16, 6 months ago.

Loc: Las Vegas strip. Night time. Ext. of The Glory Hole, Casino and petting zoo. The neon sign, a cowgirl straddling a Giant pot of gold. On the street, Gage with two showgirls dressed like Lady liberty exchanges greetings with Jihad Jackson, an Arab terrorist, who is flanked by two harem girls. They exchange items. Gage gives Jihad the nano-swarm device. He gives Gage the bag of diamonds. On a garage roof across the street, watching is Phoenix, armed with an assault rifle.

Voiceover: How did it come to this? I’ll tell you. Human nature. Early Christianity tells us of humanity’s seven deadly sins. I’m unclear whether lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy and pride are human sins or defining human characteristics.

Phoenix: (seeing the nano-swarm device, into his radio) Foxy 69, target on site.

Hel: (under parachute, into radio) Roger that! Foxy down in twenty seconds.

    Hel is already dressed in a blue showgirl outfit and carrying two SMGs. She lands and takes up a position.

Hel: Foxy 69, in position.

    A group of mercenaries appear, all carrying assault rifles.

Head Merc: (to Gage) Holt it! We’ll take those.

    Gage snaps his fingers and from hiding pop out Hotwire and Black Ice dressed as Chippendale dancers and a female midget named Hotpocket, all carrying assault rifles.

Gage: Oh! That’s a bit frightening isn’t it?

    Shooting starts.

Phoenix: (over radio) Foxy, take them out!

    Every body shooting. Many mercs go down, Jihad’s girls get killed, Lady liberty gets killed, Hotpocket gets killed. Jihad Jackson gets killed. Hel sees the device on the ground and runs to it.

    A motorcycle pulls into the scene, Camero, dressed as Elvis races into the fray. She steals the bag of diamonds from Gage.

Gage: (shooting) Camero!

    Hel picks up the device but an explosion knocks her down. She’s unconscious. Enter Pinky.

Merc: What the fuck was that?

    Pinky, in a shadow, brandishing a Samaria sword stands ready. Hotwire and Black Ice get scared and bail. Mercs open fire but all miss. Pinky starts tearing through them cutting them down. As a merc lines up Pinky from behind, Pinky whirls and throws his sword, skewering the merc to a wall.

    Gage sees the nano swarm device, picks it up and starts running. He sees the sword and stops.

Gage: Oh ya!

    Gage grabs the sword too and runs for it. Phoenix tries to take out Gage with a rocket but knocks down the Glory Hole neon sign. Gage disappears. Pinky has been looking at an unconscious Hel, stroking her face sympathetically. Pinky then appears to have a flame thrower and starts burning everybody left. Phoenix flees.

Cut back to the desert, present. Trixie stares at Roy. She runs her hand up her bloody leg to her crotch. Roy smiles and blushes. Hel coughs and slowly wakes up, alive but light headed and exhausted. She watches Trixie. Trixie pulls out a ninja throwing star from under her butt. With evil in her eyes, she throws it at Roy, cutting deep into his chest. He drops. Hel looks on astonished.

Cut back to the Glory Hole, Pinky is burning everyone and everything, except for the unconscious Hel. We finally see Pinky’s face for the first time. It is Trixie. She is raging.

Cut back to the desert, present. Trixie stands, showing no sign of pain or injury. Roy clings to life. He pumps blood. Trixie looks evil and defiant.

Fuchs: (heartbroken) Trixie, why?

Trixie: What can I say? We’re all just bitches in the end.

    Roy dies. Trixie looks over at Hel and marches toward her, sword in hand. Hel panics and tries to crawl away. Trixie puts her foot on Hel’s ass. Hel rolls over. Trixie holds the blade to Hel’s throat.

Hel: Who are you?

Trixie: I think you know.

Hel: (crying) But why me? Why Camero?

Trixie: You were lost souls…and I thought it would be fun.

Hel: ...and Phoenix?

Trixie: Phoenix works for me. Always has…or did. He got careless. I guess we know where that ended up.

Hel: So this whole thing, my mission, us meeting, Camero…

Trixie: (admiring her sword) It was all for this. Made in the 16th century by master craftsman Umatada Mjouji…This naganata has seen battles won and empires fall for over 600 years. It’s the one thing I love in this God forsaken earth and Gage was stupid enough to think I didn’t care.

Hel: How could you do this? Play the victim. I loved you.

Trixie: A girl’s got to get her jollies some how. Oh! And I really get off watching girls fight. You guys were awesome.

Hel: What are you waiting for? Go on, fnish your sick little game.

    Trixie puts the sword tip to Hel’s throat.

Trixie: We read we ought to forgive our enemies…but we do not read…

Hel: (interrupting) That we should forgive our friends. Cosimo de Medici, 1454.

    Trixie sheaths the sword and blows Hel a kiss. The sky clears as a breeze blows away the smoke. Trixie walks away.

Hel: (screams) Go to hell Trixie!

Trixie: Last one in is a rotten egg.

    Trixie waves goodbye. As she passes the nano-swarm device, it clicks to the active setting. A pimped out Hurst limo with a devil painted on the side pulls up and Trixie gets in the back. Lily is in there. They laugh together. Trixie puts on makeup. They drive away.

Voiceover: “All warfare is based on deception. Hence, when able to attack, we must seem unable. When using our forces, we must seem inactive. When we are near we must make the enemy believe we are far away. When far away, we must make him believe that we are near. Hold out baits to entice the enemy. Feign disorder. Then crush him.” Sun Tzu, “The Art of War” ~380 BC.

End credits, rock music with web cam girls dancing in the background. Last one is Trixie who blows a kiss to the camera.

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