Sunday, 20 November 2016

My date with Lali

Many of you who are into digital art may be familiar with Erogenesis. Uncle Ero is probably the most talented erotic artist on the planet right now. I have had the pleasure to exchange conversations with Ero over the past few years. Check out his page, or go to his Deviant Art page,  He is also a feature artist on too.

Erogenesis' favourite go to character is Lali, an African born, French heritage hottie with a mischievous mind and body built for sin. She is a funny, witty, sexy girl who knows her way around guns and weapons as much as she does around genitals. Ero has produced many adventures for Lali and her friends. All of them are sexy and adventurous.

With his permission, I made up my own little comic using IMVU. The story set up is simple. Lali and I have been chatting lately about something we both are passionate about and have been teasing one another. We can hardly wait for the chance to get together. It should be a blast.....

With that, the two ladies gather up their things and head for their private rendezvous.

 Thirty seconds later.....

... and that was just the beginning. Lali and Mary-Margret went at it for hours, both blew their loads until they were spent. Both ladies had a great time. Then it was time to really get it on...
...but seriously.
The end.
(thanks Erogenesis)

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erogenesis said...

hahaha what an adorable little story! Love it!

Cheers for being a great fan MM!